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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

It was a class joke.

“He asked her whether she was North-Indian or South-Indian and she said she was East-Indian!! I mean, is there even such a thing in existence?!”

The ‘he’ was the class clown, AB (no, it wasn’t a Bachchan) and ‘she’ was good old me. Those were the glorious days when kids found AB spoofing on me and V vrooming off to some zumba-land and doing the zumba dance funny and derived entertainment from such things (yes, I(and everyone else) used to get teased with every random person and elaborate tales were concocted based on such ludicrous ideas which in turn provided great 12yearold-type joke-fodder). The above line was one which remained a much quoted line for about 3 days (which is a very long time for such things). I still don’t understand what is so absurd in my being an Easty and saying that I am indeed one. You can’t categorise all Indians as Northies or Southies. Where will the Bongs, Oriyas, Gujjus, Assamese people go?

And I can’t even begin to recount all my monikers. Everyone had them. Everyone’s surname was made fun of and it was distorted to something that sounded silly and generally was silly. I was called ---

>Mohan Aunty

V still calls me aunty!!


God alone knows how this came into being.

>Mona darling

The cheesiest of them all. This, I assume (and I may be wrong), was a derivative of Monica.

>Monty, full-monty, half-monty and other crap related to ‘monty’

Well, a lot many people there couldn’t pronounce ‘Mohanty’ and ended up calling me ‘Monty’ which was damn irritating. Plus, I wasn’t the only Sneha around. There were 3 other Snehas and one(or may be more, of whom I am not aware) Snehal which made it ever the more confusing.


Since I am the ‘Mumbai Girl’ here and there was this movie called ‘Mumbai Matinee’ which had released some 3 years back, people in my new school decided to call me ‘Mumbai Matinee’, which in due course of time became only ‘Matinee’. So yes, I am Matinee.

There were many more names which I can’t remember (old age is taking its toll). However, there weren’t any that I don’t want to remember. I love all of them!

Sigh! Those were the days of innocence.

I have been spending the last 10 days sleeping, eating and not really doing much work. So, this is a Public Declaration that I shall get working and be more productive in the remaining days of 2006 which, by the way, wasn’t a great year for me. It was frustrating and a year wasted. I didn’t learn much, I didn’t read much, I didn’t do anything that would make this year special (apart from reading some valuable metaphysical stuff from Linda’s books, but hey, I have been doing that every year since the past 3 or 4 years). I am so glad this year is ending and 2007 is beginning. 2007 is my number 3 year! Yay!

I’ll be off for a 9-day long break to my Dad’s place (the place where he’s posted. It’s supposed to be a tourist-y place too) and then to Puri (where my granpa and granma live) where we’re having this family reunion after 17 years (ie. After 17 years everyone will be under one roof. This hadn’t happened in the past 2 decades minus 3 years since we couldn’t coordinate our time of home-visit). Then there are other family type plans happening so this Christmas should be fun (more people around->more gifts).

Happy holidays and I hope you have a magical year ahead!

P.s.- Yes, I have grown extremely fond of writing cocktail posts.


raghu said...

arrey ur latest**udi?
u hav completely avoided it.. n u says u love all ur niks?
sorry.. hope the bad vibes rnt bad enuf
long way 4 the year 2 end.. loooong way!

Asha said...

Congratulations on finishing the 2nd year and good luck with the 3rd! Meanwhile,enjoy your vacation and reunion,that sounds wonderful!

Have a great holiday and come back refreshed and we want all the details!:))

Btw, I know 8 Priyas in the blog world!!:)

Isha Reddy said...

cocktail posts are the best when else would you get to talk about two randomas things and put them in the same place.. and put on a serious face and pretend like the person listening to you really understands?!

Macabreday said...

i remember being called fatty... not that i was super fat, but i was the chubbiest from my circle of friends. so the name stuck. someone has to take the role of the fat kid :)

Anonymous said...
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ViRuS© said...

Monty is not a bad name. *lol*

'06 was not a great year for me too. I wasted the entire year watching movies and reading unwanted crap.

And, enjoy your reunion. Hope you have fun. Merry Christmas and Happy new year in advance. :)


Sneha said...

@raghu- this one was dedicated to the names that PEOPLE gave ME. n not the names (and ways of naming) that I devised :))
17 more days only!! yay!!

@asha- hey!! i actually meant 2007 is going to be number 3 year according to numerology :) and a number 3 year is generally fun and lucky.. so, thats why the celebration! plus, 2007 is a no.9 year in general PLUS jupiter is in its own house- sagittarius (this has happened after 12years) so this is agood time ofr all of us to expand and travel and grab opportunities :))

yes yes, details will be given!!

EIGHT priyas!?!?!?! wow!! thats something!

@isha- yeppies! this is most fun!

@mac- awwww sho shweet!! yes, someone always HAS to be golu :)

@Virus- hehe..its such a relief this year is FINALLY ending!
holoiday wishes to u too!

Strider said...

I totally empathise..
I like a typical south indian have a looong name and this one's not so common!
There are atleast five derivatives of my name!! aargh!
and sometimes even my best friends don't get it right! double-aargh!!!
(they being used to calling me by me nick name u c)

Have a blast this hol season!
happy reunion

Roshan R said...

i liked Mona darling best..but i think for the total effect, the guy calling u that shd be sitting cross legged, white suit and hat and stroking a cat while calling u that!!!
anyway, happy hols

Sneha said...

@Strider- sigh... we are not alone.. :)

@roshan- hahahh.. actually, he would choose the most awkward places to call me that and irritate- for instance, he'd call out Mona Darling in the middle of the corridor or on the staris...that used to be most embarrassing! heh

Anonymous said...

hey Easty,
huccome no one called you a mohican?
17yrs huh? That reunion wont be boring for sure and i do note the "Gifts".

and i have to think of an explanation for my post ;)

sun4none said...

mohan aunty n monty are good yaa.. rest lke matinee etc really felt weird :p. list of names i've been associatd with:
sukha bombil

i hav been involved in so many "christening" ceremonies myself.. tht i never felt bad whn smeone named me.. so well.. all sound like sukrit 2 me :S
btw.. astro chick n blog queen hav got left out snehudi :P

n y u goin? y y y y? we're gona miss u sooooooooo much.. we are gonna mis those sneha's-ass-kickin sessions.. not fair :(.. dunt go na.. plzzzz.. or if u go..plz find a way 2 be online smehw yaa.. else net wont be the same without u :(

Arpit said...

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Am Arpit.. i write a tech blog
Can we exchange link?

Arz000n said...

Mona darling...yeh kya ho raha hai?

Heheheh....seriously, when I was a kid, I used to think, WEST INDIES means West part of India where people are just black in color or something :)

and then it used to be difficult for me to explain it to some foreign friend of mine, where mumbai actually belong to, and that Im from that side of the country :P have an awesome vacation out there with your family and friends. Happy holidays to you too gal. Take care and enjoy heaps!!!

sim said...

i am quite proud of the fact that i have named so many of my friends and that that are d names by which people now call them and in fact know them as..... its just that nobody acknowledges my hand in cuts me deep real deep.....sniff sniff
btw nice post!! :)
and merry christmas happy new year etc etc have fun

Deepak Gopi said...

Happy Xmas to you and Family

The Smokin' WDM2 said...

One strange thing in my school-life(till now) is that I havent had a nickname yet... Dunno y.

The only short-name I have is SP(short for Sriram P - yeah thats my name:) I really wouldnt mind having a nikname btw!

Yeah and MerryXmas and a happy '07 to u

Tejal said...

ohkayyyy..this is my final attempt to comment on this post ..(i've already tried thrice.. IE says its not compatible wit this
so..i luved MONTY n wud henceforth refer to u as monty.. no more sneehooodeeeee..n hu called u matinee ya...nice innovative thoughts.. lol..nice post..*thumbs up*
chalo..happy new yer to u too!!

Sneha said...

@sojourner- oh oh oh, the family thing was fun fun and fun!

@sun- hahah.. i was only writing about the names OTHER people have given me.. so yes, well astro chick should be in there. well, 'blog queen'????? i think not! hahah.. :):)

@arpit- hey arpit, thanks for dropping by but the link exchange thing isnt happening!

@z000nie- hope ur daddy is doing well. n ya, iam back n it was FUN!

@sim- hey, happy new year etc etc to u too! hehe

@deepak- thanky thanky

@SP(yea! thats much shorter and sweeter than the smokin'....) - greetings!

@tejal- yes, monty is fine. good, in fact. it adds up to 21 which is an awesome number :):) monty- accepted!
no wonder my monty days were so good.. haha!

raghu said...

monty monty monty!

The Smokin' WDM2 said...

ohhk SP be it :)