When O when.

Saturday, December 30, 2006

One more day to go. Urgh. Can’t wait for this year to end. One more day and I’ll be free! Yeay!

My plans for New Years? Well, nothing, really. Most probably I’ll be reading something, listening to music or simply be asleep at midnight. Well, what else do you expect? No, I don’t write down resolutions. I don’t need a new year to resolve to do something or refrain from doing something. I do that everyday. Lessons are taken everyday :)

How was 2006? Frustrating would be the best word. I did, however, learn a couple of things and unlearned some others. Well, I did have my good, bad and ugly this year as well. It wasn't really “bad” as such, but not even a good year to remember. Oh, I read all of Linda’s astro related books a gazillion times this year. Woo hoo!! I started listening to a different genre of music which I am so very in love with now. What else did I do this year? Hmm. I can’t seem to remember. Well, lets let this year just pass. Whew. It’s over and I am happy that I am done with it. Almost done. Whatever.

Hope the next year is good for all of you! Well, I guess it should be, since lucky Jupiter is returning to its own house of Sag after like 12 years. So, that’s good. Do whatever “you’ve always wanted to do” this year. It should be a good time to make changes too. :)

Happy New Year.

P.s.- Yes yes, I KNOW I am not some astrologer or anyone, but hey, any normal person who knows even a teeny-weeny bit about the star signs would know what Jup in Sag means in general!

It's been long week!

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

NOTE: None of the beach pictures have been photoshopped or edited in any way (apart from being resized). The others have only been edited to adjust the contrast and lighting. That is it. They are REAL pictures. The beach pictures are straight from the cam! Enjoy!

I am back, folks! I am back! Okay, calm down, take a deep breath. Hmm. Yes. Better.

The trip was great and the reunion was pure fun. Whenever I was in the middle of something exciting, I would keep thinking- “I just HAVE to blog about this. This is crazy fun!”. Now, however, I am almost at a loss of words. I don’t quite know what all to say. There’s just so much that it would be unfair to say some and leave some. Saying it ALL isn’t feasible, considering the condition of my fingers after eating 75 billion hot-hot-fried-in-ghee-samosas and playing 11342 carrom matches and infinite rounds of Bluff and Rummy and eating cotton candy at the beach after eons and what not. So I’ll just post some pictures and say something about them. Fair enough or what?


Credit: Me and only me :)

This is 'Panchlingeshwar' which is about 1.5 hours from Balasore. This temple-type-thing is up on the rocks of a certain hill. We lost our way while driving to this spot and spent about 45 minutes going round and round in some tiny villages. That was.. erm... some experience. The walk up the hill was enjoyable though. It felt a lot like Manali. Dad and I were quite fit (hey! I do pilates, okay?) and could walk up without getting very worn out, but S and Mom were, *ahem* a little slow and resembled zombies by the time we reached the actual spot.

Credit: S, edited by me

This is a shot of the hillside taken by S while we were on our way down. Pretty, isn't it?

Khi Ching

Credit: S (or Dad.. don't remember!), edited by me

This is the Khi Ching Temple which is about 5 hours from Balasore. So that day, we travelled for about 11 hours (including breaks) by car and spent about 40 minutes at the actual place. It was worth it though. We did see some interesting sites.

Credit: S, edited by me

This is the top most part of a buried temple. Why aren't they excavating and digging this place up?! Ridiculous! A temple is buried right there and no one bothers to unearth it. Shame on the Archaelogy Department.

There was a heavy metal (no, this isn't the 'heavy metal' effect. heh) rod out there. Folklore has it that it belonged to Bhima and has been there since ages and if you pick it up and take 3 rounds around the temple-top then your wishes are fulfilled. Dad and I did that together and gosh that was fun! It was back-breakingly heavy (if at all there is such an expression), but then again, I had my pilates techniques of pulling belly button to spine and activating the power-house working for me!

Credit: S, edited by me

There was this little museum at there where we saw this very fascinating statue. Prosthetic legs are nice :) Khi Ching was built in 940 A.D. out of pure granite rock (I suppose).
Why were our ancestors so fascinated by busty ladies? I saw them in every carving I saw on every temple! Our culture... sigh! (srcoll down and check the Updates for more!)

Credit: S, edited by me

Another one. All very pretty and intricate work, but even more intewesting poses.


Credit: S

Sunrise. Shot taken from our room. Absolutely NO photoshopping. It was really this wonderful.

Credit: Dad

The blue sky and the waters. This is a gem of a picture. One rarely finds such clean, blue water in India.

Puri Beach- My favourite beach in India.

Credit: S

Fishermen! We saw many interesting sights at 6 in the morning at our very own beach. The beach, the Jagannath temple and the swing in the second floor of my grandma's place are the regulars where all of us hung out when we were little.

Credit: S

Credit: Cousin

Isn't this place just awesome? (did you notice how clean the water is?)

My ipod(s)!!!

Credit: Me and me!!

Yes! I now have not one, not two, but THREE ipods (2 gifted by my aunt(mami))!! Isn't that just the ultimate? Well, i listened to a lot of music on my trip and even found a topic to talk about with my younger cousin (bro)- Floyd and psychedelic rock in general :) He plays the guitar, the sitar and what not. AND he's got this awesome hair which fascinated all the other cousins :) Yea, we cousins and uncles and aunts had truckloads of fun this time.

Credit: Me

I just could NOT leave out the lovely sarees that my aunt(masi) got for S and me. They have special Lucknowi work done and the colours are the most beautiful ones!

We even went to the Sun Temple, Konark. I thought everyone must already be knowing about it and would've seen pictures and blah blah, so didn't post anything on that.

Well, anyway, that was MY holiday. One helluva week. Loved every bit of it.


So yes, on being asked by S, I am doing this update.

1) The statue up there has 'prosthetic legs' because this legendary person called 'Kala Pahad' (which literally means black mountain) had gone all over Orissa destroying the famous heritage sites. So the 'legs' have been put to support the statue.

2) So, okay I WILL after all this fuss post some pictures from Konark since S believes her photography at it's best has been manifested perfectly in those pictures. Right-ho.
So here they are.

Credit: Dear old S

(FYI, none of them out there are family)

Credit: The Missy (S)

This is a shot of the marvellous carvings on the temple. These carvings depict the various poses in some Indian Dance. I am not sure if it was Odissi or Bharatnatyam... er.. but yea it's one of the two!

Credit: The Sag. S.

This is a shot of one of the wheels of the chariot which is also a sundial. It was very interesting to watch the guide tell us the exact time using this sundial. There are little beads which tell you the EXACT minute. How cool is that?

North-Indian or South-Indian, Monty? + News

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

It was a class joke.

“He asked her whether she was North-Indian or South-Indian and she said she was East-Indian!! I mean, is there even such a thing in existence?!”

The ‘he’ was the class clown, AB (no, it wasn’t a Bachchan) and ‘she’ was good old me. Those were the glorious days when kids found AB spoofing on me and V vrooming off to some zumba-land and doing the zumba dance funny and derived entertainment from such things (yes, I(and everyone else) used to get teased with every random person and elaborate tales were concocted based on such ludicrous ideas which in turn provided great 12yearold-type joke-fodder). The above line was one which remained a much quoted line for about 3 days (which is a very long time for such things). I still don’t understand what is so absurd in my being an Easty and saying that I am indeed one. You can’t categorise all Indians as Northies or Southies. Where will the Bongs, Oriyas, Gujjus, Assamese people go?

And I can’t even begin to recount all my monikers. Everyone had them. Everyone’s surname was made fun of and it was distorted to something that sounded silly and generally was silly. I was called ---

>Mohan Aunty

V still calls me aunty!!


God alone knows how this came into being.

>Mona darling

The cheesiest of them all. This, I assume (and I may be wrong), was a derivative of Monica.

>Monty, full-monty, half-monty and other crap related to ‘monty’

Well, a lot many people there couldn’t pronounce ‘Mohanty’ and ended up calling me ‘Monty’ which was damn irritating. Plus, I wasn’t the only Sneha around. There were 3 other Snehas and one(or may be more, of whom I am not aware) Snehal which made it ever the more confusing.


Since I am the ‘Mumbai Girl’ here and there was this movie called ‘Mumbai Matinee’ which had released some 3 years back, people in my new school decided to call me ‘Mumbai Matinee’, which in due course of time became only ‘Matinee’. So yes, I am Matinee.

There were many more names which I can’t remember (old age is taking its toll). However, there weren’t any that I don’t want to remember. I love all of them!

Sigh! Those were the days of innocence.

I have been spending the last 10 days sleeping, eating and not really doing much work. So, this is a Public Declaration that I shall get working and be more productive in the remaining days of 2006 which, by the way, wasn’t a great year for me. It was frustrating and a year wasted. I didn’t learn much, I didn’t read much, I didn’t do anything that would make this year special (apart from reading some valuable metaphysical stuff from Linda’s books, but hey, I have been doing that every year since the past 3 or 4 years). I am so glad this year is ending and 2007 is beginning. 2007 is my number 3 year! Yay!

I’ll be off for a 9-day long break to my Dad’s place (the place where he’s posted. It’s supposed to be a tourist-y place too) and then to Puri (where my granpa and granma live) where we’re having this family reunion after 17 years (ie. After 17 years everyone will be under one roof. This hadn’t happened in the past 2 decades minus 3 years since we couldn’t coordinate our time of home-visit). Then there are other family type plans happening so this Christmas should be fun (more people around->more gifts).

Happy holidays and I hope you have a magical year ahead!

P.s.- Yes, I have grown extremely fond of writing cocktail posts.

Strange Events, Events and a Poll

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Author of This Blog (ATB) (yes, I am no longer the BO since S(sister) gets to censor my posts pretty frequently) has been exhibiting such strange behaviour over the past couple of days that she herself cannot explain her actions (which happens very rarely since ATB is rather good at explaining things, no matter how ridiculous the reasons may seem, she still HAS a theory on almost eveyrthing).

This inability to explain such behaviour is again, one of the many anomalies that seem to have taken over her life. However, thanks to the planets, TC and Abhu are still weird and normal (ie. being weird is normal for them). So, she’s most thankful for that.

Firstly, she no longer eats every 5 hours. She can now do with one breakfast, one lunch and one dinner (Yes, it’s important to mention the ‘one’s in there).

Secondly, she has been having tea (which is very mild of course. It’s only have half teaspoon leaves per cup) and has not been suffering from insomnia and anxiety due to that. So, that’s a positive.

Thirdly, she has forgotten to have lunch or has not felt hungry at the right time 3 times in a single week. This is rather peculiar. Hmm.

Fourthly, she has been sleeping for 4-5 hours a night and has been okay (rather great) with that. THIS is the biggest shocker of them all! ATB is a self proclaimed kumbhkaran and this particular point is disturbing her the most.

Fifthly, she has been getting late at whatever she’s doing. For instance, she was late by an hour for her physics class and this has NEVER happened (until now) to this punctual Libran.

Sixthly, she has been turning out trashier than the trashiest trashy posts (like this one).

Seventhly, she doesn’t even care about all the above ABS (Aberrant Behaviour Syndrome) symptoms!

Now, time for some news.

1) New group blog has been launched. Warning- it’s orange.

2) Poetry written by Raghu on the manual scavengers (rather it’s the voice of one).

3) I am starting to wonder if my blog needs a fresh look. Iam too indecisive a Libran to actually decide. So help, won’t you?

Should I go template-hunting or html-css-learning to give my blog a fresh look?
Yes. This one's stale and it stinks big time.
Yes. This one isn't bad, but a fresh look would be good.
No. This one's totally FAB!
I am a Libran. Don't ask me to vote in this ridiculous poll.
Make Free Online Polls

No words.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

I had been reading some lines of a poem which was a part of our course in Alt. English. They went something like this… and they made me spiral into some rather strange questions...

“This is a man who talks of pain
As though it belonged to him alone.
Maybe he has invented it himself
And made a virtue of it.”

(Of a Questionable Conviction by Jayanta Mahapatra)

This led me to think whether I too hold any resentment and pain within me. Am I living in denial or is it that I have not seen anything ‘real’? Why is it that I find it difficult to be morbid about anything for more than a day or two? (Yes believe me, being upset is such a rage these days that I feel left out at times and start questioning myself!) Am I living in a bubble? Why are so many people depressed and go about proclaiming their depression as if it’s something to be proud of? Do I get everything so easily that I have (almost) nothing to feeling bad about? To be depressed about? Have I had it so easy that I haven’t really gone through the ‘polishing and cutting’ phase would would eventually ‘mould me into a stronger being’? Am I actually very weak within?

Then I came across these words while reading Shantaram(it's in my Currently Reading section), which by the way is a must-read for all of you. This definition of suffering, gave something to think about—

"Suffering , of every kind, is always a matter of what we've lost. Real suffering is measured by what's taken away from us."

I agree. I couldn’t change it or better it in any way (of course this is only one instance of the author’s way with words. The book is sprinkled with quote worthy lines, many of which are debatable which in turns adds to the fun.)

So, going by that definition, I should really be suffering. But suffering isn’t being miserable. It’s just there, somewhere inside. I wish I could have some things back, which I can’t.

Then, may be what I have lost never really topped my priority list. Yes, they may not have. That’s because I always took those for granted! And that doesn’t decrease the suffering in any way.

You may think, what you’ve lost isn’t probably that big, so you don’t feel it. Okay then, so I take you away from your home to some place you’ve never liked living in (because you haven’t really ever lived there), turn your life upside down, take you away when you think you’ve got friends for life and then ask you to start all over again. Then you’re asked to ‘make new friends’ and ‘fit in’ and ‘do the right things to be in the good books of people’. I make you feel horrible, suffocated and lost.

So, it isn’t really a small thing. Of course, many lessons were learnt and tests were passed. In those first 2 years when I felt I (at times) could just die, I had once called up this friend after a long long time. It was diwali. I didn’t think she’d recognize my voice. She knew it was me the minute I said hello. When I asked her whether my voice hadn’t changed at all, she said it had changed but it still had the ‘happy ring and enthusiasm’ in it which she was sure only one person she knew in the whole wide world could have despite all that she may be going through. (me). That did make me feel glad, to be honest. And since then, I have started noticing if people whom I’ve never spoken to before on phone recognize my voice the first time. They always do and they tell me the same thing that the old friend told.

This again led me to think that yes, I may be suffering (but I am not ‘depressed’ or ‘miserable’. You can suffer silently without being a pessimist) but I don’t let that be the major part of me. I haven’t got everything...anything... easily. I have been through my share of testing time for this phase of my life. I have gone through the ‘polishing and cutting’ phase which I am sure many people my age haven’t even gotten a clue about. A lot of time people do get annoyed with me for not getting annoyed with them. Strange!

Despite all this, I somehow manage to see the silver lining. I don’t need anybody’s pity. I don’t need to be morbid to be different. I am already different, just by being the happy me. So don’t ask me why I keep smiling so much because I’ll only tell you one thing- I find things to smile about even where there isn’t anything, because if I didn’t, I’d probably have become a coke-addict or a chain smoker or a total goner by now. And I am never going to be those things. The only thing that can help one out of their lonliness, ‘depression’ and addiction is addiction to something else- happiness. You’ll never feel the need to drug yourself to be happy. That’s the way we were made. When we were children we never needed a ‘fix’ to get a ‘high’. We were always ‘high’, if you ask me. You don’t need to feel 'low' which would lead you to do things to make you artificially and temporarily feel high. So why take so much trouble? Feeling low isn’t cool, at least not in my book, so why feel that way?

Please Note:

1)Yes, I have digressed a hundred times in this post and even I don’t know what the actual topic of the post should be.
2)These are my views and they work for me.
3)I am not an intolerant person who despises addicts (to anything ie). I just wish they’d see the light within instead of searching the whole world for it.
4)No, I am not preaching. In case you thought I was, then you should look ‘preach’ in the dictionary. I am just saying what I want to say since this is MY blog.
5)Yes, 'happy' is a very general and relative term. I have used it to only denote not being sad and upset and just being pleased in general.

Midnight Madness

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Be Thou Warned: This post may be too ‘girly’ at places for your ‘taste’. So if you’re a total pig then read no further.

No, I didn’t turn into a werewolf and scare the hell out of S (sister).

No, I didn’t start sleepwalking and break half the things in my house while doing such a thing.

No, I didn’t go to a zombie-haunted house to give the zombies a fright (heh, that would be fun though).

So, what was it that I did at midnight? Okay… I just freaked out and did what I do best- act like a lunatic!

It was around 11.45 in the night, S was busy doing something online while I was getting bored in the background. So I decided to clean out my clothes shelf which was desperately screaming out to me--- “DO something about me you..you..you……!”

So, I decided to oblige and set down to removing all the clothes and arranging them and blah blah. Everytime I indulge in this activity, I find something that totally makes me happy and this time it was my old school skirt!! I couldn’t find the shirt neither could I find any other set of uniform. I then remembered, while packing (before moving) Mom had warned me to leave all my ‘unnecessary’ stuff back which could be given away to the bai but I had slipped in my beloved skirt and given away the rest. Oh how I ADORE this skirt. Once in school while I was hanging out in the corridor between classes, this really scary teacher whom I didn’t like was doing her ‘rounds’. When she saw me, she was like—

“Your skirt is like one foot long! You must get another one stiched!”

To which I replied—

“Sorry but it actually is about 1.3 feet long and I won’t be here much longer so I won’t be getting any more skirts stiched!” *smiles*

Her expression was somewhat puzzled and amused at the same time! :D

That was my favourite piece of uniform that I ever owned! I was so overcome with emotions that I even took a snap of it to put it up here. *sigh*

After the skirt-gazing and skirt-photo-clicking I continued with my pursuit of rearraging my clothes when I came across this absolutely warm, fuzzy black shirt with a little butterfly on it! I wore that and clicked like a thousand pictures of myself where one could easily pass me off for a sleep-deprived zombie (er, I think sleep-deprived is contained in the word zombie, but still). All this while S was blithely unaware of my adventures right behind her back and was doing her work peacefully.

Then I came across my wrap around skirts which I hardly wear. Anyway, they were there- all washed and ironed and neatly(?) kept. I started messing around with one of them. I tied the little stringies around my neck and started yelling “Woohoooo here comes Superwoman!” while performing an act of mock flying to which S nonchalantly replied with a practised yawn (she’s pretty used to me acting like a mental-asylum-patient-on-the-loose).

After the flying around ceased, a brilliant idea struck me. I wore the wrap around skirt in an absurd way which was held together by a banana clip on the back (heh) and the stringies at the neck. A pink shiny diva-like belt was worn on the waist to keep the frills and folds of the skirt-turned-dress together. 6-inch heels were worn. Holy mother of God! I asked S to turn around and told her this was my mock-red-carpet outfit. I quickly justified such behaviour of mine by saying I had been looking at fugly people too often these days! S gushed—

“OMG! It seriously looks like those things they wear!”

Then I started posing with one leg in front of the other, waving out, flashing fake smiles and catwalking around and still managing to look perfectly sane for the first time in the evening! S responded to all this diva-act with—

“OMG! You look like Malaika Arora!”

Thengew berry muds!! (I assume everybody has received and read that forward by now!)

No. That was a serious compliment, really! Hee. I do kind of do like Malaika. So, you know…

After all this I am giving fashion designing a serious thought. Erm. No, on second thoughts, I shouldn’t become a fashion designer. If I do, my models will all end up walking the ramp in wrap around skirts and PJs!! :D

All this activity has left me a little drained (did I mention that before all this cleaning started, I was busy dancing away to glory?). Old age is really getting to me! Okay, I take the last sentence back! It’s high time my PBT (Post Birthday Trauma) passed. Okay. Yes. No more PBT. Smiles :)

Weird Sisters Do It Again!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Of late, S has been thinking a lot (I suppose) and has been adorning our conversations with ‘witticisms’.

I have recollected and documented two such incidents in the following lines.

Scene 1:

S was sitting on the bed with books (and clothes, and bags and phones and every imaginable item that a 17 (newly turned*blush*#) year old Libran could possibly own) scattered all over it. I was rummaging around for some books or something and noticed a frown (very rare in case of S!) on her face. Of course, I acted as if I hadn’t seen it. She waited for me to acknowledge the frown and ask her what was up and when enough time had elapsed and she got no favourable response form me, she remarked wisely—

“Sneha ke books- na shelf ke, na bed ke”

(inspired by the doggie lokokti)

Wah wah!

Scene 2:

This is an unsaid, unwritten law in our house. When either of the two weird sisters is sitting on the comp (okay, not sitting ON the comp, but working on the comp. it’s just a way of saying this same thing, okay?!) the other feels an incredible urge to displace that sister and herself occupy the comp (okay… you got it!) even though she has much better work to do. In order to accomplish this feat, the second sister starts roaming around the comp-chair and peeking into the screen, all of which are clear indications of her desire to oust the incumbent comp-user.

One evening, I was merrily reading blogs, orkutting, checking mails blah blah when S started exhibiting all the properties of the second sister (as stated in the law above). Now, as I have already once mentioned, I HATE it when people look into my work and the comp is no exception. I always get irritated and cranky when this happens and minimize all the windows and drive her away before I regain my normal, calm and composed state.

However, this time, S said she DID NOT want the comp and only offered me one of her wisecracks—

“We are like honeybees and the comp is the honey” *eyes gleaming*

Wah wah!

Will anyone ever run out of sources of entertainment with sisters like THESE around?

I tell you, even brother-brother jodis aren’t as good as sisters! And I loathe Ms.De for writing a book on two ‘sisters’ at emotional war with each other. Hullo. They are proper ‘sisters’ neither by blood nor by any form of emotional bonding whatsoever. Then why call the books ‘Sisters’ and make ‘sisters’ look so bitchy? I don’t like that woman! No one has the right to tarnish the pure bond of sisterhood, as Elle rightly pointed out in Legally Blonde (LOVE that movie and ADORE Elle).

#- I have no clue why I blush when I say I am 17. I just feel a little old and weary now. Sigh!

Things can go wrong once in a while!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Someone who lived in the college hostel has committed suicide. Yet another case. Exam season, so it’s likely that more such cases will be reported now that December is close. It’s pretty upsetting to see (alright, hear) such things happening around this time of the year, every year. Why? Why can’t proper counsellors and Student Advisors be made available to students who need someone to talk to? Most of the time, it’s lack of communication of what’s troubling one that causes the sufferer to cause such things to happen. Miserable.

The technician guy who had been called by my Dad to come over to load a new OS has screwed my existing one and didn’t even load the other one. So basically all my data was at stake like 4 hours ago. The funniest part was when he produced a 64 MB pen drive to take back-up of my old data (we wanted to get the damn thing formatted). I even let out a little giggle in that very serious situation (I know it must’ve seemed a little rude, but hey, it was just toooooooooo funny to see that someone could even IMAGINE that we’d have like THAT MUCH data!!). We told him gently that we’ve got more than 60 GB data and blah blah (rest is irrelevant here). So well, the point is that I have to wait till Sunday when that guy gets his posterior here and loads the other OS and I can go use my comp without worrying about spyware and adware embedding themselves on my poor HD.

I didn’t even do 10% of all the work that I was supposed to do today. Bleh. I feel horribly guilty since exams are from Monday!!! Lord save me. Pleej!!!

As a cherry on the pie, maid made BAINGAN for dinner. Urgh!! Of course, it wasn’t the seedy, yucky variety but it was still baingan!

However, looking on the brighter side, I got a 250 GB external USB HD. It had to be bought in order to save all my data :).

Oh, by the way, Abhu just messaged me to tell that she got a puppy! So the day wasn’t that bad for all of us, eh?

PS. Today was a bad hair day too!! Everything goes wrong on like, ONE CHOSEN day, right? In a way, that’s a good thing. You don’t have to waste all the days of the week cribbing. Seven things going wrong on one day is better than one different thing going wrong every day of the week, right??!!

Feeling wonderful!!

Friday, November 10, 2006

Maid was on leave, mom was to return home at 10 p.m. after a hectic day at work and S didn’t feel like cooking. So I, the blogowner set out with newly found inspiration to cook more, from Asha, and with nothing else but the taste of my mother’s rassam or charu or whatever it’s called (!) to make dinner for the night.

I couldn’t think of any dish that I would want to try neither did I feel like finding the dusty old Sanjeev Kapoor and Tarla Dalal recipe books. So, like everytime I’ve made something for the first time, I trudged along with with only my instincts (which actually must be enough for seasoned cooks since my mom (and everybody else’s of course!) keeps coming up with new innovative ideas every now and then).

The charu I made-

Yea well, it doesn't look great but it did taste so! Yes, i have no modesty left in me!

It took me about half an hour to prepare the charu. It took me 10 more minutes to toast some bread and cut it in shapes. My mom was home by then. I immediately served all I had made (hot hot!! Yay! it all tastes best when it’s hot :)) and she, being the understanding mom who has spent 20 odd years of her life trying to make a slow-eater S eat while the food is still warm, got down to the eating business. Of course, she told me it was wonderful and called up my dad to tell him about the Sneha-making-actual-dinner story! God! That feeling, watching mom have the food I’d made was most heart-warming. I was so happy to actually see her…. Okay well, istead of trying to put the feeling down in words I’ll just leave it on the hindi saying – Khaane se zyada khilane me mazaa aata hai!


Okay, so originally I had not included the procedure that I had followed to make this charu (I don't use the word recipe here, because it's not the real recipe!). Anyway, here goes....

1) I heated some oil (about 3 teaspoons) in a kadai and added a little mustard seeds, saunf or fennel seeds and asafoetida or hing powder till the mustard seeds spluttered (which was very early!!). I then addded some curry leaves, crushed ginger and about 3 cloves of garlic which had also been crushed.

These are mustard seeds!

Saunf (or fennel seeds)

Asafoetida Powder.

2) I then added some salt (to taste of course!), some curry powder, a little chilli powder and finally 3 (I didn't really know how many tomatoes I should be using, however since I was cooking for 3 people, i thought why not 3?!) tomatoes which had been cut in thin slices. The tomatoes were medium sized.

3) I cooked the contents of the kadai for a while (till the water from the tomato had almost evaporated). Then, I added about 3-4 cups of water (I was really generous with the water :)).

4) I added a lid and let the water come to a boil. After it came to a boil, I cooked it further for about4-5 minutes (till the salt-water balance came ie!) with stirring from time to time.

5) Then....... my charu was ready! :)


PS. I added the pictures (which I found from the net) of those 3 components because I thought it would be easier for other novice cooks like me to figure out what all these ingredients actually mean. I didn't know those black chaunk seeds were mustard seeds till I googled it this morning!!

Saying it all and still not saying anything....?

Thursday, November 09, 2006

She’s sorry. She didn’t know. Now she does.

Did you know it for real? Or did you only think that she needed it? No, she didn’t need it. She only wanted it. There’s a difference. A huge one.

She only wanted to break the cycle. She has set you free. She really has. She feels she doesn’t even know you. She’s right.

She doesn’t need to know you. She may want to know you though.

She took it all and went away, because she wanted to break the cycle. She needed to break it. She didn’t want to break it though. But she needed to.

May be you don’t yet know what she wanted to do and what she needed to do. By the time you get that, she won’t even know you. Actually, she doesn’t know you even now. But that time, she will refuse to know you. She won’t want to know you any more.

She says she is sorry for it. Is that okay?

I know it’s not.


Almost a year of blogging (but hardly a couple of months of regular blogging) ! Celebrating(?) blog anniversary with the same theme that gave rise to it all in the first place......

S, Abhu and more fun!!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Lots of things have happened in the past week....

Firstly, Abhu and I finally went and paid the canteen fellow our dues while he shot nasty glances at us. Read this to know what had happened earlier!


Secondly, Abhu happened to entertain me once again with another of her chemi lab faux pas. She really has a stock of them ready of boring afternoons! Today, we were supposed to perform an experiment, a part of which required us to take some dil. acid in a test tube and add it to another solution and blah blah. I was rinsing the burette while Abhu was to fetch a test tube and fill 10 ml of acid in it. She went to the test tube area (or whatever). She returned after 2 minutes. I was merrily rinsing away to glory when I heard a frightened Abhu shriek with horror…

Abhu:*looking at her finger* OOOOHHHH there was acid in that test tube!!

Test tube falls and breaks.

Me:*disgusted* Hullo! You have broken the damn test tube.

Abhu:*washing her finger under the tap* I didn’t break it! It broke on its own. It had acid in it!

Me: Er… is it wise to wash skin with acid on it with water? It should be er.. an exothermic reaction producing a lot of heat and all nah? Your finger should be burning. And what do you mean by there was acid in the test tube?

Abhu: Yeah, there was acid in it. That’s why it broke. And there isn’t ANY exothermic reaction taking place. *mutters something incomprehensible*

Me: Whatever. Hullo!! Test tubes don’t go breaking when they hold acid in them! *giggles wildly*

Abhu: *blushes shades of pink* Er… well.. whatever. I didn’t break that test tube though. It just… broke. Mysteriously or something.


Thirdly, TC, Abhu and I have made the second page of the Times of India!! One morning, while I was online, orkutting I guess, an excited S (sister) rushed into the room with the paper in her hand and pointed towards the picture of a girl with brilliant, gorgeous, absolutely envy-worthy hair sitting with her back towards the camera at some café…

S: *smiling meaningfully* Who’s this?

Me: *with an air of nonchalance* That’s me and my hair duh. *tubelight jalti hai* OMG!! That is SOOO me!! And Abhu, with her profile visible and TC with her whole damn face visible!! Woah! We’re celebrities!

S: Where and when was this?? And why have they picked pictures of nut-cases like you to write a story on ‘GenX’ ?

Me: Excuse me?

S: Nevermind, carry on.

Me: This was back in August! The four of us- me, TC, Abhu and T (another friend) (taurean friend) had been to CCD for a while. We were just having coffee when this reporter type fellow came and started clicking pictures around the café. This has happened many times before also, but no one ever printed our picture! Well, anyway, they were lucky we were there that day. *gestures around like a movie star*

S: Shut up. I have been on TV, newspaper AND on radio. You are only getting the taste of stardom.

Me: Hullo?? This is my second time in the newspaper, okay? First time I’d made the front page! That too not as some anonymous teenager, but well, as an anonymous (but really nice) dancer. Hmp!


Fourthly, S has discovered a novel way of shooing ants away. Read this to learn more about S’s enchantment with ants. She says, if one whispers lightly to a group of ants, they disperse. One mustn’t talk loudly. Only whisper. She even demonstrated this little thing to me. My! Was I surprised! It works, people, it does! Try it :)


Fifthly, I have successfully downloaded Dark Side Of the Moon. I listened to it (only a couple of times so far). I liked it. Suk, tu bach gaya!


Sixthly, this one describes my mood rather well…

I hear you Calvin, I hear you!

I caught up….

Friday, November 03, 2006

….. on some hindi music this morning. Abhu and TC would testify how ignorant I can be when it comes to hindi music and movies and such because I hardly watch V, MTV etc. because in like half an hour they manage to show only 2-3 videos max and waste the rest of air-time by airing commercials and crap. I mean, hullo? Do they play music videos or are they ad-channels? Anyway, sorry for digressing.

Actually, I do have an idea about the latest hits thanks to the dhabas outside my building where they play LOUD music every alternate day. But, I just know the tune of the songs. Not the name, the movie, nothing. Zilch. So I inserted this mp3 and listened to the songs that sounded nice and came up with a list of songs which I liked. Here goes…

>> Chand Sifarish (Fanaa) - I really really liked the tabla beats in the song, especially the whistling and the ‘subhan allah’ part. I even danced with imaginary-cute-boy in Indian style with latka jhatkas and all *blush*

>> Tumhi Dekho Na (KANK) (hee I wonder why KJ decided to call it that. It sounds like skank) – Nice song. I had heard it earlier. I didn’t know that it was this song.

>> Teri Yadon Mein (The Killer) – Atif Aslam (he is the singer, right?) has this drunk-devdas type voice which works very well for such songs. I like that Tere Bin also. I hear that song has been blatantly plagiarised from an Indonesian song or something. Or maybe, that was another song. *gives confused look*

>> Kya Mujhe Pyaar Hai (movie starring Shiney Ahuja and Kangana Sen)(I don’t know the name of the movie!) – Yeay!! I have seen the video of this song. I saw it only yesterday. I had heard it before, of course *lop-sided smile* . That is how I know it has Shiney Ahuja and that bangle female in it :D

>> Pyaar Karke (Pyaar Ke Side Effects) – I just liked the beginning. The song is pretty boring actually. So I don’t know why I listed it here. I think the list was too short. Only 4 songs. So I added a fifth :)

AND. I saw the Dhoom2 promos last night! Actually, it was on some news channel and mom was watching news and I was lurking over there doing practically nothing no I happened to see it! Well, I am not a big Abhishek Bachchan fan (he’s like a teddy bear!) so I didn’t get all that excited. The excitement was because I saw the promo of some to-be-hit-type movie at the same time as my friends and not 6 months after the movie has released. I haven’t yet seen Lage Raho. So you can imagine. I am dying to see it though!! Because I had loved MBBS and circuit and chirkut and all those taporis. I can’t wait before zee or sony or star or whatever airs it! For your information, I saw RDB on sony :)

I am quite positive that TC would be most pleased to hear that I am increasing my bolly music awareness exponentially. Plus, this happens to the month when I am listening to new music, new genres of music blah blah. And before I forget, I think I’ll just buy the damn Dark Side of the Moon (this reminds me of a little faux pas of mine. I had referred to this album as DSO the Mirror on Mac’s blog *blush* ) CD since I tried downloading it like FOUR times and EVERY SINGLE TIME, something went wrong with my net-connection and the download got aborted.

May my net be blessed!

Amen and Awomen! *sigh*

UPDATE: I have FINALLY downloaded DSOM succesfully! Now, I shall listen to it and strangle(virtually of course) Sun if I don't like it. Some trouble I've taken to download it. Whew!

Weird Sisters are back!

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Younger Sister (S2) was reading a book with an expression of utmost concentration when Elder Sister (S1) decided it was too long before she had acted like a nut-case.

S1: *very innocently* When will you write your next post?

S2: *annoyed at being disturbed* Shut up.

S1: Tell naaaa.

S2: *pursing her lips* I don’t know. Sometime soon may be. I have a good mind to write about you and your madness.

S1: *eyes lit up* Yah!! Write about me and TC . And about our intuitive powers and about all those miracles??! Pleej!

S2: *shoots suspicious looks* Why are you so eager to be written about eh?

S1: *blushes furiously* I just... you know… it’s.. um…

S2: I know! You feel like a celebrity when I write about you! Hah! You pesky thing. I am soo not writing about you any more and letting you have that pleasure.

S1: *slightly dejected* Umm… please please write na. Write, okay? Nice girl. TC will also be so pleased.

S2: What is there to be pleased about? I only make fun of you on my blog! Muahahah.

S1: But for once you can write all nice thingies about me nah? So that people think I am all virtuous and everything?

S2: *shakes her head with an air of importance* What-ever. *goes back to reading*

Note: Do NOT think S2 is a creep. Well yes, she can be pretty creepy at times, but not always!

Metaphor for life

Either I have run out of words or Calvin is sooooo articulate that he leaves me speechless.


Friday, October 27, 2006

The Day Abhu (and BO) Goofed Up

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The day begun with a dry note since Blogowner(BO) woke up with a dust allergy which caused her to sneeze like 20 times which culminated with a nose-bleed. By the way, she woke up at 9.30 whereas she was supposed to be up by 7 since she had to write 3 experiments in her physics and chemi journals. She had 2 practical classes, consecutively, that day. And immediately after that, she had classes at her dear tutorial. The day was packed.

She wrote the journals in a frenzy, took a shower, had her lunch and was off to college. She attended the first class and the first (phy) practical class with Abhu. In the phy lab the two girls couldn't get enough of giggling. They were giggling so uncontrollably (in their minds and even on the exterior) that Abhu let out little giggles right under Ma'am's nose while she was demonstrating a certain experiment which required utmost attention. They thanked their lucky stars that Ma'am didn't notice that and safely left the lab without getting screamed at. They had an hour in between, so the two of them decided to go to the canteen and do a little pet-pooja. BO demanded that Abhu should treat her this time since she had gone broke feeding Abhu. Abhu agreed. They got their stuff and were giggling and talking and eating when they were joined by a third friend, Curly Haired Goat (CHG) (Goat because she is a capricorn. Curly Hair because, duh, she has curly hair). CHG also got some food for herself and BO made Abhu treat CHG also to which Abhu agreed.

They ate.

They left.

They forgot to PAY the canteen-fellow.

And this was remembered by ABHU when they were returning home, 2 and a half hours later. She smsed BO to let her know of ‘their’ blunder but BO conveniently decided that SHE was guilty of no crime since it was ABHU’s treat.


In their chem practical class, they were supposed to perform an experiment, a part of which consisted of diluting the bench acid with distilled water and then again performing some other steps to get a certain value which should be close to 10 or so. If one doesn’t dilute the acid properly then they can get wild results. Abhu and BO were doing the experiment together. BO had washed and filled the measuring flask with the required amount of acid and sent Abhu to fetch a wash bottle containing distilled water. Abhu went, found a wash bottle which was empty, filled some water-like substance from a large jar which had a label ‘Distilled Water’ and came back. They diluted the acid, shook it properly et al and performed the following steps. They got a value of 1.3 instead of a 10ish value! They got such a value 2-3 times. This indicated that the acid was pretty strong. How come? They wondered. They told Ma’am that they were getting a value of 1.3. She got majorly pissed with the lab assistant(LA) since she thought he must not have prepared the chemicals properly. But the LA turned defensive and told her that some other groups had got proper values like 9.4, 9.6 etc. They testified. BO and Abhu blushed a deep shade of crimson-red.

Where could the mistake be? After a lot of back-tracking, it was found out that the jar labelled ‘Distilled Water’ actually contained acid!! Abhu had filled acid in the wash bottle in place of water! Of course, BO was quick to chide her. How could she not see the yellow tinge and figure out that it wasn’t water but acid? When they charged the LA with placing mis-leading labels he smiled and asked them if their lab was advanced enough to store distilled water. How on earth were THEY supposed to know THAT? Anyway, they made several attempts to talk in loud tones when people from their class passed by…. Just to let them know that it wasn’t really their fault and they were very skilled chemistry students who obviously cannot make such grave mistakes!

“ Yaaa… the jar had ACID instead of WATER…”

“ How were WE supposed to know that???”

“It’s the LA’s fault… our experiment was perfectly fine otherwise!”

“Yes yes… the acid was too strong…. That’s why we got 1.3”

Such things were 'spoken' near the parking place, near BO's car, where students were walking by or driving by. Later, BO received are-you-mad-or-what type glances from her driver!

Such image-damaging incidents led BO and Abhu to think they must tread carefully on the 23rd of every month.

God bless them!

Amen and Awomen.

Carrier In Yie Tee

Monday, October 16, 2006

We have our IT practicals every Sunday at a certain NIIT branch. Today was no exception. Abhu and I entered the lab, took our seats, exchanged hey-wassups with friends and waited for ma’am to come. However, who did come in through that door was an odd figure wearing a orange-yellow-striped shirt and a pair of ill-fitting *ahem* black pants. He had curly hair (the most unflattering kind), wore a strange I-am-in-charge-type smile and held a bunch of postcard-sized yellow cards. Words started spilling out of his mouth, very few of which were deciphered by a scandalised Abhu (scandalised because she is least accomodating when it comes to people who don’t seem to know what they’re saying) and a on-the-verge-of-bursting-into-wild-giggles me. I made a mental note of recording all that he said.

….Myzelv blah blah. Yie yam the {fuzzes up the word} head ower here. Today, yie yam yere to giff you some knowledge on the real world scenario and jov frosfects yin thee Yie Tee industry…. Today, ower buddy lenguase says a lot about who we are. Our buddy lenguase shows iff we are convident, shows ower convidence…. Like yie am a convident man {gesticulates around his body} yie know what yie bhaant. Ower buddy lenguase shows ower buddy parts (methinks- oooohhh?? Really?!) bhaat we are composed of… what makes up ower buddy …. (Abhu sniggers)… my convidence is my strens… bhaat is yooer strens? {asks me}

Er… as in.. okay, people say I am articulate….

End yooers?? {motioning towards Abhu}

Umm.. I can analyse well (methinks- hehehhhheeehh)

Yooou?? {to another fellow}

Blah blah

(he asked many other people what their ‘strens’ was)

Wokay… bherry good.. so.. are you looking for a good carrier?

Abhu: Obviously. D-uh (she actually said that loud!)

Obviously eh?? Yes yes…. So, what is a carrier?

Your professional life?



No, that is not carrier . Carrier is when my friend tells blah blah is working with Infosys, Wipro yearning so much…. He is giving respect. That, my deaaars, is carrier. Respects is carriers. Yoou haf to think what yoou want then get it. Yoou must have resources… like, yoou keep dreaming of going to Goa with yooer girlfriend, enjoy ower theyaar and haf a nice time {gesticulates and smiles devilishly} but in your pocket {puts hand in his back pocket} yoou haf no munney. Then why yooer dreaming about Goa?

Me and Abhu let out little giggles.

{looks into one of the cards} Would you like companies to run after you? Bhaat can you do to make company run after you?

Student: Cheat them and lootofy millions from them?

Blah sniggers.

Abhu: Join NIIT. Hah!

heheheh… {blushes} yes yes. Well… but.. hehehe

Abhu: That’s what you were getting to.

Heehhe…. Well, I am working for an organijasun so I will say my organijasun is best. But I will not force you to join. Choice is yooers.okay… {tries desperately to change subject} {looks into the card} Are yoou yinterested to know about yie tee jobs?

Abhu: {sitting up straighter and turning on an expression of utmost attention} Um… yea..

We are having a workshop here… 3 days… you send yooer phriends on day 1 and 2 and you come with them on day 3.

Student: So, we aren’t really invited for the first two days?!

Yes yes you are. But get yooer non-Yie Tee phriends. Yie will give yoou theej cards which you will distribute among yooer phriends. Okay? Okay.

{gives out the cards}

{walks towards the door. Peeks in and says—If I don’t see yoou and yooer phriends then next Sunday……….. }

Abhu and I went into hysteric-giggling-mode after blah left.


Note: No offence meant to NIIT or blah blah!! :D

Where art thou?

Saturday, October 14, 2006

A couple of minutes ago, I was talking to P on MSN (may God bless them!). As usual, our conversation consisted of the most inane topics which would make no sense whatsoever to anyone who wasn’t me or P, which basically is, the rest of the world. Now, she is known as the-one-who-wished-her-caring-loving-awesome-nice-friend-belated-birthday-2-days-BEFORE-her-actual-birthday. That was like, the height of goofing up. No, the Height of goofing up! I teased her to my heart’s content (which, by the way, was some teasing). Our conversation drifted towards people whom we knew, whom we are no longer in touch with and who seem to have become very different from what they were when we knew them. Of course, we weren’t too pleased with all that, but like, does anyone give a damn about what P and I think?

After our little (actually it was pretty long) chat, I remembered all my old pals (and not so-friendly ‘pals’ too) and kept thinking about them for quite some time(yes yes. I think about the good, the bad and the ugly)(and none of them fail to bring fuzzy memories back to my rotten old brain!). That was what made me write this. I decided, before I become too old and forget all those people, I must document bits and parts of the hazy pictures in my mind. Later on, I can read this, smile and go like “Mmm… those were the days.”

Since I have been in like 6-7 schools I shall start with my earliest memory of someone whom I called a ‘friend’. She was someone called Poulomi. She and I were friends back in 1st and 2nd standard. I would always irritate her with my standard line- “Poulomi, follow me.” (Yea, I was a creep back then too. Muahaha). That used to majorly piss her off! In the same class there was this girl called N1 whom I admired a lot because I thought she was very pretty and all that. She was. Then there was my very first crush (in 1st). It was on a guy called Prince (yea, that was his name. Nice nah?) and he was a teacher’s son. Back then, being a teacher’s son was very cool. So don’t laugh at me!

I did my 3rd standard in another school, in another city. I didn’t get a chance to make many friends in this new school but I do remember a few faces. First was this quirky chick called Itarthi. She was the girl-who-knew-everything-about-everyone. However, I remember getting majorly pissed off with her this once when she mixed up my cup cake with someone else’s (it was Republic day or some such day when they distribute cakes and chocolates) and I couldn’t figure out which one was mine and had to give up my cake (Hey, remember Joey? Even I don’t share food!). Ooohh and I can’t miss Ashwitha who I swear looked like Aishwarya Rai junior. She had lovely eyes. She was the snobbish monitor though and I was one of her favourites so she used to make me write her notes (I was all innocent and nice, okay?!).

Then I made sooooooo many friends in 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th that it’s impossible to write about all of them. Of course, all of them are no longer friends and most have been reduced to mere ‘acquaintances’. Isn’t it sad that despite all this technology and keep-in-touch-with-old-buds-networks one hardly has any long time pals remaining. Dearest of them all and who still is a dear dear dear pal is P, like I have said before. This Sag never fails to cheer me up and she has always been the there-for-you type friend. She is someone with whom I’ve cracked the poorest of jokes and yet we have laughed our asses out at those dumb jokes.

We were talking about how a certain someone (who was known as Machchar (M), between the two of us) had turned into a ‘dude’ in 10th. Now, as a matter of policy, I always laugh at things that should be laughed at. Isn’t this the stupidest thing one can attempt – being someone they are not? Trying to be all out-there sorts only makes you look like an utter idiot. Seriously. It’s much better to be a genuine nerd than to be a phony ‘dude’.

Virgo L is someone I call my ‘childhood friend’. We were the best of friends in 4th and 5th. We used to skate together, play house-house, teacher-teacher, make-up party together and used to romp around the colony in the evenings. She was the one who taught me how to cycle. We had these ‘Fun-ways’ which were actually slopes down parking slots. We had numbered all of them and would skate down these fun-ways with much gusto. Actually, even Scorpio D used to skate with us back then. The three of us used to play Cats or Charlie’s Angels at D’s place. We even used to have little ‘picnics’ in D’s and L’s kitchen balconies! L had taught us a novel way of eating Kurkure back then which, I must confess, was just the way a pig would probably eat them. Nonetheless, it was all great fun.

With my ‘building friends’ I used to play carrom. And I was good at it. So after all, I was good at some sport!

Then there was Scorpio V. We were like the best of buds in 5th, 6th and 7th. Both of us had Sanskrit as a subject (in place of marathi) and those sanskrit classes are somewhat like my current IT classes with Capricorn Abhu. Both of us were good at the subject and we would discuss topics that involved pens that were sold in local trains and such. She was the most amazing artist back then (and even now) and I loved this particular artwork of her so much that I made the exact same thing myself and stuck it on my wall. We were both pretty geeky and nice-type (heylo, what’s wrong with that?!) and I was horrified to learn later on that the guys in our class used to call us LL (lallu log)! Shit. Anyway, like I care! By the way, I recently got in touch with V through the marvel called Orkut. It feels great!

There were many others like K, N, S1, P1, A who were friends, the ones whom I liked to call my good friends. Sadly, they have all drifted away now.

Actually, I wanted to pay special tribute to those people whom I’d secretly been paying tribute to. You know, I am a firm believer in Karma. If you’re nice to your friends, then they’ll pray for you and prayers work. They manifest miracles. So, isn’t it better to have a few genuine friends* who care for each other than to have many ingenuine ‘friends’ who really don’t give a damn about you.

P used to be the perfect companion for my afternoon-trips to Society (a store in santa cruz which must’ve raked in millions when I craved for chocolates at the most unearthly hours) and also to Linking Road, where we used to shop and window-shop ( P lived very close to my place in Santa Cruz). L was one virgo whom I actually got along with. She and I used to think we were the most perverted souls in our class. (Yeah right. Little did we know about the others.) L would say, “Gosh Sneha, we’re so corrupted! Heeeheeehee”. You get the picture right? I used to go to the melas with V. She was my first ‘friend’. K and I had given about a million blank calls in less than 4 months. We even used to give R blank (and prank) calls!! Sheesh. I hope he never comes across this one. N and I would burst out laughing the minute we looked at each other. She and I had honoured A with what we called BBA (the full form of which shall not be disclosed in these hallowed pages). I remember so many funny things that A had confessed to. For example, apparently, he liked playing with Barbie dolls as a child. I also remember that I’d learnt the word ‘procrastinate’ from him. P1 used to actually hate my handwriting and would still say that it was okay just to make me happy (even though I knew the real thing). S1 used to call me up before the sanskrit exam to ask the portion and to do some translation work for him.

I remember everything about everyone. Now, Scorpio TC and Capri Abhu are my closest girls and recently they even helped me get out of a sticky situation (the stupid-fellow-incident) which I really really appreciate. May be, after some years, I’ll write about TC and Abhu and about all the things we do. Now, that should be fun. :D

* by genuine friends I mean those whom you can trust. Really trust. I remember R and A. they seemed to be each other’s closest pals. I was appalled to hear each bitch about the other to me! and they weren’t girls, in case you think they were. Hah! Anyway, I did know many such venomous creatures (one in particular) who didn’t have a single ‘friend’ whom she hadn’t bitched about. I hope she’s not the same any longer.

Taaza Khabar

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Firstly, Blogowner(BO) and sister, S, are spent after 10 days of lazying around and doing nothing other than reading, whiling away time on the internet (courtesy Orkut) and sleeping(a lot a lot a lot). This has caused them to feel utterly guilty about their conduct in the past few days and they have hence resolved to control their frivolous urges henceforth.

Secondly, driver problems have yet again haunted BO, S and family. It was learnt that the previous driver used to actually give driving lessons to his buddies while waiting for BO in front of her classes! He had the audacity to do that. So now the mystery of the numerous dents on the car and the missing petrol have been soved. New driver looks like a fool, but he isn’t. He is one dhoort fellow who is soon going to be sent away. And just for the record, this fellow had learnt driving in BO’s car in those sneaky driving lessons conducted by previous idiotic-pain-in-the-posterior driver.

Thirdly, tomorrow happens to be BO’s birthday. She has already received birthday wishes in ‘advance’ (again, courtesy Orkut, where they notify people of their friends’ birthday a good 7-10 days in advance) and has even received ‘belated’ wishes from P!! *laughing like a lunatic* Apparently, P (dear dear dear Sag friend who happens to share her birthday with S and has declared that BO and she are ‘soul sisters’ since, in her words- “arre i hav decided 2 call u my sista coz our sad lives hav evrythin in common”) thought BO’s birthday was on 9th (courtesy an email from Hi5 which notifies people of their friends’ birthdays 2 days in advance) (BO is guessing this is the root cause. However P could have even dreamed about BO’s birthday) and dashed off an email expressing deep regret at having ‘forgotten’ BO’s birthday and how bad she was feeling about the entire episode. The mail, in turn, lightened up a disgruntled BO’s mood and made her giggle so hysterically that S thought someone might have added automatic tickling hands to the chair which tickled the hell out BO. P is such a sweetheart!

Fourthly, BO’s dear classes have started. And TC has exams at college which is why she isn’t attending the first seven classes. And BO hates her plight.

Fifthly, Abhu has grown supremely suspicious about a certain something mentioned in the previous post and won’t stop pestering BO. She simply won’t take ‘I am not telling’ for an answer! The nosy goat!

That’s about it.

Things I Want To Do

Saturday, September 30, 2006

Since the past few days I’d been feeling a little directionless. I felt there are so many things I always wanted to do but for some reason wasn’t able to do them. So I came up with a novel (okay, well, not really novel) plan which would help me remember all those things that I want to do. Everytime I feel low or disillusioned, I’ll pop in here pick a to-do and do it (hopefully) and rhapsodise about it. The last part (rhapsodising) is the most fun part!

So, here it goes…..

Things I want to do before I am 25….

1. Find out the truth about colours. Linda Goodman's Star Signs was the first place where I read startling things about the power of colours and how they affect us. I now want to find out the truth of it all for myself. Infact, I shall be performing a little experiment of sorts soon. :D

2. Learn how to swim. Yes folks, I don’t know how to swim. Such a pity, innit?

3. Learn to play the guitar. Then I can play and sing! How cool would I be!!

4. Learn Spanish. I had once started doing a little self-teaching type course but left it after 3-4 sessions. This is the language that I’ve always wanted to learn alongwith Arabic and German.

Yes, there are many (mannnnnyyy) things I want to learn.

5. Learn how to put mascara properly.Yea, erm.... I kind of mess it everytime! *blush*

6. Learn all about lexigrams.

7. Go paragliding.

8. Go snorkelling (after I learn to swim ie).

9. Make him go down on his knees and apologise a hundred times. Don’t ask me who he is because I am not telling. Muahahaha.

10. Knit a scarf. Actually, I had started learning crochet but left it midway. So I want to learn it properly and then make woollens. I don’t like leaving things incomplete, you see.

11. Visit the chocolate factory in KL (long story so as to why I want to accomplish this particualr feat. More on that later.)

12. Sing in public.

13. Not wear my watch for a whole week and forget all about time (in that particular week). Well, people who have read this know how particular I am about being punctual et al. So I want to break free (for a week) to see what it’s like! (of course, I may not live after that paticular week).

14. Tour Tuscany. I have been fascinated by this place since I saw ‘Under the Tuscan Sun’ starring Diane Lane.

15. Shop in NYC (yay!!!).

16. Learn Calligraphy.

17. Go to Egypt (er... I think I’ve mentioned a whole lot of places, but I can’t help it. I love travelling!) and really see the ancient pyramids and the arcane sphinx for myself. Then of course, go on a little break to decode their mysteries.

18. Learn Salsa. Yes, I soooo want to learn salsa! It’s the hottest.

I think I’ll stop at 18 for now. A) I can’t remember the loads of other crazy things that I wanted to do (they come in flashes, you see). B) 18 in itself isn’t really a good number, but it adds up to 9 which is! 9 stands for action, which in this case is very much required.