Philosopher S, fellow and Litchi Juice

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Right. It’s been long. I have been weaned from internet and gotten myself addicted to tea. Twice a day is how much of it I need.

Amongst latest news, S has become quite a philosopher. She has proposed a very convincing Theory on Eventuality. She has grown all wise and sage-like and keeps thinking for long hours. After her thought binge, she comes to me and tries to make so-what-is-going-to-happen-after-all-this-crap type conversation which gives her an excellent opportunity to showcase her eye opening theories. It may sound funny over here but I have been convinced and have even started thinking in terms of The Theory*** of hers.

Driver-fellow gave a brilliant performance, so I heard *sigh* While I sit typing out this post as a faceless nobody, fellow must be getting compliments for balancing like a pro on that motor-bike. I shall now try to cheer myself up by thinking of those glorious days when my super shiny hair *runs to touch some wood* and I were featured on the SECOND page of the Times and when I was on TV, live performance that too straight from the awards ceremony and when I…. there isn’t any thing left *sniff* *sobs*

I saw Lage Raho last night, which, I must say was awesome. I was also very happy to see that they were trying to do away with the whole manglik notion that people have. A manglik is someone who has his/her mars in the ascendant, the second, fourth, seventh, eighth or twelfth house of the natal chart (and there are 12 houses in all). So about 42% of us are mangliks. It’s no big deal. It is very saddening to see some people who call themselves professional ‘astrologers’ go about predicting someone else’s death. One cannot use astrology to predict death! It’s absolute crap. People often forget that the planets incline, they don’t compel. We must blame those who have given astrology such a bad reputation by simply removing the actual essence of this extremely helpful science and reducing it into a trash-worthy subject. Sheesh. So I say, do NOT believe any astrologer who predicts ‘death’ or who just tells you horrible things are going to happen or who asks you to perform a million pujas. That is SO not what astrology is about. *weeps*

SRK is doing a rather lousy job. He overdoes all his pjs and really pisses me and the guests off. I don’t see why someone should have to hug HIM before leaving the show. I mean, save the poor guy that last torture!

Tropicana Litchi Juice is my new favourite. I have been consuming copious amounts of it and have been feeling 0% guilty! Well, I must add that I had chole-batoore for dinner last night. Nah! I am not guilty! Not one bit! Er.. okay, may be I shouldn’t have gobbled down FOUR batoores (hey! They were tiny, okay?!) but I normally think in the lines of God-alone-knows-after-how-long-I-am-going-to-get-to-eat-this-again-so-I-better-
satiate-myself-NOW. Yea, it sounds as if my Mom is one cruel woman, but no. She isn’t. I must add (for her sake) that she is the most fabulous cook and feeds me a hell lot. It is yours truly who tries to regulate our eating habits. I have sort of transformed into the Grandma of the house. Age is indeed taking over.

Shilpa has won and she is RICH!

Songs that are stuck in my head- See Emily Play(Floyd), D'yer Mak'er(Led Zep), All of my love(Led Zep)

See Emily Play-

D'yer Mak'er-

oh oh oh oh oh.. God. I would SO not go if someone sang THAT for me *sighs wistfully*

All of my love-

*** No, I cannot tell you anything else about The Theory. You know, the whole IPR thing. I cannot be the bitch sister who stole her trusting sister’s ideas!


Grain Saint... said...

u watched it now! ab tak kahan lage hue the??? :o
It kills me to know that ppl are still watching SRK despite his weird, nerve-wrecked antics!
Moms ARE fabulous cooks!
The winning lady shall be known as the woman who 'skinned' her way to glory for ages to come ..I'm afraid more women might follow her example!
Ash is a Manglik ..I'll be closely watching who among the Bacchans is the first to go, if at all!

raghu said...

i think ash shud go first

man sneha.. who on earth wud hav thot the songs stuck in ur head wd b syd barrettes n led zeps like 2 mnths back!

Sneha said...

@grainy- abhishek is ALSO a manglik :) that sort of cancels the ill effects of one manglik. but ya, neither of them will DIE. god. that's utter crap. no one dies if he/she marries a manglik ie. unless he/she conditions his/her OWN SELF that their death due to their spouse is inevitable. that's a case of hypnosis. a sad case.

@raghu- i know i know! life is strange..

another brick in the wall said...

sneha... oh man! floyd, led zep.. u keep makin me proud woman! yes! thou truly art the sis i alwyz longed 4! :D.. pat pat!

u were on TV n stage n paper?? thou hav modelled too? sahi hai!

hope u give S all the luv n affection etc from my side! thank u :P

i prefer munnabhai part 1 to the second one

finally! litchi juice is amazing! my personal fav 2.. n i am crazy bout chola-batoora myself.. sneha! thou truly art my sistaah tht accidently was born in some other family.. :)

Asha said...

Hi Sneha,great random thoughts there!:))
Shilpa was rich before,now she got even more popular.Everybody in the west admiring her dignity and the way she conducted after all racist remarks!I don't think she knows what Racism is poor thing!:)Ingorance is bliss!Good for her.
Have fun,don't get addicted to anything else now!;D

Roshan R said...

haha.. absolutely love the way those thoughts flow.. im reminded for some duh! reason of a ping pong ball bouncing all over the place!!!
PS litchi juice.. realy ? Im a fan of the berries ( XS )

Sneha said...

@suk- thengew berry muds!

not modelled yaa hehheh remember the post i had done on TC, abhu and i coming on ToI?? this is just an exaggerated version of the same event.. heehee

hey i even like Tropicana Mango nectar.. u like it too?? oh now that we're on food, remember this once when you and raghu had suggested this certain brand of biscuits? i tried those and didn't find them all that great. bleh. sorry, but can't help it!

@asha- oh ya, Shilpa has got gazillion offers too!! lucky woman..!

no, i won't.. or atleast, i'll TRY not to..!

@roshan- yes, u CAN call my brain a ping pong ball.. haha.. nice ovservation ;)

oh i have tried XS but Tropicana rules!

Intel Inside said...

The choice of songs made my day grl...


gud to c someone still feels for my syd and too :P

listen to "whole lotta love" by led actually created an enviornment of ppl having sex in it!! it...and i guess u will too

all in all...a very closely observed day of yours came to end...[:D]


Macabreday said...

lol..nice songs stuck in ur head :) if u liked the old floyd tunes, u might even like doors and beatles.

another brick in the wall said...

oh yeah i recall u guys appearing in TOI.. chal na.. u were selected as models by TOI.. good na.. tere ko audition ka bhi jaroorat nahi pada :S

mango nectar's fine.. n the biscuits.. arey mast tha re woh! some choco thingy na.. 4got the name.. currently i like milano.. but i dig all the cookies made at cookie-man! sexy stuff!

@ mac: oh.. dont get her started on jim morrison plz! i am pretty sure she holds a secret blog on how hot he is! :P

Sneha said...

@intel- i love that song as irrespective of the environment! heehee

love led zep and floyd! (and many other bands as well.. you know..)

@mac- oooh yess i love the beatles and doors. lucy is my regular tune, every night! i kind of fall asleep to lucy and within you without you.
yea, suk is right- don't get me started on jim morrison! *drooool*

@suk- yes yes, your 'version' of the TOI thing looks muchhhh better :P:P

they were dark fantasy or something.. you are a cookie-boy! oh have u seen the latest milano ad? with hrithink in it? you know, as the hot italian cookie baker? heehee

even if i had a secret blog where i wrote about all my secret-secret DESIRES i wouldn't tell YOU! muahahaha *evil grin*

Sneha said...

@isha- hey isha, i think you left your comment(which was supposed to be for this post) on another post.. heehee.. anyway, you are right! in fact, i keep showing off at home with HER ideas, claiming them to have been 'improvised' by me.. i am wicked!

Anonymous said...

so ....
once we were famous(or so we thought ;)..
look at it this way... your driver is a cool dude... thou art lucky!
every one has a philospher in them...
never knew that planets only incline... hmmm... but not enough to convinve me to believe in astrology though :)... but I like the fact that 'planets' are involved (since I like astronomy)...
and you are becoming a glutton?
an all informational post again :)

raghu said...

heehe.. arrey the biscuits rock!
heya i jus added tabs 2 my bloggy.. it came out neatly.. the funny thing is coincidentally the tab "me" is betwn deep n fun!!

Tejal said...

hey hey Hey!!!!
u'd better say NOTHIN bout SRK!!! *gives a typical scorpio-ish stare*
he's doin a swell job ok? after big b he's da only one who cud hold da show 2gether!!!! n he's realyyyyy adorableeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!
u kno..he's tryin his best n he's really makin an effort so dat ppl accept him..its really dificult for someone to step into big b's shoes..cmon.. v can giv him a littl concession cant v?
n um sure S is theory makes a lotta sense... been thru these 'wats-gonna-happen-after-all-this-crap' phases myself!
N for da last tym..stop blamin ur age girl!!! ur just seventeen.. SEVENTEEN... SeVeNtEeN!!!!!!!
but..u kno..i've really started to enjoy ur cocktail blogs! keep it up girl!
er..i hope stupid felo is readin ur he'll kno wich song to sing to 'Woo' u!!

abhu said...

oye!!! dont tell me dat U have startd having tea and that too twice a dat:o and to think um trying to leave!!!!
and yes!!i agree with tejudi!! DARE u tell nything bout srk. he's got dat sly, sarcastic wit of his (a typical scorp trait) which i simply loooov!!!!
and i bet u must have thot bout me atleast once while watching lage raho;) lol!!!!

raghu said...

hmnm..change ur blogger profiles music fav.. make our achievement formal.

abc said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Sneha said...

@sojourner- i know i know. sigh. famous fellow.

don't believe in astrology (before trying it out yourself), but don't even reject it before trying it out. there are so many things that we don't know about, which we haven't ascertained so far :) give it a try!

oh god, i really think i AM becoming one. i ate unimaginable quantities of pakaudi today. it was raining! not my fault!

@raghu- yea, i saw the tabs. they're nice. yea, i think it's high time i do that! hehe

@tejal- i don't like srk and that's that! look, he IS pretty arrogant and he does disrespect and annoy his guests at times. he should atvleast have the manners to address them as 'aap'. 'tum' is for your next door neighbour! AB never annoyed his guests! even my all-in-one gets pissed with srk. hah!

haha, SF won't even have the SLIGHEST CLUE about led zep! heehee

@abhu- hey, even WITH that much tea, i feel dead drowsy. today with much discomfort i revised unit1 second year chem. sheesh. and i'll need 2 buckets of tea before i start math.

er.. seriously.. i was very pissed while watching lage raho because the DVD was getting stuck at some places! heehee

another brick in the wall said...

i wanna kno ur secret desires! cmawn! :P

pravin said...

I kind of like SRK. Astrology though, is quite non-sensical

Sneha said...

@suk- aah. you know nothing of the secret lives that i lead muahahaha

@pravin- hullo there!
well, you are entitled to an opinion but hey, give something a try and then share your experience with us! we would be most glad. trashing something merely because everybody else does it isn't my way :)

Arz000n said...

Ma younger bro is mangalik I believe.....but good that he is dating a gal for like past 2yrs who is mangalik too :))

Shilpa won...I missed each and every just got all the files from the internet this weekend...will watch it slowly. Btw, I had a major crush on Danielle Lloyd...and all ma brit colleagues were total fida on Shilpa...hehehe

another brick in the wall said...

sneha secretly desires of SRK.. shhhhh :P

raghu said...

sneha is goin out wid a capri

another brick in the wall said...

haila raghu.. how did u kno? it was supposed 2 be a top-secret wateva :P.. but wateva u do.. plz dont tell the world of sneha's undying love 4 SRK n how she thinks oh! hez so irresistible :P

Sneha said...

z000nie- oh i am sure you must be enjoying the dirk-n-shilpa love fest videos! they're uber cute and funny.. hee have fun!

raghu and suk- STOP!

raghu, may i ask who that hapless capri is?

raghu said...

no u may not.. but im dead sure.. uve bin puttin up wid him 4 2yrs nw!

another brick in the wall said...

oh ur stupid blogroll aint functionin again.. garbled thots updated!

Arz000n said...

Choti didi ke yaha internet abhi tak down hai kya??

aur choti didi ko gusssa bhi bahut jaldi aa ta hai :D

Wheres you gal??? Wasssup??


"its been a long long time u baby..

thru the good times and the bad...

i gotta praise u good o baby..
i gotta praise u like i shoooooooooood"

-fat boy slim

whr the hell are u!!!

Sneha said...

@z000nie and intel- heehee

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