The day I lost it…. Completely!

Monday, June 19, 2006

This particular conversation took place through the (god bless them) msn messenger.

He: hey...u supportin GERMANY!!

Me: hey!!

Me: yep.. iam!

Me: howz u??

He: am england all da way...

Me: huh??!?!?!!

Me: cool

Me: how come??

He: wat r u upto nwdays...??

Me: me?? nothing really worth mentioning.. jus the ususal.. n how cum ur in ENGLAND?'

Me: ohk.. but the WC is in GERMANY

Me: so wat r u doin in england?

He: am suportin englnd in da wrld cup....PRINCESS

Me : *realisation dawns* OHHHH

Me: *feels like jumping into a well* IAM SOOOO STUPID

Me: seriously

Me: I JUST got it!

What a blooper! *blush blush*

Well. Something else also happened today which supports the Sneha-has-lost-it-today theory. I was talking to Abhu in front of her class. Psi had apparently gone somewhere *gloomy expression*. He seemed to appear out of nothing (actually he must have simply come up the stairs, the little detail which I missed) and was marching towards his (Abhu’s) class. In other words, he was marching towards us. I was caught totally off-guard and when that happens, I am very much comparable to a simpering(or loud, as it turned out to be in this case) idiot. I shouted on top of my voice “Look who is here!! Psi!”. Deadly blunder. And guess what happened right after that?? Abhu had to burst out laughing!! I was hoping to just evaporate. Hmm… Will have to think of some damage control now. Any suggestions??


Sunday, June 18, 2006

With not so much of a bang, so ,er lets just say that I am back. I hadn't updated this space since a long time, well, simply because I was too lazy to do so *talk about being a lazy libran*.

Even though I was not my best this last month, quite a few things have surely happened. Like, Abhu has got specs (poor thing, she has been pestering me to teach her my oh-so-effective-and-popular eye exercises since that day) ; Gopala(of course, name changed! who on earth has names like this ?! ) (by the way, I was inspired to call Gopala, well, that after watching a certain madly hilarious episode of the Great Indian Comedy Show) came, lived with us for a month and now she is gone; the rain gods are happy and its raining here, and , I haven't done my routine pilates this last month due to which it is now much difficult to tell me and a bovine creature apart.

So. Talking about rain, I was wondering about the kind of feeling that rain generates in us indians. In which other country would rain be associated with a myriad of senti-menti things?! Rain, firstly, saves us from practically a natural-oven that most parts of the country seem to become during the summer months. *phew* . Bollywood has very successfully linked hoardes of lovey-dovey songs to baarish. Then, there is the very famous pakoda-chai combo (only pakoda for me! Read this) which is an absolute must, atleast for the first few rains of the season. And god knows how many other ways in which heavy showers (accompanied with wind!!yay!!)(Note:. Yay!! only when I don’t have to go anywhere out and can sit and enjoy or sleep or ruminate or do whatever I feel like at home) make us sing “Its raining men!!” (god bless Geri for that)

Abhu has, all of a sudden, grown more possessive of her ‘classmates’. (given she is a Capricorn, this sudden change is not much of a shock to me, plus, as I said, the last month I was too lazy to even ponder over such things or express any feeling of shock or horror.) This certain object of my desire(not really, more of an eye candy)(called psi) *blush blush* is unfortunately in her class. So, everytime I wish to view this character, I have to pretend that I want to talk to her(which isn’t complete pretention after all). I take the pain to get my posterior off, walk to her classroom (all this happens at our dear tutorial classes… yea, this is what happens!) summon her out of her class and surreptitiously try to position myself in such a way so that I can get a clear view of psi. But, not so easily-is what is playing on Ahbu’s mind!! She pulls me to the other end of the corridor, where I can see no one but eye-karelas, the peons and the people-with-the-attendance-registers. Sheesh! What a waste.

Nevermind. Now, this month, I have promised myself I won’t waste it away(yea, like the millionth time I have made this particular promise). But, I mean it this time!! Really! *innocent and sincere smile* . To Abhu’s pleasure college is reopening this week(because she gets to see and drool over theta then)(Note: theta is another person who has been so named for reasons that are best understood without anything being said by me)(thou don’t worry, I shalt write in length about our MGs)(enough now!) . So, I better get cracking now.

To Abhu: Don’t kill me after reading this!! Pretty please! *smiles like a baby* *batting eyelashes with the smile still there*