Taaza Khabar

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Firstly, Blogowner(BO) and sister, S, are spent after 10 days of lazying around and doing nothing other than reading, whiling away time on the internet (courtesy Orkut) and sleeping(a lot a lot a lot). This has caused them to feel utterly guilty about their conduct in the past few days and they have hence resolved to control their frivolous urges henceforth.

Secondly, driver problems have yet again haunted BO, S and family. It was learnt that the previous driver used to actually give driving lessons to his buddies while waiting for BO in front of her classes! He had the audacity to do that. So now the mystery of the numerous dents on the car and the missing petrol have been soved. New driver looks like a fool, but he isn’t. He is one dhoort fellow who is soon going to be sent away. And just for the record, this fellow had learnt driving in BO’s car in those sneaky driving lessons conducted by previous idiotic-pain-in-the-posterior driver.

Thirdly, tomorrow happens to be BO’s birthday. She has already received birthday wishes in ‘advance’ (again, courtesy Orkut, where they notify people of their friends’ birthday a good 7-10 days in advance) and has even received ‘belated’ wishes from P!! *laughing like a lunatic* Apparently, P (dear dear dear Sag friend who happens to share her birthday with S and has declared that BO and she are ‘soul sisters’ since, in her words- “arre i hav decided 2 call u my sista coz our sad lives hav evrythin in common”) thought BO’s birthday was on 9th (courtesy an email from Hi5 which notifies people of their friends’ birthdays 2 days in advance) (BO is guessing this is the root cause. However P could have even dreamed about BO’s birthday) and dashed off an email expressing deep regret at having ‘forgotten’ BO’s birthday and how bad she was feeling about the entire episode. The mail, in turn, lightened up a disgruntled BO’s mood and made her giggle so hysterically that S thought someone might have added automatic tickling hands to the chair which tickled the hell out BO. P is such a sweetheart!

Fourthly, BO’s dear classes have started. And TC has exams at college which is why she isn’t attending the first seven classes. And BO hates her plight.

Fifthly, Abhu has grown supremely suspicious about a certain something mentioned in the previous post and won’t stop pestering BO. She simply won’t take ‘I am not telling’ for an answer! The nosy goat!

That’s about it.


sun4none said...

1stly.. BO's net addiction really needs 2 be taken care off.. so someone dial BO's mommy :P

2ndly... BO.. plz send over ur driver 2 my place.. mah dad doesnt allow me 2 touch mah car after jst a miniute scratch n broken tail light :(.. now i hate the sight o my car cz i dont get 2 drive it :P.. so send in the driver.. he seems 2 be the answer 2 my prayers :P

3rdly.. tera b'day promote karneka style mast hai :P.. now all non-Orkut us will remember 2 wish u tomorrw :)

4thly.. no comments :P

5thly... abhu.. press on.. she will break someday n spill the name.. thn plz place the same on ur blog :P

6thly.. ohh.. its not there :P

hehe.. really funny :)

sun4none said...

abey.. jst went thru the post of ur 3rd gang member.. TC.. sala.. all u guys are total astro-maniacs or wat? i strongly believe smehow u r the reason :P.. hehe.. the TC female toh refers to u as libran only! wat man! wat've u done of thm :P.. :D

The Smokin' WDM2 said...

Btw, i have added ur blog to the list of blogs in my blog-page...

Macabreday said...

happy birthday :)

sneha said...

@sun- bday promote?? *blush blush* not intended yaa! bas munh se nikal gaya!

arre, ur right! iam the cause for the added interest in astrology that u saw in my friends. they were into it before also i guess, but i compounded it i think! lol.. :D

@the smokin wdm2- okay!

@mac- thanks :D!!

sun4none said...

Sukrit-II *new*

phew! blogroll sucks :P

Kartik Menon said...

liked your relaxed and quirky style of writing...dont lose this flavour
:-BA(blog admirer for short)

sneha said...

@sun- it does NOT!

@kartik- thanks! :)

sun4none said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
sun4none said...

oh well.. thn i wudnt have had to do ths again today.. or guess it hates me :S

Sukrit *new* :S