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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

[Pre-Post Imporatant Note: This template is not functioning properly. The font is all messed up. SOS!]

BlogOwner had promised her faithful readers that she’d supply them with rather exciting posts on soul satisfaction, but she hasn’t lived up to that promise. Yet. As with this blog, it may be late, but it will come. Some time. *giggles wildly*#

Now, on with updates.

  1. BO has exciting unmentionable things happening in life. But BO is most most happy and gleeful and joyful and filled with wonder and is all starry eyed etc.
  2. BO also has had unmentionable sad things happen in life, but net effect is positive by a rather large degree. So worry not, you charming and intelligent reader.
  3. BO has become a fixture in Smimp and SPW’s room. So is Fish. Fish was the original fixture, then BO followed suit. It’s most awesome. You would be most pleased to learn that they are quite amused with BO and consider her a delightful little creature. It’s rather enchanting, the whole thing. Everytime BO walks in, they go “Momo’s here!”$ and flail their arms around and send flying kisses and generally get exicted. So much love BO has for these wonderful structures!
  4. BO has a new obsession. Gossip Girl. DO NOT JUDGE. It’s amazing, ok? Ok. So. BO and Fish have almost started calling each other S and V. It’s so much fun. It’s most addictive too. It’s perfect.
  5. BO can’t WAIT for her break from college to start. She will be in Delhi for a good 6 week span. She’ll be doing most fun things there, including shopping. Wheee! All that theory put in practice. *nods like a sage* However, S is in Bombay and it pains BO that she won’t be meeting S for ages. DO NOT JUDGE, but what is more painful is the fact that BO has to wait longer for S to take her shopping. Materialistic, BO is. It’s true. We must deal with it.
  6. BO has resolved to go back to pilates for body and soul therapy :)

You know you love me...



#- BO is known for randomly giggling for no apparent reason.

$- Yes, Momo is one of BO’s monikers. Thank you very much.

@- *Blushes* I just wanted to do that once. You go, Gossip Girl!

BO urges you to listen to this song and feel warm and fuzzy.


yaman said...

i'm glad
that the good outshines the bad


Sneha said...

thanks, and thanks. (and i can use it :D)

raghu said...
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Tejal said...

but wasnt BO alwaz starry eyed? :P
yea yea go to delhi! dont come here in the break. hmph.
:p have fun :P

Sneha said...

point. BO was always starry eyed, barring some rather distraught stretches of time.
and i'm misssssing home ok! we'll meet before we know it :D
and stop sticking tongue out, i love delhi shopping ok!

another brick in the wall said...
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Rachana said...

Enjoyed redaing ur blog...its...ummm....uhaa..
Keep rocking da girl..