Friday, September 01, 2006

While looking at the mirror, I had always wondered why my Co-creators had made me the way they had. My chin had always been a subject of concern (for me). Why didn’t my chin look like everybody else’s? I didn’t know how to describe it and how exactly it differed from ‘normal chins’. It was just, different.

Once in class, Abhu and I were talking about some inane things when suddenly our facial features were brought up. I don’t know why but she said my chin was….er… yes, this is what she said, ‘pointed’. Naturally, I was pretty appalled at having my chin being insulted this way! I didn’t say anything at that point because somewhere inside, a little voice told me, “Honey, you do have a strange pointed chin to be frank.”

Since then I had been gazing at myself in the mirror, wondering about all those people who could possibly have such a feature(I am a firm believer that when you have someone else to suffer with, the suffering becomes much lesser-- the we-go-down-together theory). I started noticing people’s chins very intently. I think some of them must have passed me for a moron when they found me looking fixedly at the region below their lips. Hmm… I can be very strange, you know.

One fine day, while surfing channels, I happened to see a trailer of a ReeseWitherspoon starrer. There it was!! *jumping on the couch* It was in that one second of enlightenment, of supreme illumination that I found my chin-twin!! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Reese Witherspoon is my chin-twin (sorry to Ms.Witherspoon for any bad publicity this may cause *blush blush*)!!!

I rushed to the mirror to observe my chin for about 12 minutes or so after which I confirmed, that yes indeed, she was my god-sent chin-twin.

I think these images clearly show the pointed-ness of her chin. Now, you mustn’t think I resemble her in any way whatsoever, because I don’t (unfortunate people like me can only wish!). I am pretty much a troll *sniff* to look at. Only my chin is similar to hers, this is what I think. (This is the advantage of blogging almost anonymously. People don't know the real you! *1000-watt smile*)

I might even outdo Joey at finding body-part twins. This little bit of information is for the entertainment of curious readers. My hand-twin, nose-twin and collar-bone-twin is one of my sister’s best friends, Sal(oh yes, I do have a collar-bone-twin!)(you see, both of us have lovely *vain & dreamy look* jutting collar bones).

I am signing off with a note of thanks to Ms.Witherspoon for being born with that fabulously unique (well, not so unique) chin which must be making hundreds of pointed-chinned girls around the world rest in peace that they have company!


bhargav said...

hey at least ur lucky enough to have a know marilyn monroe was labelled 'chinless wonder'----imagine how pissed she was!!!and yes one more thing.....stop cribbing about your looks at least in front of a guy whose closest thing to a twin is the fugly x-men charecter----the beast.

Macabreday said...

....and here i am wishing i had a visible chin :)
nice post.

bhargav said...

see ......i told u

sun4none said...

yeah.. i wish my beard grew like james hetfield's or robert pires'... ah crap.. thy wud look at me and probably mite wish to have a beard like me.. wtf! give wat u can 2 a man.. and he somehow will find some way to be dissatisfied with it! insatiable bastards are we!

sneha said...

@bhargav- oh well yes, god did me a huge favour by atleast granting me a chin which i can crib about!

@macabreday- two extremes, are we?

@sun- iam not dissatisfied with my chin! its just, different. thats ALL iam trying to say!

bhargav said...

ok more sarky........but fortified by burning jalapeno peppers this time around...............i soooooooo love atta-tude.he he he

sun4none said...

but i was talkin bout myself and ppl like me naaa.. wat man... u know the self-centered me :P .. i know u r a good non-cribbing, non-bitchy, sweet gal(itna maska kafi hai??? :P).. hehehe.. wokay baba.. sorry

and i see my art work running amongst the list.. thou art the bestest!!!! :D

Sudeep said...

he he he... nice one
glad u found ur twin.. now i will immediately check how my chin looks like

isnt it easy to spot imperfections easily than perfect things? okk.. lets keep the worldly wise things aside..

are those Reese's pics?
*sniff* why did my company block pics *sniff*

sneha said...

@bhargav- no, iam serious!!

@sun- yea, well iam not all those nice things, ya know.. *evil*

@sudeep- yes, those are reese's chin-ny pics..! imperfections are more standing-out type. so its natural for one to spot them first!

sun4none said...

evil is good enuff pour moi :P

abhu said...

hey1! dont get so upset... i was nt serious...

sneha said...

@abhu- i know!!! silly girl!