Rapidex English Speaking Class

Monday, April 13, 2009

First, Fish:

Fishspeak-(true blue dally punju way) cun-tackt
It's almost like The Bin's pruh-jeckts (projects), papsi(pepsi), eye-run(iron) and cun-trackt(contract). But then again, she IS dally so she's forgiven.

Second, Woogs:

Woogspeak- eee-ur


Woogspeak- Avaaalabul

Woogspeak- Veeeyah

Third, Purple:

Purplespeak- Cay-bin (He's going to object to this and say that he himself admitted he was wrong and therefore isn't really embarrassing etc. HOWEVER, he still said it, even though just once (and God knows how many times before that :) *giggles*)

Purplespeak- Excass (in true blue dally punju style, but then again, he is :) *runs for cover*)
Now, now. He may object once again and say that he never said it, BUT (and Fish would testify) he said it once while saying something angstily.

Now that I have sufficiently anticipated and countered all objections that Purple may come up with, I may safely proceed to next human.

Fourth, Hotness (This was shocking given how pseudobrit she is :) *much love*)

Hotnesspeak- Pee-rah-see
*laughs hysterically*

Fifth, BO (ONLY because the above would KILL me if I didn't admit own mistakes, which are rather numerous. DO NOT JUDGE ME.)

BOspeak- Phaw-toe
*blushes red and crimson*
And I'd pronounced it this way ALL my life.

BOspeak- draw-yer
This isn't that bad.

----------UNDER DURESS-----------

BOspeak- Al (as in Cal)-truistic instead of Al (as in All)-truistic

---------END OF DURESS------------

*shoots nasty glance at Fish for making me write what SHE wants on MY blog*

POINT TO BE NOTED is that all of us have however LEARNT and corrected ourselves, (almost all with the possible exception of Woogs, hahaha) though during moments of angst and anguish, true ganwaarness surfaces. At times. Very rarely.


purple said...

two things
1) you are the only one of the above who claims they're right about their pronounciations

2)notice how you make as many errors as me and vat together. And i'm sure we could find more. Will keep a look out

3)I said both those in the wrong way precisely once. There are a bunch of words I pronounce wrong but these aren't them :-)

4) you're not a woman of dignity or poise :-D

purple said...

and 5) draw-yer isn't that bad??? Have you lost your mind??? It's the worst one up there from anyone, including photo

Sneha said...

you said 5 things instead of 2. tsk tsk.

1) i AGREED photo and drawer were wrong. come on. i did. i was a little stuck up about altruistic because it's pronounced that way AT LEAST in some part of the world, even though we don't get our english from that part of the world.

2) i'm sure you make more mistakes as you pointed out in point 3. i will also keep a look out. *does the whole i-am-watching-you thing as done in Meet The Parents*

3) ditto

4) i am woman of dignity, poise AND substance.

5) it's not THAT bad, i maintain. i've heard lots of people pronounce it that way. not that that makes it right, but it's o-kay. peerahsee is the funniest.

yaman said...

haan i know i made more points than i was planning to

you're not a woman of any of the above

you've probably heard a lot of ppl say photo like you do too, and excess like i allegedly did ONCE. That doesn't make it right or less funny

altruistic is right as soon as you start saying god like they do :-)

Sneha said...

i am woman of all of those. thank you very much (demonstrates poise and calm and ability to take rude colours with mature composure)

even once is funny, especially since it came from YOU, the one who makes fun of EVERYONE. you're just bean.

i do not say god like them. stop making fun of me!

purple said...

"you're just bean"???
i'm not rowan atkinson

was rude colours a pun on the fact that i'm purple

Sneha said...

no. you're BEAN (also pronounced as "mean" with unblocked nose) (since we were on pronunciations...)


Vatsala said...

Oh God man I'm laughing while I'm writing this. Ok firsst thing, I thought the same thing as yam boy, how can you NOT think drawer is not that bad, i mean HONESTLY?!!
Also I realised contact! Sheesh, I want to kill you for *excess* (:D)dalli references! And why am I first on the post? tsk tsk
And tere errors aur BAHUT jyaada hai!
I want to KILL you for this post hahahahahha
but dude man too funny
and im going to add to this list only wrt you as and when you make more errors hahaha

Sneha said...

i maintain, drawer isn't THAT bad.
but all dally references were justified, and needed.
you're first because you're speshull. hahahahahahahahahah
cool you can do that. comment count will increase and i'll feel happy. muahaha

Megha said...

and i have corrected all pronunciations!!hmph
so bean ya!

Anonymous said...

Please do not make fun of others because you think you are correct. Put yourself in there shoes and you will know where they come from.

A well wisher.

Sneha said...

@ Woogs- hee.

@ Anon- Hey there! I think I should clarify! All these people I've written about... they read this blog. And I LIVE with them and I love them. This is all in jest and I don't think I'm "right" or anything. It's just a joke! They LAUGHED at this! And we all laughed about it. Plus, I've made fun of myself also (BO, that's me). Cheers! Worry not. The world is good.

Megha said...

all these anonymous people are so weird o_0

Aathira said...

@Anon- It is "their shoes" not "there shoes".

@Sneha- Perhaps your next post should be on terrible grammar. Anon can be first on that post!

Anonymous said...

Yes, you can teach me English Grammar as you guys are so good at it. It was a typo. You may or might have made that kind of error...ask your teachers. No offence.

The blogging world is so wide open for people to read that you can get weirdoo....os like me or worse. What I mentioned was just a comment. I did not know you all were so 'touch me nots'.

Well Wisher

Shreya said...

*Tries to restrain self* *Fails* "Touch-me-nots"??? Hahahahahahahahaha.

Also, couldn't help but wonder my pronunciation errors.... Must be like a thousand. >.< I blame it on Meerut.

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