BO's Guide to Uninhibited Exam Prep Material Acquisition

Saturday, April 25, 2009

RULE 1: (The most important of them all) Drop all notions of justice, fairness and equity and silly school-day-ideas such as one-must-waste-that-one-hour-photocopying-and-not-ask-others-because-it's-unfair-that-you-should-get-an-hour-extra-to-study- when-they-wasted-it-photocopying-and-you-must-do-the-same. Just BANISH these ideas. Do not think that you're being a skeaze by borrowing photocopies of other people to photocopy and are not photocopying it from the original source by spending hours in the library trying to get hold of the book first, and then the photocopy man.

Case Study: Fish and BO were diligent photocopiers in whole of 1st year. Then they just realised that efficiency is THE thing to consider, so they just waited until at least one other person got almost all photocopies and they'd just ask them for their consolidated set and photocopy it with much glee. So much time saved. Opportunity cost. Whee.

RULE 2: Lose all shame. Do NOT feel like and obliged while asking someone for their photocopies. Gratitude, yes. Of course. But don't feel bad about the fact that you're asking. Everybody does it. It's a norm, a custom now. The way you're giving back to the pool is by photocopying from the original source at times and letting others borrow from you. Well, dear old Fish is rather extremely enthu this trimester and has been super efficient in getting tons of photocopies so she's earning joint karma for both of us (hee hee).

Case Study: It's been tough, this rule, but both of us are trying hard. Fish has been supremely efficient this trimester in procuring photocopies. I get a couple at times, but not too much.

RULE 3: Keep an eye out. If you're at Swathi (which is the local stationery place where EVERYONE gets their stuff photocopied), look at who is getting one. Get a copy for yourself! Jump in the bandwagon!

Case Study: So Fish and I are at Swathi. We see X photocopying ABCDEFGH. We say "2 copies for us as well please!" Voila! This is really the easiest of the rules. Therefore, frequent visits to Swathi is a must.

RULE 4: Do not hesitate from asking seniors for their stuff. Be shameless. Be ruthless. BADGER seniors into giving you their photocopies. Fish and I used to find it EXTREMELY hard to follow this one because, really now, it's quite a pain running after people and randomly asking them for their stuff when you haven't even spoken to them in ages but then after doing it like TEN times this trimester, I think I should do it more often because most of them are so sweet about it. Plus, they get to get rid of their material, but MOST importantly, they're usually very generous and you feel like a queen because you've saved some time, energy and cash. Plus, some of this stuff comes HIGHLIGHTED which is an added bonus :)

Case Study: This one's a bit of a toughie for Fish, but I've aced it. Hee. So amongst people WE, i.e. people on this blog, know, we (i.e. Fish and I) successfully procured Purple's stuff, even though we'd gotten it longggg back. We also got tons of other stuff so I felt super efficient etc. because I was always like this woman on a mission, texting away to glory.

I THINK that's about it.

P.S.: I need expert help with template, again! *hint, hint*


Sojourner said...

note to the template fixing person:
Things appear Azure as usual. I don't even see TNR (may be it is the browser's fault each time?)

anyone ever waved their hand in your general direction and your first reaction is to look over your shoulder coz you are almost but not entirely sure that it was not for you?? :D [I just had to borrow that line from Douglas Adams]

Sneha said...

well, even i don't see tnr NOW but it came up when i published the post. so i went back and added a PS :)

@ your PS, YES! i do that most of the time.
also, it so happens that i am reading hitchhiker's guide right now. (i know, i'm like 5 years late, but hey, better late than never).

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