When Stressed, Here's What BO Does....

Monday, January 19, 2009

When I’m stressed, I do one or more of the following:

1. Clean my room. Clean everything.

2. Put facepack/peel off type thing. Mmm. Pleasure.

3. Work out. Manically.

4. EAT. A lot. Whatever I can lay my hands on.

5. Blog.

6. Write un-bloggable material furiously.

7. Shop (but that’s really rare because I need a lot of cash for that).

I’m not sure whether I should put this on the list because I anyway do this all the time- talk to myself. A lot. For hours. It’s most fun! I mostly just imagine one person I know in real in some imaginary situation talking to me, and I talk. It’s amazingly therapeutic. You should try it.

Right now, I’m doing 4, 5 and thinking of 2 and almost 3. I’m too lazy to do 1. 1 would do me some good though. I should consider 1.

Then I just tell myself, stop being so stressed, silly! The world is good and so are you. Cheer up and be awesome. And then I see all the magic all around :) (DO NOT LAUGH).

PS: My template is still messed up. Help!


raghu said...

it will all be fine, it always is :D

Sojourner said...

your template looks fine on my screen... Did you do something like press Ctrl+scroll the mouse?

Is that thing that is not on the list 'normal'? I *need* to know ;)

another brick in the wall said...

chocolates? or that's included in 4?

oh and you shut up.. you barely blog

another brick in the wall said...

oh and please don't talk about blog template.. i ALMOST feel as if you are telling me something.. well.. almost :P :P

Sneha said...

@ raghu- thanks :) it's already! hee.

@ sojo- isn't the font ugly TNR? that's not my font! plus, the spaces between paragraphs is all screwed up. plus i keep getting this html error when i try to post :(

i would like to believe that thing which is not on the list is normal :D i mean come on, it's perfectly natural to entertain yourself! do you do that as well? :)

@ suk- yea, chocolate is included in 4. you know me very well :) and please. i blog almost regularly now ok. yes, regarding template, take the hint :P

Sojourner said...

I was just wondering if there's any difference between voices in the head and talking to something like an imaginary friend??(or enemy)... ;)
[I don't talk out loud to myself... only sometimes;)]

regarding the template, I have to fish in the dark. Did you add a template for posts as well?
Did you modify it unintentionally? (dashboard->layout->fontsandcolors->textfont set to times??)

Sneha said...

there is a huge difference! i talk out loud to myself most of the time, when i can ie. i have been 'caught' talking to myself by other human beings a couple of times. i just felt like evaporating!

re template, i haven't done a THING. haven't touched a THING. :(

another brick in the wall said...

i think i am gonna hide a voice recorder in your room.. so much fun!

Sneha said...

like to see you try :P

another brick in the wall said...

why not :P.. damn.. i'm yet to meet you.. forget spying on you :P

Sojourner said...

well, there's one universal remote support solution: reboot :)
here it means, try your template from scratch. [I like serif fonts... TNR is not all that bad... really].

mm... I have not been caught taqlking, but, sometimes I wonder if I said something out loud... you know?! oh well.. have a nice time talking to yourself. You are guaranteed a listener who can pay attention and understand and give intelligent responses :)

Sneha said...

@ suk- yes, yes. one thing at a time.

@ sojo- i know! i love me! i'm awesome to talk to. and i'm never boring. and i talk about what i want to listen to. and say things that i want to hear. it's splendid.