The Return Of The Zombie.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Right. I have been away since a long time but this is my blog and I happen to be the BlogOwner and I shall do what I please and I am NOT feeling guilty about having abandoned this haven of mine.

Okay now that that is out of the way, I’ll fill you all wide eyed, bushy tailed, anxious and curious people about what has been ‘up’ in my whatever excuse for a life that I have.

~~ The baby pigeons* are flying! They’re so grown up. I feel like their gramma. Here, look at them. I’d thought I would provide you with this week by week update of their development etc, but that has not been possible. They’re so quick at growing up. They’ve been very, very naughty since they learnt how to fly. Their favourite spot to perch on is the wall unit.

Papa Pigy

Papa Pigy and Elder Baby Pigy (Lechu henceforth)

Momma Pigy, Lechu and Papa Pigy perching on our wall unit with much pride.

Momma Pigy and Papa Pigy
Lechu on the wall unit

Lechu and Papa Pigy basking in the sun and posing in their usual fluffed-but-flat way :D

(Btw, the younger one has been christened 'Pechu'. Pechu has started flying but not as much as Lechu. I'll put some pics of Pechu as soon as possible.)

~~ Since I’m going off to law school, I’ve been given this laptop of my own, which by the way, is awesome. Like, totally. I haven’t yet removed those plastic screen covers, but still, take a look. It looks a lot sleeker in real! Lenovo 3000 Y500 37Q.

~~ My old cell phone landed in the commode. Do not ask what I was doing with the phone in the loo. Hell, okay, I’ll tell y’all. It was a dark and stormy night (all nights are dark, aren’t they? But all nights are surely not stormy). There was no electricity and the bathroom bulb isn’t connected to the inverter. It was pretty spooky. I always use my phone as a torch. Hee. So anyway. As usual I had taken my phone along with me and BEFORE anything unmentionable could land into the commode, my phone landed in it. I don’t understand how these supremely trained hands of mine could not prevent such a fall. Nevertheless, the phone thus suffered an unglorified and shameful death. The circuit was gone. Completely. SO. I got a new phone. Woo hoo! I’m very happy with this one. What is surprising is that its 1.3 MP camera clicks incredibly good pictures which are even better than my mom’s Cybershot 2 MP camera phone which has autofocus, flash and all that jazz.

That's my new phone (mom's phone has taken this shot)

And here are some shots I took with my phone

Okay, don't look at the mess. Look how sharp they are!

~~ I have exactly 7 days left at home. I can’t believe I’m actually going. No, actually I can believe that I’m going. It’s just that I seriously hope things turn out the way I want them to and everything is just fine.

~~ I’m thinking I should perhaps write about something deep, meaningful and blah blah. But I like the funny old me a lot more than the apparently serious me. What do you think? It’s just that I’ve ceased being as funny as I used to be some day *Sigh* No. Actually, it’s just that Abhu, TC and S are behaving in a strangely sane fashion these days which is why I can’t find anything to write on and they were always my blog fodder! I hope I soon get some blog-worthy content. Muahahaha. I’m pretty positive I’ll be blessed with fresh raw material soon enough ;)

~~ This is a reply to the comments on my previous confessional post :

I DO NOT record secretly. Hullllooooo. The phone beeps like crazy when the convo is getting recorded. I am NOT loud and childish. Sheesh. Abhu needs to reduce the volume of her speakers. TC will vouch for this. Hello to all the first time visitors to my blog who bothered to leave a comment. You know, comments mean such a lot. I feel like putting up a ‘Please let me know you were here!’ batch like the one Asha has. It makes my day. I feel so grateful for the fact that >2 people may actually be reading this blog! THAT is quite a feeling, you know.

* Click here for the entire pigeon series.