Fun On Orkut

Friday, September 22, 2006

A lot has been said and heard and written and read about the nefarious Orkut-Despos (ODs henceforth). They scrap corny one-liners, they send stupider than the stupidest stupid friaandship messages and some even have the gall to incessantly bombard your poor scrapbook with nothing less than madly ludicrous lines!

I have compiled some ultra-hilarious lines which have been actually lifted from my scrapbook. This has been done for sheer amusement!

OD: hi sneha,

ur lookkkkkkkkkkking so cccccccccccccccccute.

always keep smile in ur face, its look vry nice.

wnt 2 b a frnd. just reply.

Ever thought of getting a self-help spelling book?

OD: sorry u read my profile, so need to add me as a frnd

thats the rule of orkutting

Sorry, I was not aware of that rule or I wouldn't have allowed such injustice to be inflicted upon me.

OD:plssssssssssss give me a chance friend of urs,waiting 4 ur reply,give either positive or negetive reply

*speechless* *ROFL*

OD: hi,i m ***** studying mba, i m cool ,bindas ,and nicehearted,ur picture s cute, can u give me a chance to friend of urs,pls say yes/no

I think I just forgot the meaning of ‘cool’.

OD: Hi

May b my scrap is like all other who r prasing U...

But I'm saying wht I feel abt U...

Ur the most Beautiful girl I've ever come thru in Net...

Wud U mind if I stand beside U 4 a while????

I hope U'll undrstnd....


Will wait for ur rply....

*falls off the chair laughing*

OD: hi sneha!!!!!!!!!!!

do u remember me.....

No I normally don't remember people I have never met.

OD: hi friend please permission me i am waiting

Don’t you know? Iam Cruella Devil! I don’t ‘permission’ people! Keep waiting.

OD: everybody can see the cute smile of tht girl..but i am interested to know was tht girl ready to give the snap at tht time?????dontmind i cant see the natural fantasy of ur lips in the photo...anyways u r very cute looking??????/from which college?

How profound. I have been 'moved' (off the chair and onto the floor...laughing)

OD: hi sneha after looking ur i m fell very energtic becoz of face looking very confident thats y i want make u as my friend than if u want also than i m also in ur que

Que? What que? *smirks*

OD: wat do u think ballack's gonna succeed in chelsea...?

Nice try. *smirking even more*

OD: i dont mind if u can talk to me on msn we can get back there and know each other come i like open relations but i doubt wat kinda a guy willu like but we can catch each other on hotmail may be that helps us get a fling for each other well i m located in south mumbai so u can reply whre r u from and all my details u can get on my page too.Well i m too open and frank to talk to u just for i feel i have a fling for u

Oh you are really ‘open’. *ROFLMAO*

OD: Hi Sneha, r u really Sneha ?

y ?? coz u looking like Esha Deol.

I follow rules (that I want to follow). When the guys at orkut tell us not to upload snaps of stars, they mean it! *flattered all the same*

*smirking* (Now everyone will think I look like Esha Deol. Muahahaha.)

OD: hi lokin 4 ur acceptance>>>>>>>>>>>>>need friendship................

Bye, looking 4 saridon>>>>>>>>>>> need pain-killers…………

OD: hie sneha , hey u no here ur face xactly luks like , a melted cofee sundae , anyway , wat else ..

My all time favourite! So, it seems my face is like coffee sundae on Esha Deol’s face. *clap clap*

Product: Orkut

Description: Social network. Keep in touch with friends, find old pals, try to find new ones, irritate people, do what you want.

Requirements: Sense of humour (pj-type)

Rating: 9/10

Comments: Well, really now, Orkut is fun! The craziness and corny-ness add a special touch of insanity and ludicrousness which makes you ROFL. After all, we do need things to make us laugh, don’t we?!

Suggestion: Pleeeej send the ODs to Rapidex English Grammar Classes!!

P.s. to B : Finally!


Anonymous said...

gals r lucky.. atleast u r ya.. all my frnds mostly gals get such scraps..includin my sis.. lolz.. so funny ya..haha

am interested to know was tht girl ready to give the snap at tht time?????dontmind i cant see the natural fantasy of ur lips in the photo...anyways u r very cute looking??????/from which college?

ps: hw come v became frnds on orkut?
was it thru ur blog or mine?
or divyas blog..?
cant quiet recall ya.. i guess i commented on divs blog.. n u commented on mine(luvnwar) n den i commented on urs.. perhaps..haan i rmbr my 1st comment...hw much i like 2 b centre of attention n look ugly..rmbr?

Anonymous said...

arrey btw i left orkut.. cos its addictive.. n hate gettin addicted.. ven 2 ppl n frnds.. really..serio

Anonymous said...

hey ! awesome blog yaa !!
cant stop laffing ! cant believe ppl wud actually leave suchhh stoopid comments !
neways works for me coz had a blast reading them !
neways cya later esha deol (wink)(wink) !! hehee

Anonymous said...

eh sneha..put animewalls on ur list of blogs u read na..

bhargav said...

AIYYAAAA couldnt have asked fer more.i have actually seen most of these scraps on your book but among the ones i didnt have the fortune to see first hand---the sundae thing rocks.....melted coffee sundae?????!! ye mean like a featureless blob of icecream melting away into oblivion in a bowl with a ludicrously red drowning cherry?????pphhhhtt u look like that???

well what can i say?i guess it has two seprate interpretations

1.the guy's monitor is broke
2.the guy is a starving cannibal in disguise!!

hallelujah deliver us..........

sneha said...

@raghu- arre, we met through my blog. u had commented. then i commmented. then u commented. aise hi... lol..
yea, the one which was on being late to class! heheh

why did u leave orkut?? i mean yea, its REALLY addictive n all but still then.. arre..

sure ill put it...

@anonymous(P)- lol!! see! i told u orkut has the weirdest of them all!

@bhargav- lol... apparently, iam like molten coffee on esha's face! sheesh..

sun4none said...

sneha.. u look dazzling yaa... i jst hacked in my friend;s orkut account so i cud get the look at the amazing u tht everyones praised so much.. now my emotions know no bounds and so i ask u this... will ur sister be friends with me ?? :P.. pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee! :P

sneha said...

@sun- GOD!

Anonymous said...

Wow. Me's Orkut-ignorant. Looks like I'm missing out on all the fun. (Heavy sarcasm intended)

sneha said...

@spacemonkey- you are. (no sarcasm intended)

raghu said...

no spacemonk... dnt join orkut.. its waste of time..

sneha said...

full on war against orkut or wat??! :D

raghu said...

lolz.. think so!!!!
ill b back aftr my xams ya

Macabreday said... you vant to make franship wit me ??

Hilarious post.... its a pity that we guys never get these weird scraps. I would have loved to post something based on that. lol...!! See, life's not fair :)

raghu said...

xactly mac..!
i miss em 2!

sneha said...

@mac- lol! well, u can still enjoy by reading other people's scrapbooks. the fun remains unalloyed even that way!

@raghu- miss em??? then y did u leave orkut temporarily(hopefully) huh?? why? why?? lol

raghu said...

cos evn if in orkut im not gonna get od scraps na.. duh!

sneha said...

@raghu- uh!

raghu! said...


Anil P said...

Well, well, the days Sun does not light up your mood, all you need to do is check Orkut for more of those messages :)

Hope rolls wheels to places where there is little hope of someone lending one a hand to disembark :)

You write very well.

sneha said...

@anil- the art of finding the silver lining in a dark cloud is what keeps us going :D
thanks for dropping by!

The Smokin' WDM2 said...

GR8! Though I dont get such scraps, I really enjoyed this post.

sneha said...

@the smokin' wdm2- hullo and thanks! :D

tarun said...


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DON said...

wow.. this is absolutely fun readin :D..

fun post..

u can probably give some "Hitch" lessons to these OD's as u call them...

keep posting...

Adithya said...

Very Funny..
You shoul watch this

Jamal said...

Brilliant. Hilarious.

So Sneha...
You have written "what" these orkut despo romeos do.
But Do you know "why" and "how" do all this??

To know more about these guys who send you "fraandship" scraps
watch this video:

Anonymous said...

hey brilliant work!! I think any gal on orkut can relate to wat u hav written ... really enjoyed reading!

Sneha said...

hey, thanks everyone!
and @ anon- thankfully im no longer on orkut! on FB :D and thankfully FB allows you to not allow people to view your profile, so yeay!

Anonymous said...

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