Saturday, January 20, 2007

1) I have been following the whole Big Brother thing. I have also been watching gazillion BB videos on YouTube. Dirk and Shilpa are SO cute! Awwww *sigh* The whole Dirk-Shilpa Love Fest thing is really funny!

2) I have been wrapping gifts in a rather absurd fashion. Today, S and I set out to accomplish the ambitious task of wrapping 2 gifts (actually it wasn’t very strange for S since she has always been The Wrapper in the house… wrapping gifts and covering books were always HER thing). Anyway, we set out to wrap a rather oddly shaped, cylindrical bag without making it look like a blob of crap. However, it ended up looking like this-----

Doesn't it look like an over sized toffee?

3) We have added Salad (which only includes kakdi, gajar, pyaaz, tamater) as a regular feature with our dinner.

I guess that’s pretty much it. I haven’t really been doing anything much. Yawn. Oh, in case anybody missed it, Shiney Ahuja’s actual name is supposed to be Suraj Ahuja (courtesy TC)(see previous post’s comments section for further details. Thank you very much). I didn’t know that! Poor boy! Having to live with SHINEY when he has such an adorable 5-lettered name, ‘Suraj’, which starts from S! *sigh*

Pssst… This is Post # 50!!! Half century! Woah!

UPDATE!!! 21.01.07

4) While S and I are living loser lives of anonymity (well, almost), our driver-fellow is going places and making news. Literally. Fellow has been practising with his Daddy for some stunts that they'll be performing in the Republic Day Parade that is going to take place here. He has also come on 2 local channels!! He has really been dressing up and behaving less stupid of late. Oh and you know what he said to my all-in-one maid about me??

"Badi didi (S) achi hai. Maa(Mom) bhi theek hai, zyada gussa nahi karte. Lekin, Choti didi (that would be me) thodi gussewaali hai *nods his head in horror* "

Can you believe that? Hahahahaha!! Now, if fellow is late for like 99.99% of the times when I need the car (Abhu and TC shall testify) and I need the car the most out of the three of us, then naturally I'd be a little pissed off! However, I don't say anything 'gussewaali' type. Rather I speak in a low volume when I am pissed off. How cunning! Heehee


sun4none said...


Asha said...

Big scandal about Shilpa all over UK.Hope she comes out of there alive!:)
Wrapper really looks cute like a big candy as one of those Parry's candies!
Nothing happening these days,don't you think? Boring lull in the air.We had some snow,disappeared next day and we are expecting a ice storm tomorrow.Apart from that,nada!!:))

Roshan R said...

did u hear the dumb thing goody said after getting evicted - " if i was racist, i wouldnt eat chicken curry!!!" how dumb is that

Macabreday said...

believe it or not, the shilpa issue is even on the news here in USA.

Sneha said...

@ sun- you seem to be extremely dazed and confused these days!hehe

@ asha- aah. yes, there IS a huge lull around here as well! i guess only spring can take the blues away!

@ roshan- i know! i saw that. sheesh. did you see how danielle and jo were making fun of indians and saying that "probably they are all sick and ill all the time because they undercook their chicken" UNDERCOOK?? haha! they shouldn't be talking about undercooking! and ya, these girls have sooo lost their leader. but don't you think it's so unfair for jade to have her whole damn family in there? anyway, 2 out of 3 are gone! whew. only loser jack is left. hope he goes next!

@mac-oh ya, plus dirk and jermaine are on the show (who are form US) so it must be making news there. actually, it's making news all over the world! heh. i was soooo relieved when dirk said he couldn't understand a word that jade said. haha! me neither! jade and danielle really DO need classes. heh.

raghu said...

vrnt u supposed2 stop bloggin..?
u jus appear offline on msn instead..good gal.

Arz000n said...

Choti didi gussewali hai and I know that too :P

Am with that fellow :)

Sneha said...

@ raghu- i wasn't going to STOP blogging. i was just going to blog LESS often. see?

@z0000nie- me?? gussewali??? hhahah!!

sun4none said...

am tellin u man.. u r soooooooooo much like R!

The Smokin' WDM2 said...

i dunno y ppl make such a big issue over everything

abhu said... u also caught by da "big boss bug"??? lol!!! gud!! and btw...ur driver mustnt be seing ur gussa much these days considering da fact dat u dont go to coll or or ptpl anymore:P
and yes...i vouch for it dat he's a total moron. smhw he dissapears rite wen u need hm. lol!!!!

Sneha said...

@sun- WHAT makes you say that?

@sp- wellll not everything! just SOME things

@abhu- not big boss yaa. i found big boss damn boring. big brother's shilpa (and dirk) relted clips are fun! hee hee

thanks for the testimony!! haha

Anonymous said...

interesting information all around :)

raghu said...

hey i hav 69 posts on abbeblah
40 on animewalls..:D
n 2 on aftrthots..haahaaa!

sun4none said...

ur attitude.. the way u talk.. everythng yaa :)

Isha Reddy said...

lol cute.. "oversized toffee"

as far as the shilpa thing goes.. making a mounting out of the molehill.. like some great guy once said.. no one can insult us .. without our permission or something of the sort

Sneha said...

@sojourner- ahh.. my blog-life is 'this interesting'.. heehee

@raghu- i smell competition! X( you see you see. LET my exams get over! hah!

@sun- is it a good thing or a bad thing?

@isha- but shilpa always maintained her calm.. with which i am super-pleased :))

Michelle said...

haha now tht u mention it, it does look like an over sized toffee :P wont get to no good wen it comes to wrapping nah uh

raghu said...

yes lets compete.. ur gonna regret NOT bloggin dutrin xams.. yaaa!

another brick in the wall said...

its a good thing baba.. grr.. havent i told u bout R? shez one of my close pals yaa! how can it be a bad thng? :S