Sunday, November 27, 2005

She needed that one reason-one last reason- to satisfy herself of their worth to her. Well, good for her it came that one night which broke the invisible yet, the once impregnable wall around her. She knew that this would happen sometime or the other, but that tiny corner in her heart always asked her to wait for this one reason which would finish the endless wait, a wait which could have been consuming and ruthless to her, had she not known the reality.

She knew the reality, she knew it very well. She wasn't one of those who lived in their fantasies. And thats why, what would have hit some of the others as a boulder, didn't dare to even to touch her. She knew that. She knew this was to come and when it would come, it would only be succesful in blowing off that wall which was the first and the last thing she needed to show them what she was made of.

She always knew; a certain group of people in her life had left bitter memories and had quite a few laughs at the cost of her feelings. Nevertheless, she never 'hit back' as such. She kept it within her, he pain and agony, and always put it to use contructively. People had come and gone, but she never forgot them, neither did she hold grudges against them. Holding grudges was a thing she considered below her dignity. Everytime someone hurt her, she never let it show, but it remained- inside. She knew that now, it was enough. There was this one person who she knew to be one of them, yet he had never done anything to upset her. She was waiting for that one reason that would completely break the glass and set her free.

Then, that night, when she was unsuspecting of any such thing, it happened. Of course she was upset, but happier. She was free. She had got her reason. Now, it was time for work. Time to show it to them that she isn't who they think she is. She is a lot more. She is made of rocks. She is the light within herself and her own motivation, to go and do something so extraordinary that they'll look up and say, "There she goes, she was my friend!!". They will know whom they were fooling then. And on that day when she has the upper hand, she'll be happy that she held on to her faith which brought her justice and glory. Just like the water lilly, she had risen above the scum and had bloomed into a beautiful being.