Tuesday, April 25, 2006

"So, beta, what are you planning to do after 12th?" , with that she exposes her dirty yellow teeth (remember the cow?) and grins sheepishly. Well, I'll just play it by ear. Thank you very much.
Every person who has gone through or is going through the what-will-I-do-after-12th phase probably knows (I may be wrong here because there are a few know-it-alls who go about blabbering stuff to anyone who would listen) how annoying it is when auntijis keep pestering each and every family member about your future plans.
Its not the same when you are discussing things with a friend. They won't judge you or ask for your results a nanosecond after they are declared. They won't go about comparing you with some other kid your age. They won't keep pestering you with how-many-hours-do-you-study questions and give looks of shock if they feel its 'below the required amount'.
If only people would stop questioning. Okay, let me put it this way - If only people would stop judging.


samudranb said...

u can always counter with 1 of the following-

1. " aunty, actually i was planning to go and buy myself the biggest gun that i could find and go fight the aztec warriors in Antarctica."

2. " aunty, actually i was planning to go and join the zonka-wonka tribe of North-western africa; I heard the women there can have upto 700 husbands in 1 lifetime"

3. " aunty, actually i was planning to go and kill all 869 of my ex-boyfriends"

Try thrm out and tell me what results u get! ;-)

sneha said...

lol!! those were awesome. seriously if these aunties get any of these, they'll probably faint right there... ahh..lovely sight..

sun4none said...

after trying propbably 7846 fields, everyones kinda given up on me and now no one questions "so wat are ur plans" or "wat next" or "huh! is that gonna earn u anything?". Damn! i miss that now! i missed the shocked expressions! :P

i HAVE 2 post my career story.. wonder why its takin so long :P

sneha said...

@sun4none- u are SOO like my sistah!! shez also done many wildly different things!! please do post ur career story! would be an interesting read, maybe even more for my sis(cuz she'd have FINALLY found company..haha)

sun4none said...

hahaha.. sure thing then.. first thing day after tomorrow! (y)

sun4none said...

ok not career story but i did place something relating to career on my other blog