Saturday, March 28, 2009

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Lost and Found

Thursday, March 26, 2009

BlogOwner has been extremely busy over the last few days, primarily due to prior commitments. Well, there's excitement and nerves!

I have good news and bad news. Good news first. I almost lost my ATM card, but I found it lying under my bed at long last :) Bad news now. I lost my prettttty wallet, the one Fish had got me for Christmas :( I left it in some auto. REALLY irresponsible, yes. However, there wasn't much money in it. Just about a hundred. So, well, glad didn't have anything important in it :) I guess the only silver lining is that I get to buy a new wallet now, but I sorely miss that adorable one. It was red and had white, pink and purple flowers on it! How much cuter can a wallet get?? Well. Anyway.

Hmm. That's about all the updates I have for now. This blog is scarily turning into a random my-journal type blog. Not good. Must be more creative. Next time!

Just. Like. That.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Hellos, alls! (I am doing this new stupid thing where I append an "s" at the end of every word. Eg. Cools, Okays, Alrights) (now you may stop judging me).

I think I should post on some new blog where I copy paste pictures of pretty clothes and shoes I wish I owned. So much fun! Should bring up idea with Fish. We could do this group blog thing then!

Also, after all the anti-earthwatersigns posts that I have churned out, I have come to realise that most of my closest friends and favourite-people-in-the-world type peopl are earth/water signs and the ONLY fire/air sign friends I do have are Sag and Libra which isn't that surprising. But then well everyone who reads this blog frequently enough knows why that would be so.

So profile of closest closest friends (but almost none of them know my deep, dark secrets. haha)


I also have bosom-anne-lover-friends now! Whee! And such human is Gemini. So yes.
ALSO, my childhood best friend was a Virgo girl.



Fish and I share this strange connection where we just KNOW what we're talking about without really saying it. It's somewhat telepathic. You know when we look at each other and communicate through our eyes and start nodding our heads knowingly. Too cool. So well our most recent connection was one regarding this song by Maroon 5 and Rihanna called "If I Never See Your Face Again". Now, as you all know we are lover of quad party music who also like listening to good music at times. Fish had heard this song and was making me listen to it and I said "Omg. This is the perfect mix of respectability (Maroon 5 element) and quad party randomness (Rihanna element)" and then we giggled and laughed while Woogs and Aats made funny noises of disapproval. In our little "group", Aats is the cold hearted (but secret closet romantic because she loved A Walk to Remember) prudish (or, not? hah!) aunty. Fi sh is Vatamma, hahahaha. Woogs is THE golum-like loon and I'm the one everyone makes fun of like ALL the time. Hmph.

Fish and I have the most ordinary but cute gift past. I think we have gifted each other almost every standard thing that normal people can give each other.
My birthday 2007- she got me a realllly pretty puff sleeve (all you Anne fans. Sigh.) pink top.
Her birthday 2008- I got her a kurta and I randomly gave her this chikankari kurta that I had that I had never worn and would've never worn because I'm not fond og chikan while she's CRAZY about it. It looks very nice on her!
From Hong Kong, 2008- she got me this white chinese top thing which DOES NOT fit me. It's too huge for me and it's un-alter-able. However, as we have already concluded, it's better if you dont fit into a top by virtue of it being large than to not fit into one because it's tiny because the latter just makes you feel horrid about yourself.
From Europe, 2008- I got her this pretttttttty and chic green bag for her from Italy!
For my birthday 2008- She got me this pair of pretttttttttttttty chappals from Jaipur which I totally adore and fun stationery because I'm mad about stationery.
For Christmas, 2008- She got me this really awesome wallet which I'd been dreaming of since ages and I got her a book on domestic violence because she's into it and well, I CHOSE another book on behalf of someone else (who will henceforth be called Purple, because I can't think of any other moniker) and it turned out to be on her wishlist! Connection, see?! It was quite a moment.
For her birthday, 2009- I got her this really strange black top which I HOPE she likes! It's not her, but it's still cute! :(

Songs currently stuck in my head:
1. All You Wanted- Michelle Branch
2. U2- Unknown Caller (courtesy Purple)
3. The Wonders- That Thing You Do (courtesy Purple)
3. Maroon 5 feat. Rihanna- If I Never See Your Face Again (Fish and I thought this was the PERFECT combination of quad-party (the Rihanna element) + somewhat respectable (the Maroon 5 bit). (Courtesy Fish)

Also, WHY has nobody volunteered to be music teacher person? I mean, come ON. I am a good learner. I went from Britney and Westlife to Iron Maiden to Floyd, Lep Zep and Doors in like TWO WEEKS. So yes.

VERY random post, mostly due to boredom

Saturday, March 14, 2009

*I finally spoke to S for like an hour and our call ended due to this cross connection thing that happened about 50 minutes into it. Then, well, neither of us called because we had to get back to work, etc. Didn't talk about fun things though. And spent considerable amount of time talking about the recession, people we know who've been hit by it, crazy S plans and the like. I mostly did the listening and the scolding. Hee. I like it when I get to do the scolding.

*I can't WAIT for Wednesday because that is when my exams will be over. Wheeee. However, there are other imminent tasks to be taken care of. I will OBV keep beloved blog updated on all bloggable events.

*I was supposed to pick up my PRETTY tailored clothes from the tailor guy today but I couldn't go because I had to study and didn't want to waste a lot of time going there. So will go there on Wednesday. CANNOT wait. You see my Dilli Haat cloth pieces are supposed to have been made into kurtas :D Joy!

*I have been stealthily stealing After Eights from Fish (well, not really stealing... I stole only once, the remaining were taken with her permission) which had been gifted to her. If Fish were S, I'd have shamelessly stolen and eaten all. When Dad used to get S and me tubs of Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream from BnR, which btw is my standard order there, I'd immediately consume mine while S saved her for "later" when she'd "feel like some ice cream". At times I'd be sick and horrible and just eat it up before she could get hands on her tub. But I think this never happened with BnR ice cream; only with Feast bars or other random ice cream. BnR she'd save and consume later, IN MY PRESENCE, dangling it in front of me and basically torturing me. But she'd also be kind enough to give me a generous spoon or two of some of it and I'd end up with net profit of those many extra spoons which I got BECAUSE I'd finished mine earlier. Score.

*Can you believe this? Cosmo ezine?!?! Well, there's nothing like printed copies of anything but I don't mind saving 100 bucks a month AND having an additional source of online tp.

*I LOVE Suri Cruise. She's incredibly adorable. I CANNOT get enough of her on popsugar.com. I got very excited when I heard rumours that Katie Holmes is expecting again or is trying to conceive. I want Suri Cruise part II! The more the merrier :) What? I love babies and they love me too.

S, Woogs and Changes in Self

Friday, March 13, 2009

S has now put it on me. Well, it was only fair. She told me to call her when I'm free. When I'm free, I just.... forget... to call her. Ok, ok now it's my fault because I am not calling her, but yea. The fact STILL remains that I haven't spoken to S in ages and now I don't even feel strongly about the things I wanted to update her on. SO. I'll just let it be and call her next time I feel strongly about it :)

Too much love is coming for Woogs as I type this post. She pats my head like one would pat their pup, she makes fun of me like one would of their little sibling, she calls me fat in jest (mostly) (I am HOPING) like S used to and just wants to "keep me" in some corner in her room and makes fun of EVERYTHING I do. Hee.

ALSO, Woogs is that human who tolerated me for an entire day while I looked for LBD. She was the sole direction in my life then. That is, she showed me where all to look for it :D It's not easy to walk all over South Delhi for some 5 hours (with an hour long nap-break at her place) looking for the perfect dress. VERY frustrating. However, she stood by me and led me to that Ted Lapidus store at LONG last where that gorgeous dress was spotted (read: "Spotted!" as in GG).

Speaking of GG, don't you think Dan and Rachel are most horrid?

Changes in self over the past 5 months:
1. From momo hater to chicken momo lover.
2. From strongly against Virgo humans, well mostly, to creating happy exceptions on the basis of arbitrary but very convincing justifications.
3. From Woogs-n-Aats-liker to Woogs-n-Aats-lover.
4. From regular after-lunch-juice-consumer (very good) (ok, not that regular, but somewhat regular) to during-lunch-thums-up-consumer (very bad).
5. From oh-I-don't-waste-my-life-on-TV person to I-am-addicted-to-GG-and-I-love-it person.
6. From Pantene Total Strength consumer to Herbal Essences Body Envy Consumer (Vital change. Hair products are important.)
7. Turned blog from place-where-imagination-went-into-random-daily-things to place-where-random-daily-things-are-simply-put-down-because-I-am-almost-too-bored-to-imagine-too-much-while-blogging (not good).

Updates, all.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Hello humans.

Happy Holi!

I am BACK in law school, and the minute I got here, I wanted to run back to Delhi (or any other place for that matter). Speaking of Delhi, I had the most amazing dark chocolate mousse EVER at this quaint little place called Choko La in Priya. Must try it if you're there. Also got two of those for the fam to celebrate! I was also quite rude once when I accidentally burst out laughing when the man across the counter handed over a popcorn and pepsi combo saying "Papsi". HOW can one expect me to keep a straight face? I don't think the man must've felt bad or anything because he must've thought I was laughing at something else because he doesn't think there's anything wrong with papsi, right? Right.

I have been terribly out of touch with S and this post should shake her into calling me up like RIGHT NOW. S, are you listening? Lots of updates waiting for you. Also, YOU have to update me on several things. Hmm.

Speaking of updates, I have some bloggable updates-
1. Obviously shopping- Did lots! Finally bought myself an LBD (Little Black Dress) and matching stilettoes. They look gorgeous together :)
2. Have been addicted to phdcomics.com ever since I got back. It's a phase.
3. Had set my room up really well but now it's back to being messy partly because......
4. Fish is back! We chatted for like 2 hours straight when she got back and exchanged random knick knacks and stories. She has the funniest of friends EVER and their lives are no less than soap operas.
5. Strange things have been happening in my life, which are not bloggable, however there are TONS of those, and are meant especially for S' ears. Are you listening, woman? I don't want to reach that point when I can't 'update' her on anything for a quick rant or for advice because I'd need to give her an hour's worth of background facts. That's just NOT nice and NOT sisterly behaviour. Now I have bitched enough about S.
6. This is that stage of the year when I'm all hopeful, optimistic, starry eyed and feel as if flowers are blooming all over the place and I'm running around a field of pretty flowers in a soft blue summer dress. Or something close to that.
7. It's Fish's birthday tomorrow! Everyone mentally wish her, ok? Good.
8. A bunch of us are hanging out tomorrow on account of said birthday at this AWESOME place called Casa Piccola where you get the most amazing mediterranean food. CANNOT wait. Also, this group of people happens to be a bunch of roomie couples! Damn cute. Important point to note is that I am even more excited because I get to wear my pretty new black skirt and pretty new black top for said occasion.
9. I think I have extremely horrid Sarojini luck because I NEVER get pretty tops out on the streets. Like NEVER. These hols, I went there THRICE and looked ALL OVER, but ended up picking up only two tops. Sucks. But I like the stuff I got :)
10. Delhi 6 is extremely boring and annoying. Dev D is nice.
11. I got a haircut, which btw, is fab.
12. Speaking of fab, Fabindia should seriously consider innovating. I mean honestly, I went to THREE Fab stores in Delhi and all of them had stale stuff which I've been seeing since years and someone or the other I know owns most of that. Horrid behaviour. Not good to deprive enthu customers of supply of pretttty and tempting kurtas.
13. I got the Anastasia VCD. I LOVE that movie. Turns out Fish and Woogs ALSO love that movie. S and I used to go crazy whenever it came on TV back when we were little girls. And I so so so love the soundtrack too. Dancing bears, painted wings, things I almost remember......
14. I must find shelter in Bombay for June hols.
15. I can't WAIT for the next season of Gossip Girl.
16. I want fresh music education. Please volunteer.

That's about it. Love y'all, humans!

P.S.- Formatting problems seem to have vanished today. Joy!