Puffy Eyes And Wrinkled Corners

Monday, May 08, 2006

Your face is contorted in such a manner that on-lookers may believe you are an alien. You are so overcome with emotions - of all kinds - that you don't seem to know which one emotion should you actually be feeling completely. You are euphoric that their love story lives on for eternity, but your heart cries for his death. ' Can such a story be real?' ' Can anyone ever be so
lucky, yet unlucky, to have all that love and then, lose it all just as quickly as it came?' Well, not really lose it all as it lives on for eternity, right?

What is eternity? Can someone feel a feeling for years together? Can one really find happiness by holding on to that one feeling that makes you want to cry your heart out as well as blush and smile ear to ear, all at the same time? A broken heart is probably like a broken vase. You may join the pieces together but the scars remain.

You live in fear. Fear of the probable fact that the remnants of those days, those memories, may give in to your humane follies and may disappear into oblivion. What will you hold onto then? What if one day that one ray of light is blocked by an evil rock and you no longer feel its warmth?

She said that he saved her in every way one can be saved. She was so right. We always wait for our knight in shining armour. He comes to our rescue. We get saved and live our lives in the light that they brought in. They are our saviours. People who do realize that this event or that person is their knight are the ones who can hold on to it and live with it. Others just don't see it
and curse their luck.


Divya said...

I find it unbelievable that we, nice sensible human beings, put ourselves through that pleasant torture that is exactly what you desribed. Hating someone and adoring him at the same time.. hating yourself for not hating him even more...and pretty much wanting to tear your hair out over the utter confusion... Isn't it great!!? ;)

aura said...

my mum says a year has passed since the time i have come to goa but it doesnt feel so it feels as though i am living the same day over and over again..i used to hate it but now i dnt mind it anymore......tht is because i am used to it now maybe gettin out of it will be another torture but with time ppl get used to things and then they dnt mind it anymore....when u r young u want to change the world but all u can do is change urself....and we all do.......well this is a part of my blog

raghu said...

i dont no why either...but i always like ppl whom i begin hatin..always..ven i dislike sum1 in da start i land up likin da person more very soon...im very incosistent at dislikin i guess... or jus cos i luv 2 fite.. i fite n land up knowin da perosn bettr n likin him/her ... its a funny feelin if u think abou it ... oh n abou fear n insecurities i read an amzazin write up in ToI sum time back ... ill post dat here soon
btw man u write vel ... u so easily confuse me... sumthin very few ppl can ... im gonna read dis thing again.. nice...keep bloggin

guess who said...

let me tell u a story.. there used 2 be a very simple guy who loved all.. who wanted friends.. who felt the world was a nice place to live in.. who felt the world's made of ppl he can easily trust and love.. he found love.. it wasnt difficult 4 him 2 fall in love, 4 ths kid saw everythng in black and white.. and thn one day he grew up 2 realise everythng he loved was fake.. he started learning tht ntn's and no one around him are real.. all walk with a mask on their face.. he learnt a new word deceipt..as he grew up.. the only words he learnt were betrayal and cheating.. he tried 2 look 4 truth everywhere.. but finally he was so muddled cz he failed 2 understnd wat was true and wat was fake! finally he realised tht it was his own fault.. he let ppl affect him 2 easily.. he loved thm 2 easily.. he wasnt a kinda person who wud seek revenge.. he wud never admit.. but he wud still love thm.. but thn there was growing hate.. there was growing anger.. finally a day dawned whn he became a cynic! weirdly.. frm thn on he finds peace.. absence of love meant absence of pain.. love brings pain and misery.. hate is not smthng he wud project or practise.. he wasnt tht way.. he wasnt evil.. so finally he made a mask and put it on.. now the world likes him.. now the world accepts him.. now hez become one of them!

bhargav said...

i still have to grow articulate enough...........but ill keep making attempts and ill keep you informed