S, Woogs and Changes in Self

Friday, March 13, 2009

S has now put it on me. Well, it was only fair. She told me to call her when I'm free. When I'm free, I just.... forget... to call her. Ok, ok now it's my fault because I am not calling her, but yea. The fact STILL remains that I haven't spoken to S in ages and now I don't even feel strongly about the things I wanted to update her on. SO. I'll just let it be and call her next time I feel strongly about it :)

Too much love is coming for Woogs as I type this post. She pats my head like one would pat their pup, she makes fun of me like one would of their little sibling, she calls me fat in jest (mostly) (I am HOPING) like S used to and just wants to "keep me" in some corner in her room and makes fun of EVERYTHING I do. Hee.

ALSO, Woogs is that human who tolerated me for an entire day while I looked for LBD. She was the sole direction in my life then. That is, she showed me where all to look for it :D It's not easy to walk all over South Delhi for some 5 hours (with an hour long nap-break at her place) looking for the perfect dress. VERY frustrating. However, she stood by me and led me to that Ted Lapidus store at LONG last where that gorgeous dress was spotted (read: "Spotted!" as in GG).

Speaking of GG, don't you think Dan and Rachel are most horrid?

Changes in self over the past 5 months:
1. From momo hater to chicken momo lover.
2. From strongly against Virgo humans, well mostly, to creating happy exceptions on the basis of arbitrary but very convincing justifications.
3. From Woogs-n-Aats-liker to Woogs-n-Aats-lover.
4. From regular after-lunch-juice-consumer (very good) (ok, not that regular, but somewhat regular) to during-lunch-thums-up-consumer (very bad).
5. From oh-I-don't-waste-my-life-on-TV person to I-am-addicted-to-GG-and-I-love-it person.
6. From Pantene Total Strength consumer to Herbal Essences Body Envy Consumer (Vital change. Hair products are important.)
7. Turned blog from place-where-imagination-went-into-random-daily-things to place-where-random-daily-things-are-simply-put-down-because-I-am-almost-too-bored-to-imagine-too-much-while-blogging (not good).


yaman said...

dan and rachel are not horrid
serena is horrid
dan and rachel aren't exactly morally upright
but they should both be pissed with serena
if only she didn't find it so difficult to TELL Dan things, both their lives would be so much simpler... like georgina wouldn't have happened, and rachel wouldn't have happened
in short, it's serena's fault, though dan isn't the paragon of all virtues

also, i'm very bored

Vatsala said...

hahaha (to virgo thingy ;P)
also you dont love ME kya??? i want special post dedicated to me :P

Roy said...

whats with the virgo thing?

megha said...

i love you momo!my feet still ache but i love you...and fat jokes are in jest (mostly :P)

Sneha said...

@ yaman- please, dan wasn't approachable. therefore serena couldn't talk to him. he mentally cheated on her! how horrid is that. and we have established that the restaurant scene does amount to mental cheating, even though you may argue that serena's behaviour was a mitigating factor.

i seem to be equally bored, but shouldn't be.

@ Vat- you will get and ok I won't reveal that it's "on demand" :P you know i lovvvee you

@ Roy- nevermind, it's rather irrelevant in the larger picture. i love everyone!

@ megha- aww :D

yaman said...

re the georgina thing how was Dan unapproachable?
and re the restaurant... they had broken up by then so it couldn't be cheating
and what about everything serena has done? for example not accepting yale so that blair could go there without even telling Dan about it (and thus ruining all their plans of spending college together)

in short, serena's the bitch

Sneha said...

re the georgina thing, dan had generally not yet won serena's confidence because he was judgmental etc. and come on, it's not easy to tell someone you killed another person, ok. it's not like DAN told serena EVERYTHING EVER about himself. it was mean on dan's part because he happily believed serena was a bitch without listening to her properly and giving her time and just slept with georgina! i mean seriously, how naive is that?
re the restaurant, they HADN'T broken up broken up till then. they broke up properly only after the whole rachel getting fired episode. dan's just an ass.
not accepting yale because it's utility to blair is farrrr greater than it's utility to her, makes serena a rather smart person. and she did it for her friend so it's ok. also, she had told dan she was WAITLISTED (first) so he really couldnt have had certain resonable expectations etc. ALSO, why should only serena sacrifice her Brown dreams (AND not help blair out at the same time) for YALE? why cant dan compromise for once?

in short, dan is selfish and daft.

Yaman said...

she wanted to go to yale, both because of Dan and otherwise
she lied to dan about being waitlisted, which is another bad thing
she's just incapable of telling him the truth about anything, and if someone is like that then OBV you won't be very trusting of that person
and what had Dan not told Serena
and re the georgina thing, he did wait around, and repeatedly ask her what was up... she just went all defensive
and i'm not saying it's easy to tell, but she is the root cause of all the mistrust
and the fact that she "killed someone" or did smtn that she finds difficult to tell is also her fault right?
and the whole "sacrifice for friend" thing is rubbish given that she wanted yale... all i'm saying on that is the Dan would feel entitled to a conversation about that an rightly so

Sneha said...

she never really wanted to go to yale
she only went for the interview thing to spite Blair, in case you remember
then she played around wit the fancy IDEA of going there for fun
she always wanted Brown and was clear about it from the beginning
serena, well, by virtue of her bringing up is not very trusting of people
so how can dan just expect her to open up about EVEYRHITNG like that
and he hadnt told her about vanessa until she SHOWED UP there
re georgina- even if he asked her "repeatedly" it still does not justify his sleeping with her like 5 days after knowing her and DESPITE serena's warning to not trust her
such an idiot
yes i agree dan deserved a conversation on the yale thing
HOWEVER, that (even coupled with serena's reticence) does NOT justify or excuse dan's behaviour wrt rachel. he's truly a skeaze and is horrid!

Yaman said...

Watch the next episode
It re-affirms my belief in Dan, though takes away from faith in Rachel a bit
And really the only skeaze in the entire thing is Blair
and I like what happens to her