Tuesday, September 19, 2006

I have been finally liberated after a week long organised torture conducted by my college, which they have given the innocuous name of ‘exams’. My reaction to exams these days made me take a hard look at the way I have evolved as a student, rather as an exam-taker.

Back in 3rd and 4th standard…..(I don’t remember many of my classroom stories(which aren’t embarrassing in any way) before that)…..

…. All I wanted were A+ Excellents or at least A+ V.Goods in all my papers. We had the grading system back then (oh! What glorious days they were!) and these were the top two grades which half the class got. Plus, our class-teacher(who taught us all the subjects) was the most adorable Lata Miss!! Everyone loved her and the other sections were green with envy because she was our teacher.Hah!

5th, 6th , 7th………

3 years. 9 terms. One rank. 2nd. Due to the presence of the almighty V in my class ( his initials were V I and we used to tease him by calling him V=IR(okay, we learnt this in 8th and that was when we called him that). Actually, if one pronounces the RHS of the equation with a certain accent, it sounds like his surname!). I still remember how he would start reciting entire chapters(yes! Stories et al) on our school picnics. He used to mug EVERYTHING up! And was(is) bloody intelligent! Leo too! Good ole days those were! Our ranks were fixed. He was always 1st and I was always 2nd. What was more amusing was that everyone found it strange that one person should always come only 2nd (they thought a lot of calculation must have been made by the 2nd ranker in order to get beaten only by one person!). Those were the days when I’d get upset after a paper if I was sure to lose more than 2 marks.


This year there was a little change. There was a lot of change in me, but in my exam-response pattern, there was only a little change. The 2-marks’-loss-amounts-to-paper-being-doomed theory was modified into 3-marks’-loss-amounts-to-paper-being-doomed. So, like I said, not much of a change.

And oh! I used to come first in 8th since V was no longer in my class since we'd got shuffled! Yay!!


There were major changes (including a change of school) which kept me upset for most of the year. I even flunked the hindi paper in the first unit test of my new school. Sheesh. Nevertheless, that was an experience all by itself! I became more liberal in my paper analysis scheme and further lowered my lower limit to 6-7 marks(in the science papers obviously).


This year’s exams are blurred in my memory due the enormous amount of pressure that came with the first hurdle, the first national level examinations- the boards.

Its all pretty hazy now. I don’t even remember studying for the exams. Sheesh.


A year of drastic changes. For the first time I experienced what it is like to sit in a class full of 150 odd students, in a heeeoooge gallery and not have a clue about what the teacher is blabbering. Sms forwards like this one made (still make) much sense---

Top 3 college rules:

1)B quiet in d class coz othrs r sleeping

2)Don’t 4get to carry ur book coz it works as a pillow

3)Keep the campus clean…

So be absent…

I even achieved mastery over the art of sleeping in class, that too while sitting in the first bench *pats herself on the back* ! It wasn’t a very difficult task really, because the teacher was least bothered about what we were upto. Everybody does their own thing in the class and no one really cares!

Being able to attempt 75% of the questions in the exam seemed to be an achievement (except for the IT paper which Abhu and I religiously attend and study for too… *smiling meaningfully* (a lot of things happen in our beloved IT class!!)).


Don’t ask. Actually, now that I was the one who was taking a hard look at my er….. whatever it was that I was taking a hard look at (long posts make me go off-track!), I should rephrase the last sentence as- Iam not telling.

P.S. Apparently there was a lunar eclipse on the 7th of this month which has apparently changed many people’s lives drastically. Abhu’s life has had special pink, sugar-coated, bespectacled insertions(if you know what I mean)!!! And so has TC’s(she was previously referred to as Teju, but from now she is TC since that sounds cuter and more ticket-checker-ish. :D Anyway, they are her initials!) life. Apparently, after the 7th she decided that she didn’t have all that huge a crush on Epu and it was Psi who was more interesting. Hmm. Well. Drastic change, I must say. Anyway, she has been trying to get me to spill the ‘drastic’ change in my life which must’ve taken place after the 7th (according to her). Well, seriously TC, honey, sweety, sweetpea, pumpkin, nothing has changed. Really!


Macabreday said...

isnt it funny.... in school we want to be the best student. In college we want to be the best person. Those things that matter in school dont matter anymore once we are in college. I feel that schools make us good students and colleges make us a better person.

sun4none said...

haha.. ur life after 11th was er... interesting.. hehe.. wow man! even u used 2 stand 2nd always?? ditto! from std.1 to std.6... my rank never went beyond or fell below 2! ah crap.. mandy the bastard never left the 1st rank! grrr.. :P

from 7th onwards i became indifferent towards this ranking shit as overconfidence took over n me decided, "ok! time to get 'crush'ed" :P... so i stood 19th in my class n by the end of 8th (rank went on to 37), my parents decided to give up on me... end of 9th (rank - 47).. my parents were thinking of adopting someone... and they nearly had signed the papers when i *gulp* scored the lowest in history and hindi papers in my 10th prelims... then the board results came n all the Gods n temples were offered million kgs of pedhas as a big thanks for helping me score decent 84%! basking in the glory of success in 10th, i decided.. "lets c wat happens if i flunk in the very first paper of 11th, after all we hav 2 experiment with life rt?".. so yeah! OC (its organisation of commerce and not orange county).. terrific 34! "phew! i thot i wud pass!" so my cricket, football, outings were all cut out... holy shit! was i grounded?? i dint even kno tht word back thn.. yeah.. my vocab was worse back thn :S... so i attended college.. now end of 11th, i really prayed my attendance percent to be my exam percent (an impressive 87.35% atendance and exams - a shameful 45.51%) holy crap! that does happen when u attend college! :S... but still not ready 2 learn from the past mistakes... till dec came.. attendace in 12th too stayed like 92%... finally the romeo inside gave in to temptations and i let the attendance percent slip drastically.. day of blacklist and score! it was still 78%.. close shave.. we again attended.. come prelims.. 52 fuckin percent! last 2 mnths.. pump up studies.. real impressive performance in 12th.. (83% in commerce.. take tht suckers):P.. proudly stepped in FYBcom.. frm then on i maintained 50% attendance and marks too.. i thot i shud be more consistent :P.. thn big TY exams.. ths stupid heart was in love back then.. also blasted head was trying to figure out "wat next after TY" and gave some zillion exams before the final university exams n as expected.. had 2 be satisfied with a first class.. but then i got 2 bowl the first over in our cricket match after the results sicne we decided tht the batting order will be acco 2 the percentage we've scored ( i got 2 wickets in that over... i am good :P) :S.... come LLB n me just failed 2 step in the college.. all time was wasted in freakin out ...gettin the required 50+ % became the target of our group and now, i dont even care now! :S.. ah crap.. all these efforts and am not even pursuing wat i studied so far! so basically.. end of day.. nothing even mattered! :S

sun4none said...

ohh.. garbled shit in too.. sahi hai mohanty.. thanks :)

sneha said...

@mac- in college, i feel almost like a nobody. in school ur a star student(er.. whatever thats supposed to mean!)(get the drift, pleeej!) and in college there are hundreds like you,and many are so much better than you! so, it brings out the indifference in you! atleast it did for me!

@sun- God! U maintain a mini-blog, mini-autoboigraphy in the 'comments' section of my blog(its most fun to read ur autobiographical comments by the way)! lol.. well, i guess ur yet to find the thing that u'd love to do. the Labour with Love theory that i'd written about in that comment? and what are u sayin?? are u serious??? 80-90% attendance!!!! *shock* i struggle for a 60-75% attendance (except in IT where (Abhu and) i must be having about 98% attendance!). sheesh... how did u ever endure those long hours of torture re??
and er.. by the way, my parents were kind enough to give me a name you know??

sun4none said...

1) i know man... my comments in ur blog and raghu's blog have gone to extent that they have become a blogs in themselves :P.. am glad u enjoy them :)
2) umm.. i guess i am pursuing what i love now.. drawings and programming... its amazing fun really! since arts and maths were always my love... am really enjoying my work to the extent that work's never work for me.. besides.. am learning guitar and am trying my hand at writing eh.. so all in all.. really have nothing to bitch about.. (but still i find a way 2 do so.. insatiable bastard that i am... as mentioned before :S)
3) oh yeah.. my attendance's been excellent somehow... it used to be awesome rt from kindergarten till sem 2 of LLB.. thats a loong period i guess... but yeah. it never fell below 60% in this period... but from sem 3 onwards.. i've hardly attended 10 lectures in college.. day before was my 3rd lecture in last yr of LLB.. :S.. and i dunno y.. never felt it a torcher attending.. whenva i get bored.. i either start drawing cartoons, sketching logos of different bands, writing songs for my would-be band :S, sleeping or simply start kicking someones ass.. mind u.. i never sit beyond 3rd bench.. so its real fun to do all these thngs rt beneath the prof's nose! :D
4) all jokes apart.. hadnt it been for the support of my family.. i wudnt have been so happy! so all thanks to them for believing in me and having faith in me.. i fall down and they see to it that i stand up on my own.. that's helped me a lot! owe a lot 2 them man! :)

Macabreday said...

lol.. it worked differently for me. in school i was felt invisible except among my close group of friends. College was a different scene :)

bhargav said...

oi sneha....ive just been wondering whether the lunar eclipse thingy has any effect on brain cells?maybe its not the antibiotics after all,maybe i was the victim of some old celestial curse that affects all people with my kinda astro set up or something!could u look it up fer me in ur astro books?while your at it check if im gonna grow claws ,fur and cool stuff like that
yours hopefully

sneha said...

@sun- oww!! its great that u've found ur passion..! seriously, i must commend u on ur enormous reserves of patience and courage that it must be taking to have such lofty attendance figures!

@mac- ahh!! its just opposite for me!

@bhargav- ohh well it could probably have had some effect on u then! u moon-struck scorpio! u make it sound like i have a whole library stuffed with fat old books on astrology! lol..

bhargav said...

given your prodigious knowledge about the subject i figured that you jus might have somethin like that!!!

so by when can i expect my admantiun claws and luxuriant fur?hey do u think ill grow those pointy canines as well?

raghu said...

wats da link of ur dreamy blog?
yup suk maintaisn a mini blog on my blog asvel..lolz
he misses skool n coll...saalaa
lolz.. my story i wierd..i hav tuts in 20 mins..but im gonna type it out 1st crush.. i used 2 fite my bestest pal ovr her n kiss her..lolz.. its tru!!
u can ask him..his pis is on my orkut.. so i landed up gettin 14th rank in da 1st xam i evr rote..!
jr kg.. i spent mosta time in teacher alwys locked my upder.. i think it was justified.. i was a brat.
srkg.. i think my 2nd crush!
i got 20 rank.. i still hav my science papaer!
in match da column i dint noe ... sheep was 2 b matched with wool.. imatched sheep with cupboard!
wanted a sheep in my cupboad i guess
1st std... i learnt da most philo thing i life.. 4 evrytime u laf u cry!
its tru i guess.. so i used 2 try n stop my lafter so dat i wunt hav 2 cry later on!
lolz.. dis carried on till 6th std
actually i changed my skool in 4th.. met sum amazin frnds.. became gud at studies.. n sum kool gals 2!
7th.. a gal had a ctrush on me.. i gotta noe.. i vent n asked her hw much she got in da lst xam.. she said 59% i said bye!
in 5th actually i got 30/30 in science.. my name appeared in da ques papaer..lolz.. da teacher liked me..
in match da column .. v had 2 match specs 2 raghu... lolz beat dat!
lolz..made sum improvement i guess!
7th.. i was at my very best dis yr.. i mean i asked sum amzin ques.. vic vill make it cim like i was a great smart ass geeko all rolled in 1!
9th.. my fav teacher staered teachin me..jj(jinsy jacob).. she made me stop cryin.. i havnt cried since!
lolz.. dats wierd.. i used 2 cry a lot
den i bcame indiff.. but den jj made me more sensi 2warsd others..
10th..i studied a lottt...gav up gals..completely!
boaerds..dint do vel:(..i mean ppl xpected me 2 do real vel..
11th.. stayed in skool..shifted boards.. cbse.. lotsa muggin.. but 11th n 12th r jus da most amzin days of my life.. cos.. vel i took up bloggin.. i made sum awsum frnds.. both online n in real life.. m,et sum ppl who evr tru.. so twas kinda fun.. hav/had HELL A LOTTA CRUSHES!!!!
nw gtg 4 tuts..

sun4none said...

hehe.. trust me sneha.. its not that difficult to attend.. and try ta do tht for a change.. its kinda.. ahem.. fun :P

Anonymous said...

vel im attendence is at 93.4% rite nw.. im the topper!

sneha said...

@bhargav- i think not. the heavens care about the people around the 'affected' person. so they try not to scare everyone away! lol.. don;t expect the claws and the canines. the fur should be coming soon enough.. lol

@raghu- woah! wat progress!! n the link to my dream blog is on my profile re. anyway, this is the link -
one question- why should you be prejudiced against a girl who isn't necessarily a good 'student'? she could still be a good 'person' you know.

@sun- arre!! only IT class is fun!

raghu said...

lolz.. i was like dat re.. wat 2 do:P

bhargav said...

you mean fur all over me ?(including my back,palms,arms and all other un-humanly locations?)well i sure hope so coz i prolly wont notice if it is elsewhere!!!!(get the drift??)

The Smokin' WDM2 said...

Feels real good to be recollecting good old school life. Now, Im in the 11th and when I look back, I feel exactly the same.

Hope to get those days bk again :)

PS: I was also 2nd consistently and a certain Iyer(IR??!!) fellow was the 1st!

sneha said...

@smokin' wdm2- hehe! wat a coincidence!