Midnight Madness

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Be Thou Warned: This post may be too ‘girly’ at places for your ‘taste’. So if you’re a total pig then read no further.

No, I didn’t turn into a werewolf and scare the hell out of S (sister).

No, I didn’t start sleepwalking and break half the things in my house while doing such a thing.

No, I didn’t go to a zombie-haunted house to give the zombies a fright (heh, that would be fun though).

So, what was it that I did at midnight? Okay… I just freaked out and did what I do best- act like a lunatic!

It was around 11.45 in the night, S was busy doing something online while I was getting bored in the background. So I decided to clean out my clothes shelf which was desperately screaming out to me--- “DO something about me you..you..you……!”

So, I decided to oblige and set down to removing all the clothes and arranging them and blah blah. Everytime I indulge in this activity, I find something that totally makes me happy and this time it was my old school skirt!! I couldn’t find the shirt neither could I find any other set of uniform. I then remembered, while packing (before moving) Mom had warned me to leave all my ‘unnecessary’ stuff back which could be given away to the bai but I had slipped in my beloved skirt and given away the rest. Oh how I ADORE this skirt. Once in school while I was hanging out in the corridor between classes, this really scary teacher whom I didn’t like was doing her ‘rounds’. When she saw me, she was like—

“Your skirt is like one foot long! You must get another one stiched!”

To which I replied—

“Sorry but it actually is about 1.3 feet long and I won’t be here much longer so I won’t be getting any more skirts stiched!” *smiles*

Her expression was somewhat puzzled and amused at the same time! :D

That was my favourite piece of uniform that I ever owned! I was so overcome with emotions that I even took a snap of it to put it up here. *sigh*

After the skirt-gazing and skirt-photo-clicking I continued with my pursuit of rearraging my clothes when I came across this absolutely warm, fuzzy black shirt with a little butterfly on it! I wore that and clicked like a thousand pictures of myself where one could easily pass me off for a sleep-deprived zombie (er, I think sleep-deprived is contained in the word zombie, but still). All this while S was blithely unaware of my adventures right behind her back and was doing her work peacefully.

Then I came across my wrap around skirts which I hardly wear. Anyway, they were there- all washed and ironed and neatly(?) kept. I started messing around with one of them. I tied the little stringies around my neck and started yelling “Woohoooo here comes Superwoman!” while performing an act of mock flying to which S nonchalantly replied with a practised yawn (she’s pretty used to me acting like a mental-asylum-patient-on-the-loose).

After the flying around ceased, a brilliant idea struck me. I wore the wrap around skirt in an absurd way which was held together by a banana clip on the back (heh) and the stringies at the neck. A pink shiny diva-like belt was worn on the waist to keep the frills and folds of the skirt-turned-dress together. 6-inch heels were worn. Holy mother of God! I asked S to turn around and told her this was my mock-red-carpet outfit. I quickly justified such behaviour of mine by saying I had been looking at fugly people too often these days! S gushed—

“OMG! It seriously looks like those things they wear!”

Then I started posing with one leg in front of the other, waving out, flashing fake smiles and catwalking around and still managing to look perfectly sane for the first time in the evening! S responded to all this diva-act with—

“OMG! You look like Malaika Arora!”

Thengew berry muds!! (I assume everybody has received and read that forward by now!)

No. That was a serious compliment, really! Hee. I do kind of do like Malaika. So, you know…

After all this I am giving fashion designing a serious thought. Erm. No, on second thoughts, I shouldn’t become a fashion designer. If I do, my models will all end up walking the ramp in wrap around skirts and PJs!! :D

All this activity has left me a little drained (did I mention that before all this cleaning started, I was busy dancing away to glory?). Old age is really getting to me! Okay, I take the last sentence back! It’s high time my PBT (Post Birthday Trauma) passed. Okay. Yes. No more PBT. Smiles :)


Grain Saint... said...

I'm no MCPig ..
1 foot! That's it! Girls are substantially tall @ 17 for 1 foot micro skirts rite! :O :D
Just inquisitive ..did she mean u needed a longer one ..or ...woah! :O
you've like elevated this term PBT to PMS-competing status almost {psssssst ..apologies}! Seriously, if I read this post and the last, with the above replacements made, it still makes perfect sense!

Tejal said...

o gawdd.....hilarious swetie.. specialyy da part wher ur superwoman..
n i luved 'S' s reaction too!!! she's so accurate at her reactions.. lol..hehehehehheh.. n thank gawd ur over wit PBT.. i mean, get a life grl!! V'Re SEVENTEEN!!!!! yay!!! dats somthin to celebrate !!!!!

sneha said...

ohho. it wasn't 1 foot long!! it was definitely longer and DEFINITELY not a MICRO (u see, 1.3 feet isn't that short, plus it's low waisted)!!! PLUS, i wasn't 17 back then! lol. i was only 13 :)
iam not that tall. pretty petite at only 5'3" or 5'2" :D:D

well, the teacher DID mean a longer, nun-like one! lol.

god!! PMS and PBT are two DIFFERENT things for chrissake!!

sneha said...

@teju- S is really something! lol. yes, we're 17!! plus our fav mag is also that only lol :))

raghu said...

im still laughin.. lol..cant really connect wid dis 1.. i mean my clothes r like .. accordin 2 most.. very average .. n really havnt evr got conected wid ne particular dress...mabbe the balzer dey gav 4 prefect cermoney n stuff..ya mabbe dat 1..i do like cin it.. but dats it
lol.. mallaika is smokin HOt!

sid said...

erm..lol.. podar skirt as memorabilia??? ROFL..

Macabreday said...

been 10 years since i finished school...still keep my old school tie...i never wear it, but has so many memories attached to it :)

sneha said...

@raghu- how come?? i sooo associate events and clothes! well, i associate a lot of things with events. lol

@sid- yep very much! it does mean a lot to me!

@mac- yea, memories never go away and everytime u look at that memento a smile lights up ur face!

Sojourner said...

I heeded the warning at the beginning of the post :). So did not read further.

The template is... well.. almost mine... started with blogger's base templates and then reworked it a lot.... hmm guess i must add some credit.. thanks for noticing that:)

And I do agree that most things were not interesting back then because, what was interesting was not encouraged... guess we all rebelled in a way :)
now we all enjoy the freedom :)

Guess what? I dont know that book. But nice to hear that you are enjoying it to the last time less atom :). HAve fun!

Basanti said...

Hehehehe.. that's some girly post.. sigh.. i don't have collection of fav clothes, but yeah, i do have letters, pens, and other jazz with me! :D

Roshan R said...

you're rt.. you didn't turn into a werewolf.. I don't know the exact medical term but I'm guessing it's ladyus nutticus. :)
Hilarious post!!

alex said...

The skirt looks pretty. ;)

Divya said...

Hahahahahaha!! Oh that was a lovely read while sitting and getting bored at work, only now my colleagues think im nuts for giggling all day.. :P
Oh gurl you're insane!! That's the biggest compliment i can give you btw

Asha said...

Hi Sneha,looking at your Uniform brought all those great convent memeories flooding back:)

I had green skirt and yellow shirt(sounds like Govinda's outfit!):D and other one was Blue skirt and white shirt,Those were the days.Unlike you,we didn't have smarts to take photos those days,wish I did:( Enjoy these moments!

Btw Sneha, what's up with the Isha Reddy's blog!Can't access it.Is she okay? If you talk to her,tell her I asked abt her.Don't know how else to contact.Thanks sweetie:)

Di said...

he he..i just happend to pass by.. fun post this was..wish i cud do something on the same lines at home..but my sis would only run out of the house screamin if i did such a thing.. :\

raghu said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
sneha said...

@sojourner- good good. warnings must be taken seriously and iam glad u did :))

heh, i noticed it since i was looking for the link back to the designer since i really liked the template :D

hey, u must read Shantaram (by Gregory David Roberts). bluddy brilliant writer.

@basanti- ooh letters yeaa.. preserving hand written stuff is most amazing!

@roshan- ladyus nutticus! purrfect description :)) thanks!

@alex- thanks. it not only looks pretty, it IS pretty :D:D

@divya- heyyy thanks! great to see u back in the blogosphere after such a longgg leave :))

@asha- green skirt and yellow shirt! hee. yea, even i'd been wondering about Isha. even i can't access it. all the posts seem to be gone. well, even i have no way to contact her, so i guess we gotta wait till SHE tells us..

@di- hullo and thanks! heh, does ur sis happen to be an earth sign who despises lunatic type people? :)) my sis n i (sag n libra respectively) go wild doing nutty things!! heh.. cant imagine what it'd be if it weren't this way!

raghu said...

arrey..agin thers a mention of mother of god..virgin mary:P?

sun4none said...

am done wid exams but am still :S.. hehe... k/d superwoman :P.. saap! :D

raghu said...

arrey. cant get my eyes off ur skirt