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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Hellos, alls! (I am doing this new stupid thing where I append an "s" at the end of every word. Eg. Cools, Okays, Alrights) (now you may stop judging me).

I think I should post on some new blog where I copy paste pictures of pretty clothes and shoes I wish I owned. So much fun! Should bring up idea with Fish. We could do this group blog thing then!

Also, after all the anti-earthwatersigns posts that I have churned out, I have come to realise that most of my closest friends and favourite-people-in-the-world type peopl are earth/water signs and the ONLY fire/air sign friends I do have are Sag and Libra which isn't that surprising. But then well everyone who reads this blog frequently enough knows why that would be so.

So profile of closest closest friends (but almost none of them know my deep, dark secrets. haha)


I also have bosom-anne-lover-friends now! Whee! And such human is Gemini. So yes.
ALSO, my childhood best friend was a Virgo girl.



Fish and I share this strange connection where we just KNOW what we're talking about without really saying it. It's somewhat telepathic. You know when we look at each other and communicate through our eyes and start nodding our heads knowingly. Too cool. So well our most recent connection was one regarding this song by Maroon 5 and Rihanna called "If I Never See Your Face Again". Now, as you all know we are lover of quad party music who also like listening to good music at times. Fish had heard this song and was making me listen to it and I said "Omg. This is the perfect mix of respectability (Maroon 5 element) and quad party randomness (Rihanna element)" and then we giggled and laughed while Woogs and Aats made funny noises of disapproval. In our little "group", Aats is the cold hearted (but secret closet romantic because she loved A Walk to Remember) prudish (or, not? hah!) aunty. Fi sh is Vatamma, hahahaha. Woogs is THE golum-like loon and I'm the one everyone makes fun of like ALL the time. Hmph.

Fish and I have the most ordinary but cute gift past. I think we have gifted each other almost every standard thing that normal people can give each other.
My birthday 2007- she got me a realllly pretty puff sleeve (all you Anne fans. Sigh.) pink top.
Her birthday 2008- I got her a kurta and I randomly gave her this chikankari kurta that I had that I had never worn and would've never worn because I'm not fond og chikan while she's CRAZY about it. It looks very nice on her!
From Hong Kong, 2008- she got me this white chinese top thing which DOES NOT fit me. It's too huge for me and it's un-alter-able. However, as we have already concluded, it's better if you dont fit into a top by virtue of it being large than to not fit into one because it's tiny because the latter just makes you feel horrid about yourself.
From Europe, 2008- I got her this pretttttttty and chic green bag for her from Italy!
For my birthday 2008- She got me this pair of pretttttttttttttty chappals from Jaipur which I totally adore and fun stationery because I'm mad about stationery.
For Christmas, 2008- She got me this really awesome wallet which I'd been dreaming of since ages and I got her a book on domestic violence because she's into it and well, I CHOSE another book on behalf of someone else (who will henceforth be called Purple, because I can't think of any other moniker) and it turned out to be on her wishlist! Connection, see?! It was quite a moment.
For her birthday, 2009- I got her this really strange black top which I HOPE she likes! It's not her, but it's still cute! :(

Songs currently stuck in my head:
1. All You Wanted- Michelle Branch
2. U2- Unknown Caller (courtesy Purple)
3. The Wonders- That Thing You Do (courtesy Purple)
3. Maroon 5 feat. Rihanna- If I Never See Your Face Again (Fish and I thought this was the PERFECT combination of quad-party (the Rihanna element) + somewhat respectable (the Maroon 5 bit). (Courtesy Fish)

Also, WHY has nobody volunteered to be music teacher person? I mean, come ON. I am a good learner. I went from Britney and Westlife to Iron Maiden to Floyd, Lep Zep and Doors in like TWO WEEKS. So yes.


Vatsala said...

Awww, ok I'm becoming all senti here now :( I lovvvee you! Yes we do have wonderful gift history :) Also, as I just told you, LOVE blog idea, had been thinking about same for some time!
Also so sorry about hk top :(! are you sure it's unalterable??
Also I'm not into dv :D As in yes I like reading about stuff to COUNTER it, but Im not into it :D
And the song is AMAZING no?!
Ok I must hear these U2 songs, i havent even heard the new album:( Does Purple (not exposing person :P) have the entire album?
Also, no I like the top! Time for image change!

Purple said...

yes purple has the entire album
and purple asked to be called barney but the request wasn't acceded to

if you're listening to U2 and already listen to Floyd and Led Zep then any music education can only lead you in the wrong direction
but try on the Beatles, Oasis and Coldplay for size... each of these can be taken from my roommate

Anonymous said...

Why are you and your friends so materialistic? Have you ever stepped out of your fancy little world and looked out. There are so many people out there who don't even have a little bit of what you rich kids have...wasting your parents money....oh I got this from Europe...that from Hongkong and so forth. Talking on the phone for hours...did you pay for that or your parents???

Vatsala said...

Accha I couldn't help but respond to this comment. :)
Have you, Mr. / Miss Anon ever stepped out of your lovely anonymous world and then made your comments? Also, have you stepped out of that world to see what our lives are actually about? While your intentions seem laudable - I don't know why you have to hide behind a shred of anonymity to declare them. I don't think Sneha or I or any of her other friends need to actually defend themselves to you or tell you what we do with our money or why we go to these places or what and how we help others :)

Vatsala said...

Accha one more thing - the intention mentioned above is the intention to help the underprivileged which I think is one such intention of yours Mr / Miss Anon. The intention to diss Sneha and us anonymously is not appreciated though :)

Anonymous said...

I live in the world I am talking about to help out. What do you know about life you priviledged people....getting everything in the silver platter. Where ever you are today is because your parents can afford to keep you there and provide for your expenses. Go find & read the book 'Kabul Beauty School' your eyes will open up.

Thanks for saving your friends and yourself. It is my right to be Anon and comment on anything I read....if you cannot take it then you should not be blogging.

Sneha said...

@ Vat- we should really take this blog idea further :D so much fun. and thanks for doing most of the rebuttal in this section :)

@ Purple- please. barney stinson is just not..... nice, you know. i love barney, but, you know.

ooh i LOVE the beatles. love love love.
acha SEND oasis songs which are nicestish.

@ Anon- I much appreciate your candid comments. And really now, freedom of expression- yes. I do have the right to express how I live and you do have the right to comment anonymously. I think the point Vat was trying to make is that it's just a little nicer if you'd let us know who were as well. But, no worries! It's fine. And regarding your concern about the underprivileged, I'm sure you're doing your bit and rest assured that we will too when we feel up to it and i completely agree that it's because of the fact that my parents can afford my expenses that i'm living the life i'm living and i'm sure the same is true for you- why, now, you have access to internet, so clearly you are a beneficiary of the same process.. and there is nothing wrong with that!

purple said...

@anon--- i love you freedom of expression f***s (yes freedom of expression entails me having the right to call you a f***)

If you have the time to sit and comment on someone's blog, when that someone doesn't even know you, and to do it twice in a day, then you're clearly not someone who has to work for a living. That would mean you're living of your parents money just like the rest of us... and I'd say you're wasting it on an internet connection that you don't really use too well. So stop pretending to belong to an underprivileged class and insulting them. The underprivileged in this country don't get two square meals a day, and neither of us has any business insulting them by pretending that we even begin to understand what they go through.

So lets be clear that your ranting about how these people are spoilt is no more than petty jealousy. I think Vatsala gives you way too much credit when she says that you have some agenda for the downtrodden.

Also, and this might come as a shock to you, but people don't have to appreciate your random rants, and they don't have to take it. For some reason Sneha allows people to comment anon on her blog, that's a privilege not a right, and so she can take it away

If you're so worried about your freedom of expression, then start your own blog so that the rest of the world can ignore it.

Anonymous said...

You have it all wrong. I was never a priviledged person like you all. You guys are too lucky to have your parents pay for your every whim..and should be thankful..I grew up in an orphanage....access to an internet...university library....jealous of you all not really....what I am today is because some angel helped me get there...and Iwill be ever grateful to her. The difference between you guys and me is....You are using your parents money to spend...I am working to pay my tuition and my expenses....and I am proud of it...can you be????

I am so sorry that you cannot take criticism. Do you think world will ignore me...did I not get all of you started...Sure your friend can take the privilege away...will that bother me...not at all.

All the responses tells the world how selfish you guys are. Thanks a lot for the conversation. You guys have a great life...I don't have to waste my time here anymore.

another brick in the wall said...
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Sneha said...

suk, last i checked there WAS something called EMAIL. :P