Strange Events, Events and a Poll

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Author of This Blog (ATB) (yes, I am no longer the BO since S(sister) gets to censor my posts pretty frequently) has been exhibiting such strange behaviour over the past couple of days that she herself cannot explain her actions (which happens very rarely since ATB is rather good at explaining things, no matter how ridiculous the reasons may seem, she still HAS a theory on almost eveyrthing).

This inability to explain such behaviour is again, one of the many anomalies that seem to have taken over her life. However, thanks to the planets, TC and Abhu are still weird and normal (ie. being weird is normal for them). So, she’s most thankful for that.

Firstly, she no longer eats every 5 hours. She can now do with one breakfast, one lunch and one dinner (Yes, it’s important to mention the ‘one’s in there).

Secondly, she has been having tea (which is very mild of course. It’s only have half teaspoon leaves per cup) and has not been suffering from insomnia and anxiety due to that. So, that’s a positive.

Thirdly, she has forgotten to have lunch or has not felt hungry at the right time 3 times in a single week. This is rather peculiar. Hmm.

Fourthly, she has been sleeping for 4-5 hours a night and has been okay (rather great) with that. THIS is the biggest shocker of them all! ATB is a self proclaimed kumbhkaran and this particular point is disturbing her the most.

Fifthly, she has been getting late at whatever she’s doing. For instance, she was late by an hour for her physics class and this has NEVER happened (until now) to this punctual Libran.

Sixthly, she has been turning out trashier than the trashiest trashy posts (like this one).

Seventhly, she doesn’t even care about all the above ABS (Aberrant Behaviour Syndrome) symptoms!

Now, time for some news.

1) New group blog has been launched. Warning- it’s orange.

2) Poetry written by Raghu on the manual scavengers (rather it’s the voice of one).

3) I am starting to wonder if my blog needs a fresh look. Iam too indecisive a Libran to actually decide. So help, won’t you?

Should I go template-hunting or html-css-learning to give my blog a fresh look?
Yes. This one's stale and it stinks big time.
Yes. This one isn't bad, but a fresh look would be good.
No. This one's totally FAB!
I am a Libran. Don't ask me to vote in this ridiculous poll.
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Arz000n said...

Thanks for the update about ATB Sneha zeeeeeeee.....and regarding the template...this one loooks pretty kewl to me....Blue is always nice...though its hardly a month Im visiting here....

but if u plan to change....dont go for something pinkish pink...jeeezzz :)


Sojourner said...

this is great!
By the time i voted, the votes were equally divided on the first three points.

But my experience:
no template is perfect. you always get bored after a while. At one point i decided i will make my own and started turning out templates at the rate of one per day!! or more!!
then finally found something that has lasted for a while.

If it bores you, save the entire thing(template) and change to something else. if that bores you, change again. its just a template anyways!

Cheers, have a nice week ahead.

Tejal said...

well.. V r NORMAL u kno!!! n bout dat WEIRD part..lemme jus get hold of u!!! its ok sweetie.. ppl do suffer from such patches in life wen they think they're template is not gud enof..i mean.. its da same template wich u adore,wich u selected wit such appreciation , wich u thought u cud never get ovr..yea yea ..i kno..go on.. if u wanna change then go ahead.. hehe n bout food..dun think so much..let ur stomach do da talkin n thinkin..hehe..

abhu said...

*ahem*...wat did u exactly mean by "being wierd is normal???" u want to be alive to write ur next post, rite snehoodee?????? SO U BETTER STOP ALL THIS!!!!!!!!
anyways... yeah!!! i kow..u being late for prac that too for two consecutive days in a row!!! dats some improvement.
bout food, well i think that implies no more DM trips.*sob sob*
and plz get proper sleep at nite..... u'll spoil ur health. AND UR HAVING TEA????? gawd!!!!! cant bleve it. its U who goes on telln me not to have and now u urslf???? well...mayb dats why u r able to do with such less hours of sleep at nite. u r not use to tea. dats why. but GIRL.. GET A GRIP. we like our "kumbhkaran" da way she is.

Sneha said...

@z000nie- yea, blue is always nice! that's the confusing part. i love blue and i love this template, but it's starting to get a little boring. no no, i wont make it pink :) iam not a pink-type-girl-who-owns-only-pink-stuff lol
(i DO like pink though)

@sojourner- thanks for the counsel. :)

@tejal & abhilasha- girls, normal is boring after all! lol. and yea, u people are certainly not normal for every possible definition of that word.

abhilasha, my tea hardly HAS any tea :)

even S seems to be quite concerned about my bizarre behaviour.

Sid said...

lol..finally kumbhakaran(i?) stops wasting her life slepping.. gud gud.. and ya tea is bad..doesnt matter even if theres hardly any.. :D and as for the template.. even if u dont want to change it u SHUD learn html and css. u can improvise on this template itself or prolly design another one.. this one IS getting a lil monotonous though.. and yes as arz00n said - no pink please..!

Sid said...

and after seeing ATB over here, i wont be surprised to see it on other blogs as well from now on.. ;)

Sojourner said...

counsel huh? I am determined to stop that :)
I thought libra's are meant to weigh things... very precisely too!
so whatz with the librans being indecisive talk??


raghu said...

vel..sleep syndorme same here..u noe y.. N YA EVN i have bin feelin GREAT wid no sleep.. 2 hrs in 2days..!
n den vel..thnx 4 bloggin aboy aftrthot n the poem.. dou the last comment on the poem says"its a peice of crap"
vel n ya.. 1 more thing..dint u njoi bein late ..2 clss
vel n ya.. evn i hav STOpped eatin soooo freq.. i mean i usually hav abou 7-8 times.. food.. but nw jus 3 be.. its 222 wierd!
jus same 2 same v r doin.. ya xcept of bein alwsy late..:D

Macabreday said...

i think ur template looks fine... but if ur bored with it, then change it..... we all need change, dont we. Infact the only thing constant is change itself :)

Virus© said...

Hey don't change this one. It's awesome, feels fresh. ;)

ViRuS :)

Twisted DNA said...

That's a lot of change! I go through these phases and develop good habits occasionally. It will pass in a week or so :P

Sneha said...

@sid- heyyy look who's sermonising on what's bad for health!!

unless i resolve to change my template, i won't have enough motivation to learn html css. that's where the confusion lies :)

u guys can rest assured- there will be no pinky-pinky look EVER on this blog :) (i LOVE pink, but not ALL pink)(so ya, hues of pink MAY be there but ont ALL pink)

@sojourner- well yes, librans are the most just of the lot and yea they DO weigh everything very well which is the cause of their indecisiveness.
u must'v seen a balance tipping one way, then another and this process goes on for a long time before the scales actually obtain perfect balance. same it is with librans. they tend to see the pros and cons of EVERYTHING and the minute one thought crosses their mind, another counter-thought is automatically suggested. this leads to their indecision :)
but once they decide, it's often the 'right' thing that they decide upon so u can always rely on a libran's judgement :)

@raghu- 2 hours in 2 days *shock* *stares* that's insomnia!! iam not suffering from insomnia dude :P

n no i didn't exactly ENJOY being late, but i didn't even get very jittery like i used to get before

lol.. a new wave of change has taken over us.. sigh!

@mac- hey thanks mac. yea, i think i need a change! whew!

@virus- hey virus, u've been here since a month or so. this template has been around since AGES. even i love this template, but i want a fresh look too. that's where the confusion is!

@twisted dna- hey! ur back from ur trip!
oh iam developing only BAD habits :D:D i need tea rehab now!

Asha said...

Change is always good Sneha! Go for it:)))

raghu said...

arrey,.. btw nw i njoi very good sleep..:D:D
sure sids not happy:)

alex said...

Being a Libran does not mean you can remain indecisive.

What sojourner said in exactly true. We tend to get bored aftera while. Those who can, change it; those who dont, bother leave it like that.

This kind of strange behaviour might be because of some unnatural electric currents flowing through the brain. ;))
Need to find out, which. :)

Michelle said...

i love the look of the blog :)

Sojourner said...

we can only explain so much through metaphors/examples etc:) and i think u have taken this discussion to that limit:)... now i cant proceed further without making it boring or over killing:))
I will catching you swaying some other time :)

Arz000n said...

Are you still finalising the template kya??

Divya said...

Naah dont change this its lovely.. but wats confusin is that upar on the navbar ur blog name is a pot of thoughts but on the blog the name is My way!!

Oh loll... this is such deja vu... point number four happened to me n i discovered tht frm then onwards, the more i sleep, the more sleepy i feel!!! so best not to sleep :P ehhh law skool effect... n as i mentioned in ur insomnia post, i was a hardcore insomniac n thats soo cured!! :D coll is soo tirin tht u hit the bed n ur out like a light!

Sneha said...

@asha- hey, yea.. change IS good, but i first have to find (or make) somehting BETTER than this one.. sigh!

@raghu- heyyy, even i overslept yesterday! 11 hours!! and ya, no more tea.. :(

@alex- hey, are you a libran too?? hee
and yes, only in one occassion a libran makes a quick firm decision- when there is threat of someone ELSE deciding. but, they rarely make impulsive decisions and that's where the indecision comes into play. hey, it's not like librans are confused souls or anything, but no libran can deny that they don't weigh the pros and cons a hundred times before actually making up their mind :)

well, this absurd behaviour is soon subsiding and iam becoming my normal self once again.. though i DID miss another class (forgot about it) last morning.. hmm..

@michelle- hey! thanks!

@sojourner- haha :)

@z000nie- yea, if i replace this one, it'll be with something that's BETTER than this and it sure is a tough task finding (or making) such a replacement:)

@divya- yea, A Pot of Thoughts is the name of the blog and My Way used to be it's name in its early days. the My Way that you see, came along with that picture header. i have edited it and even got another header without those words but i think this one looks nicer. so it's stil up :)

omg. you said it,girl! the more i sleep, the sleepier i feel!! law school is doing you a lot of good!! :D:D

sun4none said...

shena's in luv.. really surprised no one got ths! dekh.. chupa mat.. bol dal.. bindaas.. sharmaneka nahi.. its jst the "love" effect sneha my sistaa! i kno u dont like 2 project tht senti side of urs but we know of ur soft heart.. we can jst imagine of all the growing emotions tht u r experiencing.. its ok sneha.. let 'em out.. let the emotions flow.. its ok sneha.. we'll still love u.. we kno u secretly listen to songs like "mujhe pyar hua allah miya" and "mujhe neend na aaye".. the iron maiden and floyd is jst a mask to hide the real u frm ths cruel non-undertnding harsh world! :P

raghu said...

@ sukrit
hes not evn read the WHOLE post
heehe.. arrey sneha name bolo name bolo name bolo

intel inside said...

listening to pink floyd or maiden doesn't mean that u are not sensitive enuff man...

and ldy...u don't have to change your template..this suits your posts commpletely


raghu said...

ya u can lisen 2 floyd n b as senstivie n sentimental as suk n sid put 2gether

Arz000n said...

template bhi change nahi hua....aur post bhi naya nahi aaya :(

why o why o why...sneha zeee....temme temme temme temme why :))

Enjoy the weeknd!!!!

Sneha said...

@sun- well, SHENA may be in love, not me :D:D hehe
mujhe pyaar hua allah miya!! hahahahahhhaaa OMG!! wild thoughts ur having suk! wild!! n no, they aren't any 'masks' as u put it.. hehe!

@raghu- hahahah

@intel- true true.
true true again, this template DOES blend well.. hmm.. it's getting more and more confusing!!

@z000nie- hehe, i've been occupied with 'other stuff' lately :D:D
new post will be up in 2 days or so :) and i hope u've reeled from ur near death experience wala shock.. :P:P

sun4none said...

haahahaah.. i never realised "shena".. shee.. my typos are so fuckin sad! hehehe.. wat "other stuff" yaa? u makin my pervert brain work overtime babe! :D

sim said...


raghu said...

OMG.. saala sneha please make suks BRAIn ovrwrk.. im sure vll njoi it

Strider said...

Your template's really good!
change kyu karna??

"fourthly" is a bit wierd and calls for concern!!
sleep is one thing I for one cant do without!

Sneha said...

@sun&raghu- keep thinking :)

@sim- :)

@strider- hey thanks..
yea! i know! the sleep bit is rather absurd..:S