Updates, all.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Hello humans.

Happy Holi!

I am BACK in law school, and the minute I got here, I wanted to run back to Delhi (or any other place for that matter). Speaking of Delhi, I had the most amazing dark chocolate mousse EVER at this quaint little place called Choko La in Priya. Must try it if you're there. Also got two of those for the fam to celebrate! I was also quite rude once when I accidentally burst out laughing when the man across the counter handed over a popcorn and pepsi combo saying "Papsi". HOW can one expect me to keep a straight face? I don't think the man must've felt bad or anything because he must've thought I was laughing at something else because he doesn't think there's anything wrong with papsi, right? Right.

I have been terribly out of touch with S and this post should shake her into calling me up like RIGHT NOW. S, are you listening? Lots of updates waiting for you. Also, YOU have to update me on several things. Hmm.

Speaking of updates, I have some bloggable updates-
1. Obviously shopping- Did lots! Finally bought myself an LBD (Little Black Dress) and matching stilettoes. They look gorgeous together :)
2. Have been addicted to phdcomics.com ever since I got back. It's a phase.
3. Had set my room up really well but now it's back to being messy partly because......
4. Fish is back! We chatted for like 2 hours straight when she got back and exchanged random knick knacks and stories. She has the funniest of friends EVER and their lives are no less than soap operas.
5. Strange things have been happening in my life, which are not bloggable, however there are TONS of those, and are meant especially for S' ears. Are you listening, woman? I don't want to reach that point when I can't 'update' her on anything for a quick rant or for advice because I'd need to give her an hour's worth of background facts. That's just NOT nice and NOT sisterly behaviour. Now I have bitched enough about S.
6. This is that stage of the year when I'm all hopeful, optimistic, starry eyed and feel as if flowers are blooming all over the place and I'm running around a field of pretty flowers in a soft blue summer dress. Or something close to that.
7. It's Fish's birthday tomorrow! Everyone mentally wish her, ok? Good.
8. A bunch of us are hanging out tomorrow on account of said birthday at this AWESOME place called Casa Piccola where you get the most amazing mediterranean food. CANNOT wait. Also, this group of people happens to be a bunch of roomie couples! Damn cute. Important point to note is that I am even more excited because I get to wear my pretty new black skirt and pretty new black top for said occasion.
9. I think I have extremely horrid Sarojini luck because I NEVER get pretty tops out on the streets. Like NEVER. These hols, I went there THRICE and looked ALL OVER, but ended up picking up only two tops. Sucks. But I like the stuff I got :)
10. Delhi 6 is extremely boring and annoying. Dev D is nice.
11. I got a haircut, which btw, is fab.
12. Speaking of fab, Fabindia should seriously consider innovating. I mean honestly, I went to THREE Fab stores in Delhi and all of them had stale stuff which I've been seeing since years and someone or the other I know owns most of that. Horrid behaviour. Not good to deprive enthu customers of supply of pretttty and tempting kurtas.
13. I got the Anastasia VCD. I LOVE that movie. Turns out Fish and Woogs ALSO love that movie. S and I used to go crazy whenever it came on TV back when we were little girls. And I so so so love the soundtrack too. Dancing bears, painted wings, things I almost remember......
14. I must find shelter in Bombay for June hols.
15. I can't WAIT for the next season of Gossip Girl.
16. I want fresh music education. Please volunteer.

That's about it. Love y'all, humans!

P.S.- Formatting problems seem to have vanished today. Joy!


indiegurl said...

Credit gtalk, self and sneha:

divyasrikanth: AND OH
SOMEONE finally SOMEONE agrees with me that:
(say it with me)
fabindia is BO-RING

Sneha: yeaaa it has BECOME boring, rather!


..and much more in the same vein. :)

Vatsala said...

Thank you momo for the many mentions (if the latter is a word) here! and for the awesome gift! and we MUST see anastasia together! and btw, you can also obviously stay in june in bombay with me too (I'm a dolt for not mentioning this earlier, probably because little unsure about whether im going out in those hols or not). ok agree with you on fabindia too, i went there and bought NOTHING. can you believe that?! haircut is super nice :) ok, xoxo :D

Anonymous said...

You sound like a rich spoilt brat if I may say so!

Sneha said...

@ indiegurl- yes, much much more :)

@ vat- yes yes
we can watch it on one of your several 'movie marathon' nights :D and thanks!

@ Anon- I am NOT rich. I am not a spoilt brat. (I couldn't come up with a more imaginative response. Blame it on the awesome mediterrarean food! :))

Aditi said...

You know what, I love ChokoLa too. I also went to the one at Priya and had this AWESOMEST Viennese chocolate shake. Unquestioned best chocolate drink I've ever ever had in my life.