Tuesday, April 25, 2006

"So, beta, what are you planning to do after 12th?" , with that she exposes her dirty yellow teeth (remember the cow?) and grins sheepishly. Well, I'll just play it by ear. Thank you very much.
Every person who has gone through or is going through the what-will-I-do-after-12th phase probably knows (I may be wrong here because there are a few know-it-alls who go about blabbering stuff to anyone who would listen) how annoying it is when auntijis keep pestering each and every family member about your future plans.
Its not the same when you are discussing things with a friend. They won't judge you or ask for your results a nanosecond after they are declared. They won't go about comparing you with some other kid your age. They won't keep pestering you with how-many-hours-do-you-study questions and give looks of shock if they feel its 'below the required amount'.
If only people would stop questioning. Okay, let me put it this way - If only people would stop judging.

Tips to Fight Insomnia

Friday, April 21, 2006

Who on earth am I to go around giving such tips? Well, Iam very experienced in the aforementioned field. Having tried 8754 tricks to bore myself to a good snooze, when Iam high on coffee(which especially happens during the exam season), I can only say some of these are life savers!
1.Count till 100, then count back
Actually, you may not be awake to count back. See, the trick here, is to really concentrate while counting, which in turn bores you, which is our ultimate motive. Sounds like an idiotic idea, but then again, idiotic ideas and tasks get on our nerves and bore us to death, hmm, well, sleep here.
2. Imagine sheep(or cows, whatever works for you) flying across a huge, imaginary(obviously, now that you are imagining... okay, pj) parabola
It sounds eccentric but, let me tell you, by far, this has been the best solution to all my snooze related problems! Its really hard to concentrate on those bloody things, that you tend to leave what you are doing and-- fall asleep! Now, its important to keep counting even over here, because that is where the concentrating part comes, I repeat. I think I had discovered(rather learnt) this trick while flipping through kermit channel some 5-6 years back.
3. Start imagining good things
Good ole formula. Rarely works. So, after second thougts, its not a good formula. Just an old one.
4.Go back to step 2
Now if none of the above work, you are certainly not human or are the most boring person alive to have been bored by the ultra-boredom-causing tasks above, or, you have not concentrated on the counting! So, go back to step 2!

5.Read this
Or, you can simply read this blog and snooze off in front of your desk. But, don't blame me if you have drool all over your keyboard the next day!
Quite an enlightening piece for the sleep-deprived and those who are going like " what the--- ? " , wwwwwhhhhhhhrrppptttt .

That Vicious Little Cup

I woke up with a dizzy head, made a careless mistake in the very first question of my physics paper(not that I didn't make any more mistakes!) and came home with a throbbing headache. If you think i was high on something last night, you might as well drown yourself, because that wasn't the case.
I had coffee. Half a cup of it.
Yes, yes, you read alright. Caffeine headaches- one of life's mean ways to ruin that pleasant cuppa for me...
Whenever I have some coffee ( even a smidgen of it) , I get this horrendous headache which absolutely ruins the fun. Coffee, a life saver (remember cramming and working all night) for all of us (yes, me too), has a rather ugly downside for me. At times, I get so jittery and excited that I literally have to jump about the place to release some tension which consequently leads to me getting some gapes from people around.
Tea is worse. There was this one time, when a cup of tea culminated in me actually hallucinating at night! I could hear a train approaching, whistling alongwith the din; could hear some screams as well. That was, so far, the most terrible night of my life (I kid thee not).
Caffeine certainly doesn't suit me much. I still have it at times, like I said, life saver. Last evening was one such occassion when I did something that I knew I would regret later. Don't we all do such things at times?

Memories In Ink

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Good days, cherished memories, how we ache for them to come back and envelope us in their warmth. Take us away from this reality and hide us in a place where nothing but goodness can touch us. How we hope against hope for a time to come when we would just love being so full of life, only to soak everything around us. But, it does come. But when such a time comes, we are so busy blushing the entire time, that we forget that it was right here. It passes by like an evanescent, blinding flash of unreal reality – unreal because later, tears make their way through our solid bearing, wondering about how lovely those days were and start questioning if they were ever there.

Everything that a man yearns for, deeply yearns for, is that fuzzy intoxicating feeling of happiness. Even the ones who are ostensibly content with their ‘rocking’ lives long for this ultimate feeling of bliss. I think that this feeling can never touch us when we want it to or when it should. Because we realize what we’ve got only after its gone. And it does go. It does. Then, when we think about those moments of joy; these thoughts are the ones which lead us into a deluge of rapture and plain, innocent happiness. Memories- the only thing that stays back with us when all else has withered away, the only thing that we can cling on to, the only thing we wish so hard would materialize in the future.But when it does, and yes it does, we just don’t notice it.