Are you one of us?

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Have you ever been ashamed to admit you like a particular song because it’s uncool or doesn’t fit with your image? Do you secretly listen to songs that you know your friends will make fun of (even though they may be liking it as well, secretly, of course)? Do you have hidden folders on your computer containing Himesh Reshammiya music?* If the answer to any of these questions is ‘yes’, then, join the club! You aren’t alone, sweetie#. We’re with you *nods with copious amounts of solidarity pouring out* So, the other day I was listening to ‘Tum se hi’ from Jab We Met, which by the way, was a shockingly sweet movie (I never thought I’d actually watch and like a Kareena flick) (using earphones) and fish admitted that she hates to admit it but she likes the song as well and we had a nice, long discourse on the phenomenon of secretly liking songs that one isn’t generally allowed to like. You know. It was then that this story about a friend of mine who had renamed certain himesh songs on his itunes playlist came up! I mean, okay, you don’t want the whole world to know you’re a fan of the Nasal Twang King, for obvious reasons (which is, the fear of having your sanity and the well-being of your sensory receptors doubted) but this is just the limit! I mean some sense of security and normalcy must prevail!

So what you do when you’re quietly listening to some such apparently must-not-be-liked-by-normal-people song and a human being appears out of nowhere, hijacks your laptop and opens your itunes (or WMP or whatever)(or takes away your earphones or exhibits some such behaviour- you get the drift, right?)? Heart comes to mouth, fear comes rushing like you’ve got gifts from US for it (ok, sad joke.) etc.? Worry not. Learned BlogOwner will give you sound advice. You should pretend that the song you’re listening to is indeed a wonderful piece and wonder out loud how they never heard such a gem and prod them to listen to it (well, to be fair, it wouldn’t be pretending because in your opinion, it IS a good piece and that’s why you’re listening to it). It’s at least better than frantically changing the song every time you sense human infrared radiations. Further, it could possibly get that person to listen to that track and perhaps s/he might even like it! Then you both could secretly like it! Well, it wouldn’t be much of a secret if everyone did this. That would be great, if we humans weren’t this judgemental, won’t it? Well, not really. It keeps things spicy. :)

P.S.- Why are slam books called slam books? Just a question.

*I SWEAR I don’t.

#Pardon me for the annoying saccharine language, but it just fits. Hence.