Philosopher S, fellow and Litchi Juice

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Right. It’s been long. I have been weaned from internet and gotten myself addicted to tea. Twice a day is how much of it I need.

Amongst latest news, S has become quite a philosopher. She has proposed a very convincing Theory on Eventuality. She has grown all wise and sage-like and keeps thinking for long hours. After her thought binge, she comes to me and tries to make so-what-is-going-to-happen-after-all-this-crap type conversation which gives her an excellent opportunity to showcase her eye opening theories. It may sound funny over here but I have been convinced and have even started thinking in terms of The Theory*** of hers.

Driver-fellow gave a brilliant performance, so I heard *sigh* While I sit typing out this post as a faceless nobody, fellow must be getting compliments for balancing like a pro on that motor-bike. I shall now try to cheer myself up by thinking of those glorious days when my super shiny hair *runs to touch some wood* and I were featured on the SECOND page of the Times and when I was on TV, live performance that too straight from the awards ceremony and when I…. there isn’t any thing left *sniff* *sobs*

I saw Lage Raho last night, which, I must say was awesome. I was also very happy to see that they were trying to do away with the whole manglik notion that people have. A manglik is someone who has his/her mars in the ascendant, the second, fourth, seventh, eighth or twelfth house of the natal chart (and there are 12 houses in all). So about 42% of us are mangliks. It’s no big deal. It is very saddening to see some people who call themselves professional ‘astrologers’ go about predicting someone else’s death. One cannot use astrology to predict death! It’s absolute crap. People often forget that the planets incline, they don’t compel. We must blame those who have given astrology such a bad reputation by simply removing the actual essence of this extremely helpful science and reducing it into a trash-worthy subject. Sheesh. So I say, do NOT believe any astrologer who predicts ‘death’ or who just tells you horrible things are going to happen or who asks you to perform a million pujas. That is SO not what astrology is about. *weeps*

SRK is doing a rather lousy job. He overdoes all his pjs and really pisses me and the guests off. I don’t see why someone should have to hug HIM before leaving the show. I mean, save the poor guy that last torture!

Tropicana Litchi Juice is my new favourite. I have been consuming copious amounts of it and have been feeling 0% guilty! Well, I must add that I had chole-batoore for dinner last night. Nah! I am not guilty! Not one bit! Er.. okay, may be I shouldn’t have gobbled down FOUR batoores (hey! They were tiny, okay?!) but I normally think in the lines of God-alone-knows-after-how-long-I-am-going-to-get-to-eat-this-again-so-I-better-
satiate-myself-NOW. Yea, it sounds as if my Mom is one cruel woman, but no. She isn’t. I must add (for her sake) that she is the most fabulous cook and feeds me a hell lot. It is yours truly who tries to regulate our eating habits. I have sort of transformed into the Grandma of the house. Age is indeed taking over.

Shilpa has won and she is RICH!

Songs that are stuck in my head- See Emily Play(Floyd), D'yer Mak'er(Led Zep), All of my love(Led Zep)

See Emily Play-

D'yer Mak'er-

oh oh oh oh oh.. God. I would SO not go if someone sang THAT for me *sighs wistfully*

All of my love-

*** No, I cannot tell you anything else about The Theory. You know, the whole IPR thing. I cannot be the bitch sister who stole her trusting sister’s ideas!


Saturday, January 20, 2007

1) I have been following the whole Big Brother thing. I have also been watching gazillion BB videos on YouTube. Dirk and Shilpa are SO cute! Awwww *sigh* The whole Dirk-Shilpa Love Fest thing is really funny!

2) I have been wrapping gifts in a rather absurd fashion. Today, S and I set out to accomplish the ambitious task of wrapping 2 gifts (actually it wasn’t very strange for S since she has always been The Wrapper in the house… wrapping gifts and covering books were always HER thing). Anyway, we set out to wrap a rather oddly shaped, cylindrical bag without making it look like a blob of crap. However, it ended up looking like this-----

Doesn't it look like an over sized toffee?

3) We have added Salad (which only includes kakdi, gajar, pyaaz, tamater) as a regular feature with our dinner.

I guess that’s pretty much it. I haven’t really been doing anything much. Yawn. Oh, in case anybody missed it, Shiney Ahuja’s actual name is supposed to be Suraj Ahuja (courtesy TC)(see previous post’s comments section for further details. Thank you very much). I didn’t know that! Poor boy! Having to live with SHINEY when he has such an adorable 5-lettered name, ‘Suraj’, which starts from S! *sigh*

Pssst… This is Post # 50!!! Half century! Woah!

UPDATE!!! 21.01.07

4) While S and I are living loser lives of anonymity (well, almost), our driver-fellow is going places and making news. Literally. Fellow has been practising with his Daddy for some stunts that they'll be performing in the Republic Day Parade that is going to take place here. He has also come on 2 local channels!! He has really been dressing up and behaving less stupid of late. Oh and you know what he said to my all-in-one maid about me??

"Badi didi (S) achi hai. Maa(Mom) bhi theek hai, zyada gussa nahi karte. Lekin, Choti didi (that would be me) thodi gussewaali hai *nods his head in horror* "

Can you believe that? Hahahahaha!! Now, if fellow is late for like 99.99% of the times when I need the car (Abhu and TC shall testify) and I need the car the most out of the three of us, then naturally I'd be a little pissed off! However, I don't say anything 'gussewaali' type. Rather I speak in a low volume when I am pissed off. How cunning! Heehee

Famous People Crush-es

Monday, January 15, 2007

I know this is weird and illogical but I am getting an urge to chronicle all my famous-people-crushes :) It’ll be hard since I don’t remember many, but the ones that I do remember are incredibly incredible (ie. How could I EVER have a crush on THEM!?!)!!

  1. Hee hee.. Shoaib Akhtar. I know I know. Disgusting choice you would say. I agree! However, during the India-Pak test series back in 2004 I was a crazy 14 year old. I had collected like millions of snaps of his but was totally annoyed when I found out he used to like SONALI BENDRE. I DO NOT like her. He has bad choice. Just like me. Hehe.
  2. Orlando Bloom. Do I need to elaborate? But yes, it was a very short-lived crush :)
  3. Mel gibson. I was totally crazy about Mel Gibson for like 3 days. But they were 3 crazy days. (This was after watching What Women Want) (I like Helen Hunt) (I loved the scene where they were dancing around in her new house)(Awwww)
  4. Michael Ballack!!!!!!!!! One of the few FPCs (Famous Person Crush) of whom I am not ashamed! He is totally adorable, plays football (and is HOT at it)(and the captain of the german team) AND a libran. How perfect is that? Longest FPC this was. Sigh. About 2 weeks. Sigh.
  5. Kunal Kapoor. Who wouldn’t have a crush on him? He is totally cute AND a libran AND a number 9!! Brilliant!
  6. Shiney Ahuja. Actually, it would be more appropriate to say I had a crush on his character Daya in Gangster. Totally adorable character.
  7. Erm.. Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra. I have no idea why I kind of had a crush on him and still sigh when I see him on TV. :S It was after I saw an interview of his on this channel and felt he was very genuine and very much like a Mr.Perfect.
  8. Okay. This is the strangest of them all. Salman Rushdie. I am reading ‘Midinght’s Children’ and for no apparent reason have taken a liking for the author. Oh, by the way I just found out he is a Gemini. Now I know why he gets bored so easily ;)!

Crazy or what?!

This is it.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

So yes. The new year has begun. Jupiter must be gleefully bouncing about in Sagittarius and I have finally acquired my Ganpati*~* Planner-cum-Diary after 3 days of 2007 have lapsed.

I am now making a *ahem* public declaration. I am getting my life back on track and I am shifting from the passenger seat to the driver's seat, right behind the steering wheel. Last year, I let things meander about their own way. That is not happening anymore. Tata ghost driver, I am taking charge.

Thank you very much.

*~*- I have this thing for Ganpati diaries. I don't know why. I just have it and I must have a Ganpati diary every year.

Ps.- 1) I am also promising myself to not allow myself to go blog hopping and blogging and such too often. I have contracted obsessive compulsive blogging form somewhere and I need therapy! So, well, I am my own therapist. (Woah, there are many 'myself's in there!)

2) S is fine. She is doing very well. Yes, she is still mesmerised by ants and has pigeons for friends (haveI written about Momma Pigy and Papa Pigy (pronounced as pidgy) hanging out at my window sill?) S is excellent at bonding with birds, insects and such normally ignored creatures. What a lovely being S is *sigh*. Of course, she IS a sag after all. All this animal(or whatever) bonding is pretty natural.