Carrier In Yie Tee

Monday, October 16, 2006

We have our IT practicals every Sunday at a certain NIIT branch. Today was no exception. Abhu and I entered the lab, took our seats, exchanged hey-wassups with friends and waited for ma’am to come. However, who did come in through that door was an odd figure wearing a orange-yellow-striped shirt and a pair of ill-fitting *ahem* black pants. He had curly hair (the most unflattering kind), wore a strange I-am-in-charge-type smile and held a bunch of postcard-sized yellow cards. Words started spilling out of his mouth, very few of which were deciphered by a scandalised Abhu (scandalised because she is least accomodating when it comes to people who don’t seem to know what they’re saying) and a on-the-verge-of-bursting-into-wild-giggles me. I made a mental note of recording all that he said.

….Myzelv blah blah. Yie yam the {fuzzes up the word} head ower here. Today, yie yam yere to giff you some knowledge on the real world scenario and jov frosfects yin thee Yie Tee industry…. Today, ower buddy lenguase says a lot about who we are. Our buddy lenguase shows iff we are convident, shows ower convidence…. Like yie am a convident man {gesticulates around his body} yie know what yie bhaant. Ower buddy lenguase shows ower buddy parts (methinks- oooohhh?? Really?!) bhaat we are composed of… what makes up ower buddy …. (Abhu sniggers)… my convidence is my strens… bhaat is yooer strens? {asks me}

Er… as in.. okay, people say I am articulate….

End yooers?? {motioning towards Abhu}

Umm.. I can analyse well (methinks- hehehhhheeehh)

Yooou?? {to another fellow}

Blah blah

(he asked many other people what their ‘strens’ was)

Wokay… bherry good.. so.. are you looking for a good carrier?

Abhu: Obviously. D-uh (she actually said that loud!)

Obviously eh?? Yes yes…. So, what is a carrier?

Your professional life?



No, that is not carrier . Carrier is when my friend tells blah blah is working with Infosys, Wipro yearning so much…. He is giving respect. That, my deaaars, is carrier. Respects is carriers. Yoou haf to think what yoou want then get it. Yoou must have resources… like, yoou keep dreaming of going to Goa with yooer girlfriend, enjoy ower theyaar and haf a nice time {gesticulates and smiles devilishly} but in your pocket {puts hand in his back pocket} yoou haf no munney. Then why yooer dreaming about Goa?

Me and Abhu let out little giggles.

{looks into one of the cards} Would you like companies to run after you? Bhaat can you do to make company run after you?

Student: Cheat them and lootofy millions from them?

Blah sniggers.

Abhu: Join NIIT. Hah!

heheheh… {blushes} yes yes. Well… but.. hehehe

Abhu: That’s what you were getting to.

Heehhe…. Well, I am working for an organijasun so I will say my organijasun is best. But I will not force you to join. Choice is yooers.okay… {tries desperately to change subject} {looks into the card} Are yoou yinterested to know about yie tee jobs?

Abhu: {sitting up straighter and turning on an expression of utmost attention} Um… yea..

We are having a workshop here… 3 days… you send yooer phriends on day 1 and 2 and you come with them on day 3.

Student: So, we aren’t really invited for the first two days?!

Yes yes you are. But get yooer non-Yie Tee phriends. Yie will give yoou theej cards which you will distribute among yooer phriends. Okay? Okay.

{gives out the cards}

{walks towards the door. Peeks in and says—If I don’t see yoou and yooer phriends then next Sunday……….. }

Abhu and I went into hysteric-giggling-mode after blah left.


Note: No offence meant to NIIT or blah blah!! :D


sun4none said...

oh my god u r mean... haahahaha!

oh recallin his dress... theres a prof who comes 2 coll wearin black pants wid white stripes... like the ones wrn by jim carey in the mask... looks damn funny on him.. we call him "jim carey pants".. n thers ths "dude" in my class whose attire u GOTTA kno: full sleved body fit t-shrt... (he's got a paunch n am sure even his great great great grandad hs never seen the face of gym).. ths t-shirt was split diagonally into 2 colors.. yellow n cobalt blue... over ths he'd worn red jeans n chappals.. n carried a super white one strap bag... oh how we all laughed! :P

Macabreday said...

maybe u should do a similar post on someone who had a mallu accent. lol :)

sun4none said...

see see.. told ya.. blogroll hates me.. bloody.. whn i posted new entries it never glowed the *new* shit.. now 4-4 ppl hav *new* glowing against thm.. blasted blogroll :P

abhu said...

hey! nice one yaar... i am almost rolln with laughter... u've perfectly reccounted that wat a moron he was... gawd!! i wonder wat'll happen nxt sun...AND... HOW DID U FORGET TO MENTION THETA???? HUH...???

sun4none said...

HAHAHAHAHHAA... blogroll gone super crazy.. check out the *new* shit.. everyones names glowing... haha!

sneha said...

@sun- yea.. something is wrong with blogrolling :S god knows why everyone has *new* next to them..

@mac- hee.. i don't really know what THIS person's accent was.. it sure was funny as hell though!

@abhu- i didn't mention theta 'cuz theta had nothing to do with THIS episode! hah!!