Monday, September 18, 2006

I have created a new blog in order to record all my dreams. Iam still wondering whether I should make it public or not :D

Update: Okay, I took all the bhao that I wanted. :D . The dream blog is public!! yay!!


raghu said...

v r waitin.. besides no1 reads ur blog as u said!
so its perfectly safe..
nw serio... guess u shud make it public... i mean uve nvr met most ppl who read ur blog... so no probs na?
plz make it PUBLIC!

sun4none said...

bindas! and thank u.. guess evn i'll do the same yaa.. recording of dreams! y dint i think of tht before???? terrific concept yaa! thank u :)

bhargav said...

yeah ,no one is going to read ur blog!reeeeeeeeeeeeally trust me on this.but you HAVE to make it public ok you MUST and i mean ABSOLUTELY MUST lay every single bit of you your mind buck naked ,suspended buck naked in cyberspace for all to see.but then nobody wants to read your blog we only want to make sure you make it public...........jeez that really sounds demented doesnt it?sowwie gurl it must be something in those pills i popped all week for the virus to die,those things prolly crippled my brain cells too
neways moral of the story---make your blog public and antibiotics kill brain cells...ciao ill come back when i can think more sanely than this

sneha said...

@raghu and bhargav- lol.. rofl.. heee heee heee.. log(lots of giggles)(i made that one up myself!)

sun4none said...

hey! u dint publish my comment! not fair! :P ... the first time i commented i got disconnected so never knew if it got sent.. the second time i did it got approved but u never published here! am all grrr now.. repent and thou shalt be forgiven! :P.. else the toblerones are flying back 2 me :P

sneha said...

@sun-sorrryyy!!! i thought i had published it tht time, but them i think my net had got disconnected or something.. anyway, its up there now!!

oh! the postman ate up the toblerones..

sun4none said...

haha.. i knew toblerones wud do the trick! :D *evil smile*

*a late realisation later* wait! what? what u mean the postman ate the tobs? i thot div was kidding there? div's kidding rt? i still hav 2 receive my share! bloody postmen! or is it div herslf? divyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! :P