Blair and Anne

Sunday, April 19, 2009

1. I have tons of work to do. Tons of essential shopping, exam prep, project research, other important work with Fish, setting up room (which btw is in a horrible mess), decide what I'm doing in June, other fun work with Fish.

2. If I could save up by not spending on all the Nags food I eat, and instead eat in the Canteen and/or Mess everyday, I'd be saving about a 100 bucks a day. That's 3000 a month. SO MUCH MORE TO SHOP. PLUS, I'd lose weight (muscle really, which I'd hate. But I'll also get back to working out regularly to keep mental sanity in place so I'd be all healthy etc.) because I won't really EAT the horrible horrible food in Mess. But I'll also get cranky and inefficient. Law school does not permit one to be inefficient. But I could TRY to eat that horrid horrid food and not be too cranky. Keep thinking of all the shopping. Muahahahaha. It's a plan. Must convince present regular lunch/dinner company to sanction plan.

3. I want home cooked food.

4. It's incredibly warm here in Bangalore. Global warming is horrid.

5. I think I say "horrid" way too often.

6. I'm reading The Time Traveller's Wife which is extremely cute. You MUST read it.
"Do nothing. Wait for me. Wish you were here."

7. I took the "Which Gossip Girl Character are you?" on Facebook and it says I'm Blair. That's just NOT possible. I picked such unblair answers wherever there were oh-so-blair answers. Sigh. Though I'd really LOVE to have a Dorota. She's the cutest thing on earth! I shouldn't take FB quizzes too seriously. Haha. Smartu is Chuck Bass, according to the same quiz. She loved her result of course :)

8. I want to watch Anne of Green Gables right now.


Sojourner said...

driven by "what's with the ann with an e" thing and "what do I do to kill time" thing, I tried to watch the movie (youtube)... I did not want to watch it once the school exams got over (in the story). I sensed I will like it lesser after that point.

Sneha said...

oh god wow you watched it?! :D i'm actually kicked that ONE human being watched it on being reco-ed to do the same. yeay.
the most interesting bits come after the exams.. well, but you gave it a shot. thanks! :D i'm ACTUALLY very kicked.