What?! Is it morning already?!

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

I slept, with my sister noisily tapping away at keys, unfazed by my threats to simply disconnect the plug if she didn’t switch the computer off pronto and turned the lights off. I woke up quite the same way, with my sister, again, clicking away to glory, unfazed by my threats to crush her glasses if she didn’t let me sleep for a little while more, by putting a stop to this monotonous tick-tap-tack.

I clumsily snuggle about in my comfortable, warm and cosy blanket ( the AC is on ) , absolutely refusing to even glimpse at that monster of a clock which I have almost come to fear. Even so, just a passing look at that dreadful thing is enough to shake me out of my wonderland (my bed, AC and blanket combined) and make me get my posterior working. It was 7.45 and I had a class at 8.15!! Lord save me, like you have done before, and before, and even before that. Basically, this scene of me scrambling out of bed with a shocked face, running about the room to get my slippers, then taking a super-quick shower, shoving cornflakes down my throat in such a terrific speed which never fails to make my mom say, “ You could be the quickest dresser-cum-eater on earth!” with that beti-kiski-hai tone , is a part of my daily morning life.

You are probably imagining a shabby dresser with a half filled stomach and messy hair who is always late for class and normally sits on the last bench. Surprise surprise!! Iam quite the contrary. The very reason why my mom calls me, well, what she does call me(as you have just read), is because I hate being late. So, I try to be as quick as possible without compromising on anything(especially the dressing part which normally gets the maximum chunk of my time). So, I get ready in like, 20 mins, catch an auto and Iam off for classes. I grab the first row with my friends(who normally come after me) and sit there all prim-and-proper so no one can even guess what my morning was actually like!

What I cannot fathom is how a certain breed of people can be okay with getting late? I may attribute this quality of mine, and this total compulsion to be punctual to my being a libran. Plus, somehow, I can’t stand walking late into a classful of people, staring at me, making up reasons for my delay. Its not their business so as to why I am late. So why should I even give them a chance?

Chocolate Brownies and Shakira

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Some people, like me, have quite a few memories which they surely remember at the very thought of chocolate brownies. It may be a first date, or a 'fantasy meet' with a cute net friend. These sinful fudgy thingies are so sweet and delectable when associated with one occassion and suddenly turn bitter when they remind us of those days that we are trying so hard to erase from our memory( which we so often curse because it remembers things that are better forgotten and vice versa)!

And then there are songs. Yes, of course. Who doesn't have those befitting soundtracks for certain phases of their life. I remember my own and its terribly difficult to ever listen to these songs without visualizing yourself in the circumstances that you were once in, that time when you came to relate with that song. mmm...

What about clothes? That cute top that you had worn to this party where you met that someone who made you dream about them for hours. Or that bracelet which, even though broken, preserves so many memories that you wouldn't trade it even for a gold biscuit.

What was the subject of conversation that day? What song was playing in the cafe when your eyes met? What perfume were you wearing that time? How we remeber such details that tickle us later and make us crave for them to come back. If we could only live those moments of ultimate rapture just once more. And carefully avoid all the thorny parts.

Puffy Eyes And Wrinkled Corners

Monday, May 08, 2006

Your face is contorted in such a manner that on-lookers may believe you are an alien. You are so overcome with emotions - of all kinds - that you don't seem to know which one emotion should you actually be feeling completely. You are euphoric that their love story lives on for eternity, but your heart cries for his death. ' Can such a story be real?' ' Can anyone ever be so
lucky, yet unlucky, to have all that love and then, lose it all just as quickly as it came?' Well, not really lose it all as it lives on for eternity, right?

What is eternity? Can someone feel a feeling for years together? Can one really find happiness by holding on to that one feeling that makes you want to cry your heart out as well as blush and smile ear to ear, all at the same time? A broken heart is probably like a broken vase. You may join the pieces together but the scars remain.

You live in fear. Fear of the probable fact that the remnants of those days, those memories, may give in to your humane follies and may disappear into oblivion. What will you hold onto then? What if one day that one ray of light is blocked by an evil rock and you no longer feel its warmth?

She said that he saved her in every way one can be saved. She was so right. We always wait for our knight in shining armour. He comes to our rescue. We get saved and live our lives in the light that they brought in. They are our saviours. People who do realize that this event or that person is their knight are the ones who can hold on to it and live with it. Others just don't see it
and curse their luck.