Hottie- Hottie is well, hottie. She was the resident hottie of my floor when we were on the same floor. BlogOwner now sorely misses going to her room, going through the 500 books that she’d be reading at the same time and telling her how hot she is. Hottie was BO’s most special person because they used to work out together. However, Hottie ditched her for speed walking every walking with other workout buddies. Fine *in that tone* But BO still loves Hottie!

Kan Kan- Can Can is actually the name of a move which cabaret performers do. It’s also the name of a specific exercise in pilates (which, by the way, totally rocks). But that’s not why Kan Kan is called Kan Kan. Kan Kan, quite uncannily (heh) has the same ring to it as Bam Bam. Kan Kan is a sweet little Aquarian who has been debating much too much of late and gives BO a complex! Kan Kan can cannily canter around acad. Actually it’s not a matter of can. She does it. I just wanted to play around with the cans *giggles*

Bin- Bin is the lover of pink and orange. When she falls asleep in class, Fish and BO look at each other and mentally decide that it’s now legitimate to fall asleep because The Bin is asleep. Guess who this is. Clue: She loves papsi and writes pruhjeckts.

BlogOwner has been feeling rather important of late. She is actually a senior in college. That’s just it. People now come to her for gyaan. She is helping people with project writing- not that that’s a great thing, but still! Ok, this is not interesting. My dreams of being a top class carrom player some day are probably more entertaining. Nay. What would I want to read in this post after, say, 2 years when I’m looking back? I’d want to recall fun moments.

It’s generally difficult to record them these days because there are just too many. A lot of those moments involve Funtan and BO calling each other ‘funny’ (the most common message sent by/to them is “you’re too funny” even though it may be out of context, because that statement is always true) and breaking into peals of laughter. Some were spent having nice long gtalk conversations with Guru on the most interesting things that people generally don’t know about either of them. Some of these moments also include Bam Bam cracking mean jokes on poor little BO, who takes it all too well and doesn’t say a thing. They’re funny but at times BO certainly wishes she could like propel Bam Bam at a velocity greater than escape velocity and send him off! For good! Fish and BO are almost always together which implies that Fish is automatically a part of all this. However, at times BO likes spending zen-alone-time when she only listens to her favourite music and thinks about nothing at all. She also talks to herself, but that she has always been doing. This once, ORPAR caught her talking to herself in class and messaged her to notify her of the fact that it is very noticeable! BO has often been caught off-guard when she’s happily walking towards her room, thinking she’s the only one around, when suddenly she notices one of the ammas or a senior around. BO could just evaporate at that instant. It’s that embarrassing! But it can’t be helped.

BO is too cool and has bought shiny (not really, it’s plastic) new pink earphones which have this funky clip-on utility. She still doesn’t know what the point of being able to clip the two earphones to each other could be, but she’s still excited. And they do NOT look like an eight year old’s property. They are very matured and funky. Thank you very much.

Oh, and BO bought a new phone! With golden thingies! With cute little concentric semi circular stuff! Yeay! But for some strange reason, she’s feeling bad about leaving her old phone which had an excellent camera and never broke even after being dropped like some 3897064 times. Good phone.

Ok, that’s it. Off you go!

The New OCD- Obssessive Compulsive Debating

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

What is this nonsense? Coming, reading, deriving joy by reading this blog which reeks of awesomeness and not even reciprocating by commenting or at least letting BlogOwner know you were here? Hmm? Leach! BO loves being loved. It’s a fact of every Libran’s life. This blog was born partly to gather a devoted group of BO’s followers who would eventually help her in her fantastic plans of world domination. Commenting should be mandatory. The browser shouldn’t shut before one leaves a comment. Or your comp should crash or something if you dare to leave before leaving your thoughts behind. I have no issues with Anon comments, ok?! I’m not too cool for them. So please, ok? Don’t be a ghost on this blog.

Now, moving on to the substantive part of this post…

I have been debating obsessively. These days, I’m either debating, or thinking about debating or talking about debating. I’m a nocturnal debater, plus my debate buddies are also night people, so we debate after dinner. While I’m in class I think about debating. When it’s 6.00 pm, I start counting the hours before we start debating. I come back to the room and discuss the debate with Fish for two hours. Fish also debates. When I speak, I sound like I’m debating. When I’m consoling someone, I start off with “Ok, I have 3 points of rebuttal and 2 substantives. …” Ok, it’s not that extreme, but somewhat like that. When someone’s saying something I start thinking of points of rebuttal and mentally ask points of information.* Vague things have started making sense to me. I have started cracking debate jokes. For instance, a couple of us were chatting when Fish and I thought we should go back and resume working. So I said, “This house believes Sneha and Fish should go back” and started laughing. I have the natural urge to refer to people as ‘ladies and gentlemen’. I have an entire excellent quality notepad devoted for debate notes.# I have a debate pen. I have some specific lucky debate clothes. I have a debate hairstyle- pony with bangs towards the left. I have a sore throat because of excessive debating. Bam Bam says his throat is on the verge of getting sore and it is in such a condition when it sounds the best and debates like a maniac, which he does ordinarily as well. He seemed absolutely kicked about it and said he generally talks so much when his throat is such because he thinks he sounds absolutely hot this way, he eventually necessarily ruins his throat. Further, debating has started giving me a high even though I lose most of my matches. It’s like therapy. When I’m in class, I think about how I want to do nothing else but debate. Chill or debate. The only two things I feel like doing these days. What is wrong with me?!?!

*Well, this is also due to my Libran nature.

#Which other people constantly borrow sheets from. Hmph.

The Loons

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Yes, this is the long overdue post on the many loons in my life. In my current life. Now, why is this post important slash entertaining slash worth your time or mine? It is important because there are several loons and it is absolutely essential to record a post on them for future reference and so that none of you lovely, intelligent readers with excellent memories forget who these illustrious beings are. After all, if they’re featuring on this blog, they must be special, else why would BlogOwner, who is a rather bizzy person want to write about them or even mention them? Yes, ladies and gentlemen, these are indeed loons of the highest order, hence. Not that BO thinks and writes only about loons, but given the environment she is now, it is mostly this kind of creatures that she lives with, hence this indelible mark on her mind and soul.

In no specific order regarding love, affection, etc., (at all!) (whoever popped in my head, was written about), here they go!

1. Fish- Fish is, well, the fish. Her moniker is such because she’s the last sign on the Zodiac and because there generally is a fishy feel about everything she does. Fish, as her name suggests is generally good when served in certain dishes, but she can also have too many thorny bones if you don’t get the right piece. She is slimy, but that is only before you remove her scales. Once those dreadful things are gone, she’s lean and clean.

2. Funtan- Funtan rhymes with his several other names, hence the moniker. BO couldn’t come up with anything else! He’s simply funny. Too funny. Be careful, he can make you laugh compulsively and not stop for a very, very long time. Hence, his alias is Funny Boy. He claims BO is funnier, but we all know that’s a lie. Polls regarding who’s funnier have been taken, where Funtan has won hands down. He has a special, innate talent for appointing himself as the ‘judge’ in the middle of an argument or mini-debate type thing and declare himself winner.

3. Screechy- Screechy is a ram but I didn’t want to call her ‘ram’ lest someone should confuse ram as in the Arian with Ram-Shyam Ram. Yurgh. Schreechy screeches. A lot. This should be enough. She is the ultimate entertainment but only when she’s not after your case. Thank you very much.

4. ORPAR- One of the Remnants of the Pure Aryan Race. She’s small but she’s a LOON. She loves dancing around in unmentionables and must not be angered. Even if she is angered, she must not be man-handled once angered. Man-handled includes every sense of the word. Every.

5. Smimp- Small + Imp = Smimp. She’s really small, and really impish. One of the high grade loons around. Smimp happens to be a fellow Libran though! BO is absolutely thrilled about the presence of one normal sign around herself, one of the very, very few. Sigh. Normal signs are almost a rarity around BO! Don’t ask me what ‘normal signs’ are. Please. It’s a subjective thing, you know.

6. SPW- Scary Photo Wali. Name is self explanatory, however, a clarification is necessary. She has only ONE scary photo where she looks like Gollum and BO has decided that the name must stay. Her characteristic features include her stunning ability to make funny faces and her blue pyjamas.

7. Pengy- I have written volumes on this character already, but in order to rightly serve the purpose of this post, I shall reiterate. She is one to be feared and cuddled. Yes, it’s a rather strange combination and I fail to understand how she manages both. She can make disgusting fish faces with Mr. Pengy and gross the people around out, which generally happens to be a large number of people because they do it in public places.

8. Bam Bam- I have suitably named him Bam Bam because when he gets seven minutes to talk, he sounds like a revolver shooting out tiny bits of acerbic, acidic, terribly mean yet funny (if the joke’s not on you) (actually, it’s funny even if it’s on you) words. You may feel like pinching his cheeks due to their extreme cuteness (and somewhat Libran appeal, even though he isn’t a Libran which BO now finds very hard to believe) when you see his baby pictures, but may get scared (and scarred*) in real life. Bam Bam seems to know everything about everything but BO suspects he really doesn’t know everything he seems to know.

9. The Guru- A certain synonym of his moniker is used rather liberally to refer to this man in PoS of late. A sport and immensely helpful when it comes to talking about his favourite intellectual sport, he and Bam Bam share a love-hate relationship. They can’t live with each other and can’t live without each other. They’re like this cute little married couple where each keeps joyously and shyly blaming the other for their faults. Except, these two aren’t particularly joyous or shy.

10. E-Man- If you’re looking for entertaining, funny stories about people you know and even about yourself, go to E-Man! *plays the He-Man tan na na na na music with E-Man instead of He-Man* E-Man often seems to be on the verge of screaming out on top of a cliff, “I have the power!” Hence, the moniker. E-Man’s characteristic features include his zombie like gait and his own way of narrowing his eyes and staring at you like a loon. Hence he’s perfect for this post.

Ok 10 people. There are many more, though. But, rest with these 10 for now, will you? I must go and figure the rest out.

*Because he may flash his characteristic expression of extreme disgust and act all grumpy which would scar a gentle, loving, peaceful, harmonious being like you for life.