When O when.

Saturday, December 30, 2006

One more day to go. Urgh. Can’t wait for this year to end. One more day and I’ll be free! Yeay!

My plans for New Years? Well, nothing, really. Most probably I’ll be reading something, listening to music or simply be asleep at midnight. Well, what else do you expect? No, I don’t write down resolutions. I don’t need a new year to resolve to do something or refrain from doing something. I do that everyday. Lessons are taken everyday :)

How was 2006? Frustrating would be the best word. I did, however, learn a couple of things and unlearned some others. Well, I did have my good, bad and ugly this year as well. It wasn't really “bad” as such, but not even a good year to remember. Oh, I read all of Linda’s astro related books a gazillion times this year. Woo hoo!! I started listening to a different genre of music which I am so very in love with now. What else did I do this year? Hmm. I can’t seem to remember. Well, lets let this year just pass. Whew. It’s over and I am happy that I am done with it. Almost done. Whatever.

Hope the next year is good for all of you! Well, I guess it should be, since lucky Jupiter is returning to its own house of Sag after like 12 years. So, that’s good. Do whatever “you’ve always wanted to do” this year. It should be a good time to make changes too. :)

Happy New Year.

P.s.- Yes yes, I KNOW I am not some astrologer or anyone, but hey, any normal person who knows even a teeny-weeny bit about the star signs would know what Jup in Sag means in general!


Asha said...

Happy New Year, Sneha!:))

May all your dreams come true and more in 2007!

Whether we believe in Sun signs or not, little hope isn't bad at all to start with,isn't it?!:D

We had 12yrs of great luck as Arvind and I both are Aquarians!Hope it continues!:)

Have fun and see you next week!

The Smokin' WDM2 said...

Wish u a happy new yr... eh... was it 07 or 08? Beats me. :)

And regarding astro thingies, i just wrote something in my blog. chk.

sun4none said...

happy new year sweets! hav a gr8 yr ahead! well yea.. u dont need a new yr 2 frame any resolutions.. every new day brings some new shit n therefore helps us learn new ways 2 get outta d same! so yea! make new reso each days! :S

2006 rocked me literally! n i dont even care bout it now! some amazing shit happened n well.. disastrous shit happened.. yr started horribly.. really horribly.. it got well then.. mid year i thot then was d worst phase of my life.. thn again i learnt 2 get on wid d shit.. n i thot i am happy.. thn again.. i had jumped 2 conclusions 2 soon.. the yr end was still 2 come.. n i really got a terrific christmas news.. makin my life real real merrier! so yea! wateva shit had 2 happen.. i hope its fuckin done wid n i care no more 4 ntn more... wateva.. hope every fuckin life on this earth has a terrific time ahead! bless everyone wid loadsa luv n all such crap! lets jst learn 2 live n let live! let life rock again! a gr8 new yr 2 all!

Roshan R said...

Happy New year..hope its great for you..

raghu said...

oye wats jup gotta do wid sag.. n plus..i thot u ver libra..:P

Michelle said...

Happy New Year...ok,everythings over now...go study lol

kiraN said...

2007 The Year with best

Do you know the specialty of this NEW YEAR?????

It starts with MONDAY and ends also on MONDAY


This year has got highest number of SUNDAYS and SATURDAYS

Enjoy the least working year in your life


Sneha said...

Happy new year everyone!! hope everyone had fun when the clock struck 12! (i was sleeping :))(that IS fun!)

@asha- wow!!! 2 aquarians.. great!! no wonder, all this luck :)

@sun- ahhh.. what a year!

@raghu- arre, Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter. every sign is ruled by some planet. heh

@michelle- yea, i started my day with trigo!!

@kiraN- hullo! this sure seems to be a great year ;)

Deepak Gopi said...

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Isha Reddy said...

stealing ideas is one thing "enhancing" them is another ;) ..