Songs Stuck in my Head and Pigeons. Again.

Monday, April 13, 2009

1. Masakalli
I LOVE this song. S and I always knew pigeons had a lot of wisdom to share. Just listen to the words of this song. Awesomeness.

2. Ayo Technology by Milow
I almost have minor celeb crush on Milow because I absolutely love the song. SO much better than that horrid 50 cent composition. Have been making Fish and Woogs listen to it like 3 times an hour so that it grows on them FAST. Also, I am now the bearer of ALL POWER because I own an entire box of After Eight and I CONTROL who gets pieces of it. So BO is all powerful, as always. Also, Fish and Woogs are finally back from their Kerala trip. Fish has been totally mallified. Hotness also went along and she has been momo-fish-woogsified because she said "momzuuuu" during breakfast. Ha! Score. (the song)

Go listen. The video is a bit creepy, but the song is really really good. Grows on you.


purple said...

the 50 cent song features justin timberlake... therefore it cannot be good
also, listen to nayan tarse from dev-d. It's my current favourite

Vatsala said...

I like Justin Timberlake *guilty smile* :D I loveee Cry Me a River, Sexy Back and What Goes Around Comes Around :D :D Sigh. I just LOVE so called shady music.