Must Chronicle Events

Monday, January 26, 2009

Events must be chronicled for joyful reading in later years. And of course, to keep you alive, dearie (I'm talking to the blog). And of course to keep you entertained, most sharp and witty reader.

1. I am in Delhi! And it's not frigid. AND it's sale season. I am one moderately warm, happy owner of blog.

2. So, obviously I went shopping. I basically bought tons of formals at several hoity-toity places in South ex. I will now itemize (my favourite activity!)*.

1 shirt from Van Heusen- 900 (was originally 1300) It's a really pretty half sleeved shirt which is absolutely adorable.
2 shirts from Park Avenue- 700 each (bought them on 50% off! Originally priced at 1400.) REALLY great fitting because they have a bit of lycra and that tag which says "Has it.". Thank you very much :) I strongly recommend this brand for womens formals! I'm really really pleased with the fitting, because it FITS nicely. Doesn't hang loose like some over sized ill fitting piece of fine fabric. Or isn't tight at all the wrong places and loose at all the wrong places. This one would fit well because it's got lycra. So it fits one well. And I have been sufficiently repetitive and will now move ON.
1 pair of black trousers from Park Avenue- 2000 (no sale :() Absolutely gorgeous. Fits SO WELL. I'm in love with it. I already had a pair of black Allen Solly trousers but it doesn't fit that well. It's rather loose and really long and looks quite funny. I drown in those. This one, however, is beautiful. Again, this pair has a bit of lycra. You go, Lycra! I love lycra.
2 sweaters from Allen Solly- 1700 (buy one get one free! Obviously had to pay for the one that cost more. The other one was for 1300. So, steal, I say!) I love Allen Solly and i understand the concept of brand loyalty. So I went there and got these! They're lovely. One's a pretty black one, and the other's a grey V-neck. Absolutely pretty and cute and [insert appropriate girl type synonym indicating awesomeness].
1 pair of black strappy sandals from Bata- 1000 (no sale) Very useful. Efficient, serious type sandals. Much needed by BlogOwner. I only own black formal heels. High heels. Closed shoes. Scary for Delhi wear, especially when wearer would be travelling by bus. These sandals are really nice and I quite like them much much.
2 mufflers from Sarojini- 150. OBVIOUSLY I went to Sarojini on the first day along with South ex! Must. It's a ritual.
Other random things that I don't remember.
This is where I stop boring witty reader and move on to other subjects of BO's life.

3. I am now reading Bridget Jones: Edge of Reason. Total non application of mind and fun! I am one of those who loves quality chicklit. Yes, there is quality chicklit! Stop being all nasty and condescending and giving me those oh-my-god-I'm-so-judging-you looks, the odd idiotic reader!

4. Smimp, the delightful little creature, has introduced me to the most joy inducing site ever!
This website keeps a tab on all sales, location wise! It's brilliant. BO is hooked. ALL thanks to Smimp. Isn't she the most adorable thing who deserves to be lifted up and thrown down?!# Much love is coming. Can't contain. I will stop here.

...I'm out of things worth chronicling. Hmm. Doesn't say very good things about BO's life. And also shows how BO considers shopping as the highlight of her post regarding current life (given, 2/4 points were related to shopping and 9/10th the words in that list are regarding those 2).

This is where I get down to blogwhoring. Please, dear followers, become followers of zis blog by clicking on a link somewhere. I would love to know who, if any, loves this blog and follows it. You know not (or may be you do, for you are the wittiest and the smartest of them all) what joy it brings to these eyes to see an email saying there is a comment on this blog (pointing towards reasdership and love and affection). Obviously, I love those who love me and/or this blog of mine, so for the love and affection (this is where I bribe you smart and witty reader), do it, will you? Thankyah!

*- All figures in rupees. This almost sounds like "Guide to Formals Shopping" off Seventeen or some such (which, by the way, (Seventeen i.e.) I totally miss)!
# That is BO's way of showing love and affection, though credit, total credit, for the original phrase goes to a certain Aries girl who wants to do BO in the most violent way. *giggles*. She is Screechy on this blog. xoxo.

Libran Feels Like a Gemini- but there's more too!

Monday, January 19, 2009

I was going through posts labelled ‘Self’ and bumped into this. And I spiralled into self conversation.

BO1: How marvellously interesting!

BO2: I know! What was I thinking while putting some of those things in? I mean, seriously, now *blushes red and crimson*

BO1: Haha. Well, it’s great that I’ve done 2.5 of those things. I never thought that time that I’d really be touring Tuscany so soon.

BO2: Yea, and while I was there, I didn’t even realise it was on my list. That I even had a list.

BO1: And come to think of it, another one would have been ticked off had I not had school in May this year. The Egypt trip.

BO2: Right! S and I used to dream up our Egypt trip with much enthu! Which brings me to this. Remember S’ crazy, old archaeology days? When she was obsessed with Egypt and archaeology and how she wanted to become an archaeologist and wear those hot short khaki pants and go around touring and excavating in Egypt with intellectually hot co-archaelogists?

BO1: Haha yea. She almost sounds like Ross.

BO2: S will SO kill me for this.

BO1: No, not really. She LOVES being featured on this blog, remember? S would keep asking “When is the next post coming? Am I on it? Please put me in there somewhere!

BO2: I know! Adorable she was. So much love for this blog and stardom.

BO1: Ok, getting back to the point…. I should like totally update that list!

BO2: Yes! It would be soo much fun to see how what I really, really want to do may have changed a wee bit.

BO1: But look, most of the things on that list would still go up on my 2009 list.

BO2: This, ladies and gentlemen, is why I LOVE blogging.

BO1: I know! *kisses Azureline in the abstract*

Talk about having both sides of the conversation *giggles stupidly* So now there’s two of me for you to handle, o patient and most intelligent reader. I almost feel like a Gemini.

When I’m stressed, I do one or more of the following:

1. Clean my room. Clean everything.

2. Put facepack/peel off type thing. Mmm. Pleasure.

3. Work out. Manically.

4. EAT. A lot. Whatever I can lay my hands on.

5. Blog.

6. Write un-bloggable material furiously.

7. Shop (but that’s really rare because I need a lot of cash for that).

I’m not sure whether I should put this on the list because I anyway do this all the time- talk to myself. A lot. For hours. It’s most fun! I mostly just imagine one person I know in real in some imaginary situation talking to me, and I talk. It’s amazingly therapeutic. You should try it.

Right now, I’m doing 4, 5 and thinking of 2 and almost 3. I’m too lazy to do 1. 1 would do me some good though. I should consider 1.

Then I just tell myself, stop being so stressed, silly! The world is good and so are you. Cheer up and be awesome. And then I see all the magic all around :) (DO NOT LAUGH).

PS: My template is still messed up. Help!

Here It Is

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

[Pre-Post Imporatant Note: This template is not functioning properly. The font is all messed up. SOS!]

BlogOwner had promised her faithful readers that she’d supply them with rather exciting posts on soul satisfaction, but she hasn’t lived up to that promise. Yet. As with this blog, it may be late, but it will come. Some time. *giggles wildly*#

Now, on with updates.

  1. BO has exciting unmentionable things happening in life. But BO is most most happy and gleeful and joyful and filled with wonder and is all starry eyed etc.
  2. BO also has had unmentionable sad things happen in life, but net effect is positive by a rather large degree. So worry not, you charming and intelligent reader.
  3. BO has become a fixture in Smimp and SPW’s room. So is Fish. Fish was the original fixture, then BO followed suit. It’s most awesome. You would be most pleased to learn that they are quite amused with BO and consider her a delightful little creature. It’s rather enchanting, the whole thing. Everytime BO walks in, they go “Momo’s here!”$ and flail their arms around and send flying kisses and generally get exicted. So much love BO has for these wonderful structures!
  4. BO has a new obsession. Gossip Girl. DO NOT JUDGE. It’s amazing, ok? Ok. So. BO and Fish have almost started calling each other S and V. It’s so much fun. It’s most addictive too. It’s perfect.
  5. BO can’t WAIT for her break from college to start. She will be in Delhi for a good 6 week span. She’ll be doing most fun things there, including shopping. Wheee! All that theory put in practice. *nods like a sage* However, S is in Bombay and it pains BO that she won’t be meeting S for ages. DO NOT JUDGE, but what is more painful is the fact that BO has to wait longer for S to take her shopping. Materialistic, BO is. It’s true. We must deal with it.
  6. BO has resolved to go back to pilates for body and soul therapy :)

You know you love me...



#- BO is known for randomly giggling for no apparent reason.

$- Yes, Momo is one of BO’s monikers. Thank you very much.

@- *Blushes* I just wanted to do that once. You go, Gossip Girl!

BO urges you to listen to this song and feel warm and fuzzy.