BO's Guide to Uninhibited Exam Prep Material Acquisition

Saturday, April 25, 2009

RULE 1: (The most important of them all) Drop all notions of justice, fairness and equity and silly school-day-ideas such as one-must-waste-that-one-hour-photocopying-and-not-ask-others-because-it's-unfair-that-you-should-get-an-hour-extra-to-study- when-they-wasted-it-photocopying-and-you-must-do-the-same. Just BANISH these ideas. Do not think that you're being a skeaze by borrowing photocopies of other people to photocopy and are not photocopying it from the original source by spending hours in the library trying to get hold of the book first, and then the photocopy man.

Case Study: Fish and BO were diligent photocopiers in whole of 1st year. Then they just realised that efficiency is THE thing to consider, so they just waited until at least one other person got almost all photocopies and they'd just ask them for their consolidated set and photocopy it with much glee. So much time saved. Opportunity cost. Whee.

RULE 2: Lose all shame. Do NOT feel like and obliged while asking someone for their photocopies. Gratitude, yes. Of course. But don't feel bad about the fact that you're asking. Everybody does it. It's a norm, a custom now. The way you're giving back to the pool is by photocopying from the original source at times and letting others borrow from you. Well, dear old Fish is rather extremely enthu this trimester and has been super efficient in getting tons of photocopies so she's earning joint karma for both of us (hee hee).

Case Study: It's been tough, this rule, but both of us are trying hard. Fish has been supremely efficient this trimester in procuring photocopies. I get a couple at times, but not too much.

RULE 3: Keep an eye out. If you're at Swathi (which is the local stationery place where EVERYONE gets their stuff photocopied), look at who is getting one. Get a copy for yourself! Jump in the bandwagon!

Case Study: So Fish and I are at Swathi. We see X photocopying ABCDEFGH. We say "2 copies for us as well please!" Voila! This is really the easiest of the rules. Therefore, frequent visits to Swathi is a must.

RULE 4: Do not hesitate from asking seniors for their stuff. Be shameless. Be ruthless. BADGER seniors into giving you their photocopies. Fish and I used to find it EXTREMELY hard to follow this one because, really now, it's quite a pain running after people and randomly asking them for their stuff when you haven't even spoken to them in ages but then after doing it like TEN times this trimester, I think I should do it more often because most of them are so sweet about it. Plus, they get to get rid of their material, but MOST importantly, they're usually very generous and you feel like a queen because you've saved some time, energy and cash. Plus, some of this stuff comes HIGHLIGHTED which is an added bonus :)

Case Study: This one's a bit of a toughie for Fish, but I've aced it. Hee. So amongst people WE, i.e. people on this blog, know, we (i.e. Fish and I) successfully procured Purple's stuff, even though we'd gotten it longggg back. We also got tons of other stuff so I felt super efficient etc. because I was always like this woman on a mission, texting away to glory.

I THINK that's about it.

P.S.: I need expert help with template, again! *hint, hint*

Blair and Anne

Sunday, April 19, 2009

1. I have tons of work to do. Tons of essential shopping, exam prep, project research, other important work with Fish, setting up room (which btw is in a horrible mess), decide what I'm doing in June, other fun work with Fish.

2. If I could save up by not spending on all the Nags food I eat, and instead eat in the Canteen and/or Mess everyday, I'd be saving about a 100 bucks a day. That's 3000 a month. SO MUCH MORE TO SHOP. PLUS, I'd lose weight (muscle really, which I'd hate. But I'll also get back to working out regularly to keep mental sanity in place so I'd be all healthy etc.) because I won't really EAT the horrible horrible food in Mess. But I'll also get cranky and inefficient. Law school does not permit one to be inefficient. But I could TRY to eat that horrid horrid food and not be too cranky. Keep thinking of all the shopping. Muahahahaha. It's a plan. Must convince present regular lunch/dinner company to sanction plan.

3. I want home cooked food.

4. It's incredibly warm here in Bangalore. Global warming is horrid.

5. I think I say "horrid" way too often.

6. I'm reading The Time Traveller's Wife which is extremely cute. You MUST read it.
"Do nothing. Wait for me. Wish you were here."

7. I took the "Which Gossip Girl Character are you?" on Facebook and it says I'm Blair. That's just NOT possible. I picked such unblair answers wherever there were oh-so-blair answers. Sigh. Though I'd really LOVE to have a Dorota. She's the cutest thing on earth! I shouldn't take FB quizzes too seriously. Haha. Smartu is Chuck Bass, according to the same quiz. She loved her result of course :)

8. I want to watch Anne of Green Gables right now.

Busy Lives, Busy People

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

People I miss right NOW:
1. Mommy- because your mom loves you unconditionally and thinks you're the best-est thing that happened to this planet (in my case, I'd come after S in my mom's world :) Annoying first borns. Argh. This reminds me, I have to still blog about funny mom story in Delhi.). She thinks you're perfect (in my case, with a LOT of scope for improvement, but largely perfect in things which are somewhat important) no matter how much better/cooler other people may be *scoff*. And you can trust every single word she says with complete faith when she's reassuring you because you KNOW it's true (that your mom thinks you're awesome). Not an iota of doubt. We always take that for granted when we're at home and miss it when away and lonely. And have projects to submit the next day. Or are drowning in self doubt and other such horrid thoughts. My mommy says that even if there are lots of pretty peacocks around and a mom's child is a fugly scruffy silly bird, mom will always genuinely, from the bottom of her heart BELIEVE that her baby is the best :) Mom will always pick you over ANYBODY else (in my case, after S may be. haha). So much mutual faith.

2. C- Those exams better get over FAST and better give me updates FAST and get updated FAST. Probably the only nonlawschoolite human currently who is almost entirely updated on my life. Better live up to it. I know you will :D You'll just tell me I'm stupid and I'm wrong when I NEED to hear that. I know, very strange. But it's the context. I OBVIOUSLY rarely want to be TOLD I'm wrong.

3. S- Because I need to HEAR wisdom :) You have to tell me everything and I do too. I DESPISE the fact that I no longer know about EVERY single detail of your life and you mine. It's come to that point that I just don't tell you about stuff because there's so much history. So you can't be "updated". Same is true the other way round. Call more often, woman! I should call too. Hee. But I like blaming you. OBV. If Ma loves you more, you have to at LEAST be the caller in this relationship (I don't know where exactly the causal link is, but it's there somewhere).

4. P, TC and Abhu- I want to giggle and be updated on your lives. Like NOW. And I mean PROPER updates, even if it takes hours. Friends for life should be friends for life, ok?! Ok. Need the feeling that I'm surrounded by people who know me :) You guys do. Really. (Disclaimer: Not that others don't, but you know what I mean?) :)

Much Love

Rapidex English Speaking Class

Monday, April 13, 2009

First, Fish:

Fishspeak-(true blue dally punju way) cun-tackt
It's almost like The Bin's pruh-jeckts (projects), papsi(pepsi), eye-run(iron) and cun-trackt(contract). But then again, she IS dally so she's forgiven.

Second, Woogs:

Woogspeak- eee-ur


Woogspeak- Avaaalabul

Woogspeak- Veeeyah

Third, Purple:

Purplespeak- Cay-bin (He's going to object to this and say that he himself admitted he was wrong and therefore isn't really embarrassing etc. HOWEVER, he still said it, even though just once (and God knows how many times before that :) *giggles*)

Purplespeak- Excass (in true blue dally punju style, but then again, he is :) *runs for cover*)
Now, now. He may object once again and say that he never said it, BUT (and Fish would testify) he said it once while saying something angstily.

Now that I have sufficiently anticipated and countered all objections that Purple may come up with, I may safely proceed to next human.

Fourth, Hotness (This was shocking given how pseudobrit she is :) *much love*)

Hotnesspeak- Pee-rah-see
*laughs hysterically*

Fifth, BO (ONLY because the above would KILL me if I didn't admit own mistakes, which are rather numerous. DO NOT JUDGE ME.)

BOspeak- Phaw-toe
*blushes red and crimson*
And I'd pronounced it this way ALL my life.

BOspeak- draw-yer
This isn't that bad.

----------UNDER DURESS-----------

BOspeak- Al (as in Cal)-truistic instead of Al (as in All)-truistic

---------END OF DURESS------------

*shoots nasty glance at Fish for making me write what SHE wants on MY blog*

POINT TO BE NOTED is that all of us have however LEARNT and corrected ourselves, (almost all with the possible exception of Woogs, hahaha) though during moments of angst and anguish, true ganwaarness surfaces. At times. Very rarely.

1. Masakalli
I LOVE this song. S and I always knew pigeons had a lot of wisdom to share. Just listen to the words of this song. Awesomeness.

2. Ayo Technology by Milow
I almost have minor celeb crush on Milow because I absolutely love the song. SO much better than that horrid 50 cent composition. Have been making Fish and Woogs listen to it like 3 times an hour so that it grows on them FAST. Also, I am now the bearer of ALL POWER because I own an entire box of After Eight and I CONTROL who gets pieces of it. So BO is all powerful, as always. Also, Fish and Woogs are finally back from their Kerala trip. Fish has been totally mallified. Hotness also went along and she has been momo-fish-woogsified because she said "momzuuuu" during breakfast. Ha! Score. (the song)

Go listen. The video is a bit creepy, but the song is really really good. Grows on you.

I Want

Saturday, April 11, 2009

This is a post where I cleanse my system (for now) by talking about some of the things I've always always always wanted to do but haven't YET got the chance. Certainly, will happen sometime. Soon, hopefully.

I've always wanted to take proper dance lessons. Salsa, jazz, ballet, and general shiamak davar type dance. I guess I LOVE pilates (during those rare phases when I'm really into it for more than a month) because it makes me feel like a dancer. Hee.

I've never taken part in any official dance competition type thing (except the ones you do at school or rep school etc.) but I clearly remember my favourite compositions.

O Humdum Suniyo Re (Saathiya)- We did this for our school annual day in my 8th. I STILL remember the steps!

Bootylicious (by Destiny's Child)- This was for a competition where we were representing school. Was SO much fun. The boys in the dance could NOT dance to save their life but I guess the girls saved the day.

Korean Dance to a Telugu Song- Yes. That's right. We did a beautiful beautiful beautiful Korean style dance in nice pink and lavender gowns with lovely feathery (and rather huge) fans (which, btw, we had sat down for HOURS and made. Had stuck one feather at a time on the skeleton!) to a telugu track which was a welcome song. This was the first piece during our school annual day in my 10th. There was this amazingggg fan-ripple-effect sequence which was truly awesome. Sigh. Ooh, also, being one of the tiniest and quite lithe (sigh, those days), I also got to be up front and do nice spin type things (which left me extremely dizzy) in the middle of the dance. I wish I could go back and do this again.

Me Against the Music (Britney Spears- I LOVE her music, ok?)- I think this is one of the very few songs which I had entirely choreographed on my own and taught the group. Yeay! Ok, well, in all fairness I had tons of help from S who is an awesome dancer (her "I'm a Barbie Girl" in 7th Std was SOOOOOOOO cute :)), but still. We did this in 9th and it was for the farewell party for those in 10th. It was reallllllllllllllly good and everyone loved it and thought it was very well done etc.

I remember dancing to Larger Than Life, LOTS of hindi songs like It's Magic, Dil Dooba, (this was fab fab fab) Chudi Jo Khanki, Bole Chudiyan, Chandu ke Chacha ne (by that band called Asma) etc. Tons of medleys. The credit for choreo-ing most of these songs goes to AG and SD :) Both were superb.

11th and 12th were 2 years when I couldn't dance because, well, I was in this junior college where no one ever did anything.

Then came law school :)

We did this medley- Mahi Ve, Sajna de vari, Nach Baliye for EMD last year.

Then we danced to Dholi Taro for one of the social events for this International Client Counselling event that our university was hosting. It went down really well with the crowd. Almost everyone had something to give to the choreography but it was mostly the hard, hard work of K, G, and C :) I think the super shiny (due to the gazillion little mirrors stitched on) lehengas had a LOTTT to contribute to the effect. In FACT, I have found a video on youtube which has a part of the dance! Look! Oh and there are two people in blue. The first blue person who has her back towards the camera when the video begins is M, an adorable, adorable girl. who's a trained dancer. I'm the other blue in the circle. See if you can spot me :D


We danced to Love is a Crime (Anastacia, Chicago OST) for WMD! It was soooooooo much fun. Aq and C must be given full credit for the stunning choreography, which was mostly easy jazz which people who weren't trained in it could pick up in 3 days (that's usually the maximum amount of time we can get here to prep for a dance thing! An hour or a couple for 2-3 days, MAX). Our outfits were highly cool. Black pants, white shirts and RED ties. Very smooth. We used chairs as props for about a minute and then pushed them off the stage.

Please, someone send me off to just dance and get lost in it? It's so therapeutic. Sigh.

Ok, now I'm tired of typing and MUST get some work done so I will stop.