Things I Want To Do

Saturday, September 30, 2006

Since the past few days I’d been feeling a little directionless. I felt there are so many things I always wanted to do but for some reason wasn’t able to do them. So I came up with a novel (okay, well, not really novel) plan which would help me remember all those things that I want to do. Everytime I feel low or disillusioned, I’ll pop in here pick a to-do and do it (hopefully) and rhapsodise about it. The last part (rhapsodising) is the most fun part!

So, here it goes…..

Things I want to do before I am 25….

1. Find out the truth about colours. Linda Goodman's Star Signs was the first place where I read startling things about the power of colours and how they affect us. I now want to find out the truth of it all for myself. Infact, I shall be performing a little experiment of sorts soon. :D

2. Learn how to swim. Yes folks, I don’t know how to swim. Such a pity, innit?

3. Learn to play the guitar. Then I can play and sing! How cool would I be!!

4. Learn Spanish. I had once started doing a little self-teaching type course but left it after 3-4 sessions. This is the language that I’ve always wanted to learn alongwith Arabic and German.

Yes, there are many (mannnnnyyy) things I want to learn.

5. Learn how to put mascara properly.Yea, erm.... I kind of mess it everytime! *blush*

6. Learn all about lexigrams.

7. Go paragliding.

8. Go snorkelling (after I learn to swim ie).

9. Make him go down on his knees and apologise a hundred times. Don’t ask me who he is because I am not telling. Muahahaha.

10. Knit a scarf. Actually, I had started learning crochet but left it midway. So I want to learn it properly and then make woollens. I don’t like leaving things incomplete, you see.

11. Visit the chocolate factory in KL (long story so as to why I want to accomplish this particualr feat. More on that later.)

12. Sing in public.

13. Not wear my watch for a whole week and forget all about time (in that particular week). Well, people who have read this know how particular I am about being punctual et al. So I want to break free (for a week) to see what it’s like! (of course, I may not live after that paticular week).

14. Tour Tuscany. I have been fascinated by this place since I saw ‘Under the Tuscan Sun’ starring Diane Lane.

15. Shop in NYC (yay!!!).

16. Learn Calligraphy.

17. Go to Egypt (er... I think I’ve mentioned a whole lot of places, but I can’t help it. I love travelling!) and really see the ancient pyramids and the arcane sphinx for myself. Then of course, go on a little break to decode their mysteries.

18. Learn Salsa. Yes, I soooo want to learn salsa! It’s the hottest.

I think I’ll stop at 18 for now. A) I can’t remember the loads of other crazy things that I wanted to do (they come in flashes, you see). B) 18 in itself isn’t really a good number, but it adds up to 9 which is! 9 stands for action, which in this case is very much required.


Macabreday said...

so much to do and so little time.. lol.. thats how i feel. I actually do have a mental list of things to do before i die....havent progressed much, but its moving along at a snails pace.
reading the last paragraph, and ur very first thing to do, i assume u might be big into numerology/astrology stuff? lol.. just curious.

sun4none said...

1. my colour's blue acco 2 my mom.. and its worked 4 me.. lotta incidents.. jst too many man!

2. cant swim.. we'll learn it together

3. can strum a bit.. i'll teach u guitar

4. i'll attend spanish classes with u.. thn i can hit on the hot latin american chicks :P

5. wats mascara??? :P

6. wats lexigram?? :P

7. wanna learn paragliding too :S.. someday! someday!

8. snorkelling.. nah! dunno y!

9. kis se apology chahiye? tu bas bol re.. i'll do the rest :P

10. knitting.. nah! :S

11. gemme chocolates frm KL

12. i wanna scream in public.. perform with my guitar.. tht toh i will do.. pakka,... few yrs frm now :P *high hopes*

13. i havent had a watch since 7th grade.. so..

14. diane lane's hot :P

15. get me smthng frm NYC :P

16. u teach me calligraphy after u learn it.. nopt too keen on learnign it

17. we'll tour egypt togehter.. dont care bout mummies n sphinx.. i wanna explore.. yeah!

18. hate ta dance.... so no salsa 4 me

end of day sweets.. do all u wanna do and not jst thngs tht ya hav ta do.. nah man.. live ur life.. trust me.. on ur death bed if u rewind and play ur life jst once.. u shud be satisfied by the way u spent it n shudnt feel like u've wasted it.. c'mon man.. we hav ths one blessed life.. lets live it! wat say? :D

Sayesha said...

Hey babe... you dun really need to know how to swim in order to go snorkelling... just gotta be comfortable in water... I'm a pretty bad swimmer myself, but I love snorkelling...

And oh, you should go to a Malaysian island... sheer snorkelling paradise! :)

sneha said...

@mac- yes! only 8 years left!! n yea, iam the astro chick! haven't you heard? :D lol

@sun- woah! some time we'll have!! :D

@sayesha- really? i never knew that! but it would be safer to know swimming also nah?! hehe
ps. i lovvee malaysia!

P.S.V. said...

U should feel happy if you manage to accomplish even half of those things by the age of 24!

Give deadlines to urself as to when u wanna complete each of those tasks, thatz the only way to make sure u do all of that...
Best of Luck!

raghu said...

eh put up the feed of dreams n pots on ur trial blog.. the feature rox.. if u need help ask me

Anil P said...

When those strings strum and create music, you need the breeze to carry those tunes.

Good luck :)

raghu said...

v r born procastinators... i hav xam in 2 days.. 1 day actually.. n i am jus tellin myself.. ill do it tommz.. ill do ntire organic tommz.. n u noe hw bad im at it!
so moral dnt procastinate 2 much.. do dose 18 things as fast aas u can..!

sneha said...

@psv- thanks! yea, for now it's 2 things per year! 8 years to go and 18 things to be done :D

@raghu- er.. feed? what feed. iam lost!
in fact i wanna do all those 18 things at once! right now. if only i could somehow become a supergirl and appear in 18 avatars and do all those things at once! lol

@anil- hullo! ahh i wish i take the right breeze with me. thanks much much!

raghu said...

oye c snakes hiss.. side mein abbeblahs latests posts appear..dats wat is feed..

Born a Libran said...

Interesting list up there... Would recommend learning swimming because they say, the younger you learn it, the better you can become (assuming you like it)... But what do I know, I cant swim :(

You have lots of time though... So best of luck...

sneha said...

@libran- they probably have another reason for advocating learning swimming as a child since, child-> no image issues->less embarrassment while freaking out in the pool->better :D

Disha said...

Wow, Paragliding, great one.
I had done it once & it is the most amasing experiences ever!
Great List....

abhu said...

sneha!!! whom do u want on his knees... TELL ME !!! NOW!!!

sneha said...

@disha- hullo! i hope iam actually able to DO those things. it would be much fun to rhapsodise about to future-grandchildren (hopefully there'll be there some day! heee), u know.

@abhu- ahhh.. not telling. my lips are sealed. as i said, don't ask me cause iam not teling! iam really not.

sneha said...

@abhu- okay, one thing i can tell you. this person has nothing to do with u! hah! so there. now you know SOMETHING. n do NOT start the guess-the-name game cuz it's not going to work cuz i won't say yes or no (plus, identites must be protected, u know?)! hahaa :D smart me!

sun4none said...

wat yaa... blogroll's still not showing *new* against my artwork.. bloody its making the lazyass me work ;P

abhu said... hell.. lemme meet u...den ill tell u....

Poo said...

ooh nice list!! i wanna do most of the things on the list as well! apart from throw away the watch i'd die!!!!! pls i have like a zillion reminders on the cell anyways no escaping time for me!!!
shopping in NYC always on all my lists! egypt nice!!!
i have sung in public a lotttttt of times mostly when i dont relise that i am way toooo loud! after 17 times the humiliation doesnt matter! it kinda frees you! try it asap!!

sneha said...

@poo- oh even i have zillion reminders on my cell which is precisely the reasn why i would like to throw away my watch for a week to get a taste of 'freedom' ! :D

hahaha... actually i have sung in public but i want to sing some more in public-to get to the level of 'humiliation doesn't matter' lol..

sid said...

// Learn how to put mascara properly.Yea, erm.... I kind of mess it everytime! *blush*

LOL..lmao..awesum shit..hmmm i still have to formulate my 'to-do' list buts its gonna be farrrr more than 18 and ya abt the msn thingy..i havent come online since the last3 days..hah! :D :D

sneha said...

@sid- this is just the before-i-am-25 list- tasks which must be immediately taken up by me, so to say :D

holy horror! how did u survive ya? without net ie? some degree of abstinence ur displaying :P