Busy Lives, Busy People

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

People I miss right NOW:
1. Mommy- because your mom loves you unconditionally and thinks you're the best-est thing that happened to this planet (in my case, I'd come after S in my mom's world :) Annoying first borns. Argh. This reminds me, I have to still blog about funny mom story in Delhi.). She thinks you're perfect (in my case, with a LOT of scope for improvement, but largely perfect in things which are somewhat important) no matter how much better/cooler other people may be *scoff*. And you can trust every single word she says with complete faith when she's reassuring you because you KNOW it's true (that your mom thinks you're awesome). Not an iota of doubt. We always take that for granted when we're at home and miss it when away and lonely. And have projects to submit the next day. Or are drowning in self doubt and other such horrid thoughts. My mommy says that even if there are lots of pretty peacocks around and a mom's child is a fugly scruffy silly bird, mom will always genuinely, from the bottom of her heart BELIEVE that her baby is the best :) Mom will always pick you over ANYBODY else (in my case, after S may be. haha). So much mutual faith.

2. C- Those exams better get over FAST and better give me updates FAST and get updated FAST. Probably the only nonlawschoolite human currently who is almost entirely updated on my life. Better live up to it. I know you will :D You'll just tell me I'm stupid and I'm wrong when I NEED to hear that. I know, very strange. But it's the context. I OBVIOUSLY rarely want to be TOLD I'm wrong.

3. S- Because I need to HEAR wisdom :) You have to tell me everything and I do too. I DESPISE the fact that I no longer know about EVERY single detail of your life and you mine. It's come to that point that I just don't tell you about stuff because there's so much history. So you can't be "updated". Same is true the other way round. Call more often, woman! I should call too. Hee. But I like blaming you. OBV. If Ma loves you more, you have to at LEAST be the caller in this relationship (I don't know where exactly the causal link is, but it's there somewhere).

4. P, TC and Abhu- I want to giggle and be updated on your lives. Like NOW. And I mean PROPER updates, even if it takes hours. Friends for life should be friends for life, ok?! Ok. Need the feeling that I'm surrounded by people who know me :) You guys do. Really. (Disclaimer: Not that others don't, but you know what I mean?) :)

Much Love


indiegurl said...

it's funny you should like the feeling of being surrounded by people who know you. Even if such a thing were possible with respect to me - which it is not, there are not enough people to be 'surrounded' by - i would avoid it like the plague.

being the invisible passerby is so much more tempting.

Sneha said...

hey hey hey
it was one of those MOMENTS when you want the warm fuzzy feeling of familiarity. that's all. i like the fact that most people who know me don't know me ;D

abhu said...

:) miss u too gurl!!

Tejal said...

heh. yea i didnt give the much needed 'proper' update last time :( will do so asap.
i miss u too.
:( :( :(