Tips to Fight Insomnia

Friday, April 21, 2006

Who on earth am I to go around giving such tips? Well, Iam very experienced in the aforementioned field. Having tried 8754 tricks to bore myself to a good snooze, when Iam high on coffee(which especially happens during the exam season), I can only say some of these are life savers!
1.Count till 100, then count back
Actually, you may not be awake to count back. See, the trick here, is to really concentrate while counting, which in turn bores you, which is our ultimate motive. Sounds like an idiotic idea, but then again, idiotic ideas and tasks get on our nerves and bore us to death, hmm, well, sleep here.
2. Imagine sheep(or cows, whatever works for you) flying across a huge, imaginary(obviously, now that you are imagining... okay, pj) parabola
It sounds eccentric but, let me tell you, by far, this has been the best solution to all my snooze related problems! Its really hard to concentrate on those bloody things, that you tend to leave what you are doing and-- fall asleep! Now, its important to keep counting even over here, because that is where the concentrating part comes, I repeat. I think I had discovered(rather learnt) this trick while flipping through kermit channel some 5-6 years back.
3. Start imagining good things
Good ole formula. Rarely works. So, after second thougts, its not a good formula. Just an old one.
4.Go back to step 2
Now if none of the above work, you are certainly not human or are the most boring person alive to have been bored by the ultra-boredom-causing tasks above, or, you have not concentrated on the counting! So, go back to step 2!

5.Read this
Or, you can simply read this blog and snooze off in front of your desk. But, don't blame me if you have drool all over your keyboard the next day!
Quite an enlightening piece for the sleep-deprived and those who are going like " what the--- ? " , wwwwwhhhhhhhrrppptttt .


NLU Aspirant said...

hope u get to use these tips on the day b4 7th of May which is the D-Day 4 all of us.

Divya said...

I hear ya... insomnia since soooo long... i rejoice when i actually get to have a good nights sleep!! And absolutely no such strategies can help.. leave it all to chance...!

sun4none said...

ok first - STOP THINKING.. the more u think.. the more ur mind fights 2 stay active.. now if u r not tired enuff.. then mind stays active... so no sleep!

second.. crrrrrazzzzy tip: start ur work out.. tire urself out.. just try some 300 odd pushups and 50 odd pull ups.. 2 benefits.. one.. ur body stays in shape and 2 - u get so tired that u eventually fall asleep (unconsicousness is also a possiblity but as long as ur eyes stay closed and u "escape" the day.. it shudnt matter :P)

to divya.. only walkin on terrace doesnt work.. u just feel tired.. work out's better! u feel dead :P

third: start talkin 2 marc and start discussing philosophy... ohh ohh... and start discussing business and economics with him...hahahaahha.. tht'll make u die 4 sleep or wish tht he falls asleep.. haha.. hez gonna kill me! :P

Divya said...

Dam i think too much...

Marc on the warpath lol!!!

terrace!??? where did u hear bout that!!?????? hahahahahaha!!!

aare insomnia no prob now.. since i come to NLU im sleepin everywhere, in class, at dinner, blah blah.. i sleep for like 5 hrs a night and im always out like a light!!!!!!!!

insomnia cured....i want it back...

naah k/d :P this place rocks!

Marc said...

Oh, Sun forgot to tell you that Marc never sleeps, so that's your remedy that wouldn't ever fail :)

sneha said...

@sun4none- working out before sleep makes me ever the more active!! its like, my metabolism goes up and iam all charged up.. so i don't feel like sleeping..

@divya- my insomnia is semi-cured.. owing to the work load these days, i fall asleep the minute i enter a room with a bed in it..(yea, thats y its incredibly hard for me to study in my room!!)

@Marc- lol.. BUT the glitch is that i am a pretty boring-philosophy-ranting-crazy-female myself!! so the last one may not work!! haha.. infact, i might just succeed in putting he-who-says-he-never-sleeps to sleep!!(sheesh i consider myself *really* boring)

sun4none said...

ohhhhh sneha dear.. marc has no competition dear.. it is okay.. there are ppl worse.. dont rate urself so low re! :P

sneha said...

lol! that was, er.. comforting!

Marc said...

lol @ sneha, sun.


Warpath? kindly elucidate or else i'll put you to sleep :P