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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

So yes. The new year has begun. Jupiter must be gleefully bouncing about in Sagittarius and I have finally acquired my Ganpati*~* Planner-cum-Diary after 3 days of 2007 have lapsed.

I am now making a *ahem* public declaration. I am getting my life back on track and I am shifting from the passenger seat to the driver's seat, right behind the steering wheel. Last year, I let things meander about their own way. That is not happening anymore. Tata ghost driver, I am taking charge.

Thank you very much.

*~*- I have this thing for Ganpati diaries. I don't know why. I just have it and I must have a Ganpati diary every year.

Ps.- 1) I am also promising myself to not allow myself to go blog hopping and blogging and such too often. I have contracted obsessive compulsive blogging form somewhere and I need therapy! So, well, I am my own therapist. (Woah, there are many 'myself's in there!)

2) S is fine. She is doing very well. Yes, she is still mesmerised by ants and has pigeons for friends (haveI written about Momma Pigy and Papa Pigy (pronounced as pidgy) hanging out at my window sill?) S is excellent at bonding with birds, insects and such normally ignored creatures. What a lovely being S is *sigh*. Of course, she IS a sag after all. All this animal(or whatever) bonding is pretty natural.


Asha said...

Good resolution of not blog hopping too much for 2007, Sneha!:) I know what you mean,I started to catch up today and there 100+ blogs I have to visit!It's crazy really.It's taking up my whole morning.

Good luck this year with everything you do and have fun!:))

raghu said...

happy belated new year resolution
btw,it wont work.

Roshan R said...

No more bloghopping!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! Who will read my blogs and increase the counter ever so slowly..sniff sniff.. ITS A CRUEL WORLD

Anonymous said...

PS-1 is a good thing.
may be you should take a page out of S's book and talk to birds and count ants... in general there are plenty of pros to that. After that jungle trip I have rediscovered the fun in being 'speakless(er)'.

Isha Reddy said...

im glad you have decided to steer ur life.. :) .. way to go sweethart!!

The Smokin' WDM2 said...

Restraining ur blog-hopping WONT WORK. I know... its bad, but it doesnt work!
And I suggest u dont... I dont wanna see "0 comments" in every post in my blog *ahem*.

So any resolutions? It's fun breaking them!

sun4none said...

oh.. congrats for ur Ganpati diary! may u make the utmost use of it! we hope 2 see u write a totally radical version of mahabharata wid blessings of mr. ganpati! (y)

u net addict.. better stay addicted alrt.. net aint no fun widout u man! really!

ah.. S is such a nice person! my undying luv 4 her :P

Sneha said...

@asha- 100+ blogs??!?!? *stares* may the lord be with you!

@raghu- it will it will it will. rather it is working! hah!!

@roshan- hehehee i hope my blog doesn't die in the process :)

@sojourner- aah.. i DO converse with pigies at times.. but our conversation is normally restricted to--

pigy:*flutter flutter*


@isha- whew iam glad iam finally deciding to do SOMETHING!

@SP-arrghhh it's soo working! hah!! see see :P

@sun- mahabharata? it'll be filled with rubbish tasks and reminders and such which any other person would find ultra ludicrous!

awwwww but hey! don't u think my net hours have reduced? yeay! iam doing good progress :)

Grain Saint... said...

The answer to OCB, my friend, is achieved in what they call the "writer's block"! Get some, lose some!
HNY '07 ..Ganpati Bappa Mourya! ;)

Intel Inside said...

i wonder y everone is so pumped up with u declaring no blog-hopping anymore!!...

don't they c it is addictive and sometime or the other it is bound to hit everyone..


ahppy new year..and NO, SAGs are no insect lovers..i have my sister who had me to kill all the mosquitoes in the room!!


Anonymous said...


abhu said... think i have quite a back log in commenting on ur blog. and since u didnt bothr to inform me bout da blog gonna leave commenting on da other blogs (er...though i must say dat the pics are awsome!!!:D) and bout this one.....well....sneha getting on to da driving seat!!!! phew!!! we must tie our seat belts!!!!

Sneha said...

@grainy- aahh.. i am not getting that!!! heehee.. just trying to resist :)

@intel- hey i never said sags are inset lovers!!! but yes, there are very few sags who don't feel for doggies and cubbies. they ARE animal lovers. they at least enjoy watching their cute faces on TV if not in real!

@sojourner- :)))

@abhu- arre! bhaav khaaoing on my blog also?? !! :P:P
thanks.. most of the pics are not clicked by me.. hee