Famous People Crush-es

Monday, January 15, 2007

I know this is weird and illogical but I am getting an urge to chronicle all my famous-people-crushes :) It’ll be hard since I don’t remember many, but the ones that I do remember are incredibly incredible (ie. How could I EVER have a crush on THEM!?!)!!

  1. Hee hee.. Shoaib Akhtar. I know I know. Disgusting choice you would say. I agree! However, during the India-Pak test series back in 2004 I was a crazy 14 year old. I had collected like millions of snaps of his but was totally annoyed when I found out he used to like SONALI BENDRE. I DO NOT like her. He has bad choice. Just like me. Hehe.
  2. Orlando Bloom. Do I need to elaborate? But yes, it was a very short-lived crush :)
  3. Mel gibson. I was totally crazy about Mel Gibson for like 3 days. But they were 3 crazy days. (This was after watching What Women Want) (I like Helen Hunt) (I loved the scene where they were dancing around in her new house)(Awwww)
  4. Michael Ballack!!!!!!!!! One of the few FPCs (Famous Person Crush) of whom I am not ashamed! He is totally adorable, plays football (and is HOT at it)(and the captain of the german team) AND a libran. How perfect is that? Longest FPC this was. Sigh. About 2 weeks. Sigh.
  5. Kunal Kapoor. Who wouldn’t have a crush on him? He is totally cute AND a libran AND a number 9!! Brilliant!
  6. Shiney Ahuja. Actually, it would be more appropriate to say I had a crush on his character Daya in Gangster. Totally adorable character.
  7. Erm.. Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra. I have no idea why I kind of had a crush on him and still sigh when I see him on TV. :S It was after I saw an interview of his on this channel and felt he was very genuine and very much like a Mr.Perfect.
  8. Okay. This is the strangest of them all. Salman Rushdie. I am reading ‘Midinght’s Children’ and for no apparent reason have taken a liking for the author. Oh, by the way I just found out he is a Gemini. Now I know why he gets bored so easily ;)!

Crazy or what?!


raghu said...

crazy.. i bet ull call ur self a crazy 17 yr old 2 frm nw

sun4none said...

shohaib!!!!!!!!!!!! :S
but i alwyz had liked ms.bendre too

orlando bloom looks sissy :P.. sorry

i think mel gibson looks fine??

kunal kapoor seems like such a good boy :D

shiney! SHINEY! SHYNEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.. hehehe.. wat a name :P

omprakash mehra???? :S.. i better start growing my beard 2

rushdie.. somehow he gets the hottest women... his literature or money or fame? i wudnt kno :S

justme said...

lol.. bumped into your blog and liked it.. will come back ;-)

by d ways, u r not the only one who liked Shoaib Akhtar, my sis still drools over him and afridi!

Sneha said...

@raghu- ahh.. i've always been a little crazy!

@sun- i NEVER liked bendre.. pretty phoney..

kunal kapoor IS a good boy!

literature in my case!!

@justme- hullo! hee a lot of girls drool over them!! but the kiwis have a lot more hotties.. shane bond.. droooooooooooooool.. but ya, i am no longer a shoaib fan.. he looks very scary now!!

Virus© said...

Salman Rushdie?! this is the most surprising of them all. Maybe you have a thing for his beard or is it his glasses? lol

Kunal Kapoor and Shiney Ahuja are well every other girl's crush. So no surprise here.

Gibson and Bloom, er, one is a drunk driver and the other is a baby. lol

Ballack. Here you got the right man.

Shoaib. No comments.

Cheers. :)

Suresh S said...

Crush List! Aren't they supposed to be ephemeral? Nice reading ur tangential blog posts!

Asha said...

Thank GOD ,they are all just crushes!!:D

Mel Gibson is a racist and a sexist!Yes! he does make great fims,so I guess it's okay!:))

Sojourner said...


Arz000n said...

I just now read this blog on a celebrity crush and then heart breakup of the same...I just dont undestand, how can normal people have crush on a celebrity??


Its so weird, celebrities neva have crush on other celebrities...maybe they just sleep with each other, at times, but I'm not aware of any crushes-vushes....

In the end, they just marry non-celebrities and settle down.... I dont have a crush as such on Rachael Bilson, but am waiting for her to make up her mind to marry an Indian..then I'm going to jump right in front of her :P

Arz000n said...

Salman Rushdie???

Arz000n said...

No seriously....Salman Rushdie??

Are you alwite????

Sneha said...

@virus- neither the glasses nor the beard yaa!

Well, gibson wasn't a drunk driver back THEN. heh

Ahhh.. ballack. sighh he really IS perfect u know. sighhh

@suresh- hullo! oh yea, these crushes are like SOO ephemeral. heh. thanks for dropping by!

@asha- yes yes, even i thank God that these are only teeny-weeny crushes! haha

er.. didn't know that about gibson!!!! not a fan anymore! not at all. sheeesh. yea, i suppose i like the CHARACTERS he portrays perhaps.. heh..

@sojourner- :)))))

@z000nie- oh Rachel and Adam just broke up yaa. I am so happy that Adam is free again! omg i just realize ive not mentioned Adam in that list!! rather, it should've been Seth Cohen. the most adorable character out there.ahhh...

er.. why is everyone making such a big deal out of rushdie. he's not THAT bad! he writes so well!

raghu said...

on shit bandre is my maha fave..:D

Roshan R said...

salman rushdie!!! really ???

Michelle said...

***Hee hee.. Shoaib Akhtar.

***Orlando Bloom.
sigh...nuf said

***Mel gibson.
still hot as ever

****Kunal Kapoor.
extra points for bein a libran right? ;-)

***Shiney Ahuja.
Not bad, but tacky name :P

Arz000n said...

That means u had crush on his writing...not on him as a person

Thank god :)

Sneha said...

@raghu- urgh!!

@roshan- er.. i think i am already over this whole thing! heh!

@michelle- oh ya, i pity shiney for having that name. not his fault, right? probably his siblings are called Sparkly and Shimmery. hee.

@z0000000000000nie- you got it!

Tejal said...

roflin.. ha! nice list u got ther.. ok v hav three common ones.. 1) Kunal kapooooooooorrr oh he's sooo damn cute
2) Ballack- sigh!
3) Shiney Ahuja!! hhehe.. n by da way.. his name is Suraj ahuja.. shiney was jus a fun nickname..but his first director thought shiney wud giv him more exclusiveness! ha! he got DAT rite! hehe.. tacky yes..but exclusive..hehhe..n u kno wat.. bout his siblings!! he's himself said dat this is da most frquently asked question to him !!

n now... salman rushdie? shoaib?
rakeyshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh????????????? eeks!!! rakeysh??? wit his weird spelling? weird beard (dat rhymed)?? u lik him? er.. i wudnt lik to comment on this part seroiusly..

Sneha said...

omg! i didn't know that wasn't his real name! poooor guy.

ahem, u better not comment as well! heh!