Libran Feels Like a Gemini- but there's more too!

Monday, January 19, 2009

I was going through posts labelled ‘Self’ and bumped into this. And I spiralled into self conversation.

BO1: How marvellously interesting!

BO2: I know! What was I thinking while putting some of those things in? I mean, seriously, now *blushes red and crimson*

BO1: Haha. Well, it’s great that I’ve done 2.5 of those things. I never thought that time that I’d really be touring Tuscany so soon.

BO2: Yea, and while I was there, I didn’t even realise it was on my list. That I even had a list.

BO1: And come to think of it, another one would have been ticked off had I not had school in May this year. The Egypt trip.

BO2: Right! S and I used to dream up our Egypt trip with much enthu! Which brings me to this. Remember S’ crazy, old archaeology days? When she was obsessed with Egypt and archaeology and how she wanted to become an archaeologist and wear those hot short khaki pants and go around touring and excavating in Egypt with intellectually hot co-archaelogists?

BO1: Haha yea. She almost sounds like Ross.

BO2: S will SO kill me for this.

BO1: No, not really. She LOVES being featured on this blog, remember? S would keep asking “When is the next post coming? Am I on it? Please put me in there somewhere!

BO2: I know! Adorable she was. So much love for this blog and stardom.

BO1: Ok, getting back to the point…. I should like totally update that list!

BO2: Yes! It would be soo much fun to see how what I really, really want to do may have changed a wee bit.

BO1: But look, most of the things on that list would still go up on my 2009 list.

BO2: This, ladies and gentlemen, is why I LOVE blogging.

BO1: I know! *kisses Azureline in the abstract*

Talk about having both sides of the conversation *giggles stupidly* So now there’s two of me for you to handle, o patient and most intelligent reader. I almost feel like a Gemini.


another brick in the wall said...

speechless... loss for words.. full on josh! how come all of a sudden.. 3 posts in 2 days! ab saal bhar ke liye you can aaraam se abandon this blog, no? without any guilt :P

S said...

Oh, the good old S is still dreaming of Egypt! You know how much she loves The Mummy Adventures, Archaeology, Brendan Fraser, and Rick O'Connell!

P.S. And you're right...She loves blog stardom. :P :D

Sneha said...

@ suk- 2 posts in 1 day. the other one was posted way back on 14th :) i'm only keeping up with my New Year resolution to not abandon my beloved.

@ S- oh GOD.

Debasish.. said...

Self convo's are always Fun!

but urs r a lil more exciting with hot-short-khaki's dat too in Egypt :)