That Vicious Little Cup

Friday, April 21, 2006

I woke up with a dizzy head, made a careless mistake in the very first question of my physics paper(not that I didn't make any more mistakes!) and came home with a throbbing headache. If you think i was high on something last night, you might as well drown yourself, because that wasn't the case.
I had coffee. Half a cup of it.
Yes, yes, you read alright. Caffeine headaches- one of life's mean ways to ruin that pleasant cuppa for me...
Whenever I have some coffee ( even a smidgen of it) , I get this horrendous headache which absolutely ruins the fun. Coffee, a life saver (remember cramming and working all night) for all of us (yes, me too), has a rather ugly downside for me. At times, I get so jittery and excited that I literally have to jump about the place to release some tension which consequently leads to me getting some gapes from people around.
Tea is worse. There was this one time, when a cup of tea culminated in me actually hallucinating at night! I could hear a train approaching, whistling alongwith the din; could hear some screams as well. That was, so far, the most terrible night of my life (I kid thee not).
Caffeine certainly doesn't suit me much. I still have it at times, like I said, life saver. Last evening was one such occassion when I did something that I knew I would regret later. Don't we all do such things at times?


sun4none said...

abey.. it was nice.. but tu end mein senti kay ko ho gayi? woh kya dialogue mara.. about regrettin stuff? dooodette.. take mah advice.. dont regret.. NEVER regret.. no use.. jo hona hai.. wo hona hai.. ntn good.. ntn bad.. its how u take it.. phew! i start talkin the same ol' crap again! sorry.. i'll save it 4 later! :)

sneha said...

regrets are inevitable. no person is infallible. you do make mistakes at times!! i don't think there is anything wrong in wishing you had not done something some time.. its all a part of life! at times, we do things that we know is not right or won't help us later. we still do it. that is what i was tlaking about. for me, having coffee is one of those things! really!!

sun4none said...

ummm... no.. let me kill the fun 4 u... for that lemme take coffee outta the picture.. ok.. here comes the metaphysical gab:

i believe.. things happen cz thy are just destined 2 happen.. i dont believe we have any control over our lives.. our emotions are all superficial and they are something that are there 2 distract us from treading on the "right path".. love, hate, anger, lust.. all distract our minds and occupy it.. prohibiting it from thinking about the "right thing".. all our actions, all the happenings in this universe take place cz thy are bound 2.. theres nothing good and nothing bad (as i stated earlier).. our emotions judge a situation and that is whn we start thinking and hence, we get distracted from finding the "ultimate truth"! we say its in our hands 2 control our emotions and we shud not let them rule us.. but then all in all.. it is finally emotions that make us "strong" or "weak".. we have been gifted the power to think.. but these thots do come from somewhere.. now here is where i get confused with my own beliefs.. if there is destiny (in which i strongly believe in).. then we'll attain nirvana as and when we are destined to... so y shall we go look 4 it? i mean we will attain it whn we are (as i so state) destined to na! toh whn do these thots come 2 u? whn will "the realisation" come 2 me? if i myself have felt the need 2 search for inner peace.. y dont i quit everythng and go looking 4 it? y do i still keep myself surrounded by these earthly distractions? is it bcz i am too weak? or am i waiting 4 smthng? if so then wat is it? ah crap! drop it! cant find no freakin answers!

ok.. back 2 the point.. going by the earlier theory... stop regretting.. cz the actions u take u r bound 2 take as they design ur destiny.. u r made 2 think in a certain manner cz u r to act in a certain way... and hence.. things happen.. no use regretting mate! thts y i said na.. jo hai woh hai...and since i've started believing in ths... trust me... not an ounce of regret in me.. its just dead and am much much satisfied... also its given rise to the oh-so-famous "i dont care" attitude! :S but again.. this is wat i believe in.. u r free and welcome 2 contradict! i'll be more than happy if u carry fwd ths discussion.. mebbe discussion will lead into smthng productive.. mebbe it'll make me think differently.. just mebbe!

ok... now get back 2 studies... haha :P

sun4none said...

holy crap! wat hav i written! trust me man.. i'd abandoned my senses last night! sorry for the above shit! :S

sneha said...