The Day Abhu (and BO) Goofed Up

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The day begun with a dry note since Blogowner(BO) woke up with a dust allergy which caused her to sneeze like 20 times which culminated with a nose-bleed. By the way, she woke up at 9.30 whereas she was supposed to be up by 7 since she had to write 3 experiments in her physics and chemi journals. She had 2 practical classes, consecutively, that day. And immediately after that, she had classes at her dear tutorial. The day was packed.

She wrote the journals in a frenzy, took a shower, had her lunch and was off to college. She attended the first class and the first (phy) practical class with Abhu. In the phy lab the two girls couldn't get enough of giggling. They were giggling so uncontrollably (in their minds and even on the exterior) that Abhu let out little giggles right under Ma'am's nose while she was demonstrating a certain experiment which required utmost attention. They thanked their lucky stars that Ma'am didn't notice that and safely left the lab without getting screamed at. They had an hour in between, so the two of them decided to go to the canteen and do a little pet-pooja. BO demanded that Abhu should treat her this time since she had gone broke feeding Abhu. Abhu agreed. They got their stuff and were giggling and talking and eating when they were joined by a third friend, Curly Haired Goat (CHG) (Goat because she is a capricorn. Curly Hair because, duh, she has curly hair). CHG also got some food for herself and BO made Abhu treat CHG also to which Abhu agreed.

They ate.

They left.

They forgot to PAY the canteen-fellow.

And this was remembered by ABHU when they were returning home, 2 and a half hours later. She smsed BO to let her know of ‘their’ blunder but BO conveniently decided that SHE was guilty of no crime since it was ABHU’s treat.


In their chem practical class, they were supposed to perform an experiment, a part of which consisted of diluting the bench acid with distilled water and then again performing some other steps to get a certain value which should be close to 10 or so. If one doesn’t dilute the acid properly then they can get wild results. Abhu and BO were doing the experiment together. BO had washed and filled the measuring flask with the required amount of acid and sent Abhu to fetch a wash bottle containing distilled water. Abhu went, found a wash bottle which was empty, filled some water-like substance from a large jar which had a label ‘Distilled Water’ and came back. They diluted the acid, shook it properly et al and performed the following steps. They got a value of 1.3 instead of a 10ish value! They got such a value 2-3 times. This indicated that the acid was pretty strong. How come? They wondered. They told Ma’am that they were getting a value of 1.3. She got majorly pissed with the lab assistant(LA) since she thought he must not have prepared the chemicals properly. But the LA turned defensive and told her that some other groups had got proper values like 9.4, 9.6 etc. They testified. BO and Abhu blushed a deep shade of crimson-red.

Where could the mistake be? After a lot of back-tracking, it was found out that the jar labelled ‘Distilled Water’ actually contained acid!! Abhu had filled acid in the wash bottle in place of water! Of course, BO was quick to chide her. How could she not see the yellow tinge and figure out that it wasn’t water but acid? When they charged the LA with placing mis-leading labels he smiled and asked them if their lab was advanced enough to store distilled water. How on earth were THEY supposed to know THAT? Anyway, they made several attempts to talk in loud tones when people from their class passed by…. Just to let them know that it wasn’t really their fault and they were very skilled chemistry students who obviously cannot make such grave mistakes!

“ Yaaa… the jar had ACID instead of WATER…”

“ How were WE supposed to know that???”

“It’s the LA’s fault… our experiment was perfectly fine otherwise!”

“Yes yes… the acid was too strong…. That’s why we got 1.3”

Such things were 'spoken' near the parking place, near BO's car, where students were walking by or driving by. Later, BO received are-you-mad-or-what type glances from her driver!

Such image-damaging incidents led BO and Abhu to think they must tread carefully on the 23rd of every month.

God bless them!

Amen and Awomen.


sun4none said... funny! :D

oh.. lab stories are amazing! i'll feed in some tomorrow!

abhu said...

yeah!! nice one. but ive mentioned othr aspects of our giggling on my blog. lol....

bhargav said...

hey why dont you put in perfect tens just like that? ye know that way you will have loads of time to devote towards experimental chemistry ( includes preparing acid cocktails ,spiking em with all kinds of salts and times producing uber kewl smoke screens)

That is what i call LEARNING

sneha said...

@sun- :D:D

@abhu- yea, i have read that one.. n *ahem* u make us sound like utter idiots

@bhargav- we CAN'T put in perfect 10s because 10 is rarely the right value. its usually something like 9.6,9.7, 9.8 or 12.4,12.somehting.. or something.something type.. AND abhu and i occupy the first bench in the lab... right under ma'am's nose. so *ahem*.

bhargav said...

bloody mediocre educationists!!Thats the problem with the system...they discourage perfection and to make things worse they even monitor us to make sure that we never reach perfection!!

you know this is all a part of the commie legacy we have inherited from the days of planned economy.

sun4none said...

ok not much time i have but will type in ths... u kno whn i gotta bark.. i jst gotta bark! :D

ok.. so we had 2 perform ths "prove tht eggs hav protein" kinda experiment in school.. 10th std i guess.. so thy gave us ths egg yolk n placed it in everyones test tubes! now me n sanket were the attention seekers of the class.. so were other assholes (but thy are not worth mentioning cz well.. thy dont come in the picture here.. ok me drifting frm the main story :P).. so yeah.. me and sanket dont perform no experiments n save our egg yolks.. join others n tell the teacher we are short of test tubes so we hav ntn.. she says ok n we wait! quickly 2 rubber-droppers are attached 2 the test tubes n 1st bakra: omesh.. the usual one.. spray some egg yolk on his behind.. school pants.. alwyz loose.. u dont notice the wetness till u feel n so.. thts only whn u sit.. so til thn.. u dunno wats "behind ur back".. so sanket says.. omesh's shit in his pants.. n we see the bright yellow stain.. now i quckly realise if omesh finds out all are laughin at him.. rest of egg yolk will go waste.. so 3 quick asses i target.. gaurav (umm.. sanket's idea.. kill him wheneva), chaitanya (haha mofo.. tht was me.. gotcha!) and aditya (sorry man.. but we jst hated u).. and thn omesh was told aditya shit n everyone started laughing... so these 4 jokers never even realised tht thy were being laughed at sicne thy were too freakin busy laughin at others.. so teacher went furious.. "u bastards return 2 class" (not her exact words mind u :P)... so we did.. and thn came the fun part.. all 4 jokers felt smthng sticky whn thy sat n now thy had 2 do the most embarassing thng in front of everyone (since all eyes on thm.. heehhehe)... touch their asses.. and wow! the look on their faces was OMG amazing! still recall wat thy looked like! helpless fuckers jst had 2 wipe their asses n thn teacher forced thm 2 go clean thm.. so thy came 2 class with wet behinds n tht was the funniest day i've ever experiecned in school days! fuckin crzy! oh man.. miss those days... lab day was alwyz fun man! amzing time we had! :D

sneha said...

@sun- omg!! u nasty nasty boys! that mustve been SOME sight, though! :D:D

//all 4 jokers felt smthng sticky whn thy sat n now thy had 2 do the most embarassing thng in front of everyone (since all eyes on thm.. heehhehe)... touch their asses.. and wow! the look on their faces was OMG amazing! still recall wat thy looked like! helpless fuckers jst had 2 wipe their asses n thn teacher forced thm 2 go clean thm..