Things can go wrong once in a while!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Someone who lived in the college hostel has committed suicide. Yet another case. Exam season, so it’s likely that more such cases will be reported now that December is close. It’s pretty upsetting to see (alright, hear) such things happening around this time of the year, every year. Why? Why can’t proper counsellors and Student Advisors be made available to students who need someone to talk to? Most of the time, it’s lack of communication of what’s troubling one that causes the sufferer to cause such things to happen. Miserable.

The technician guy who had been called by my Dad to come over to load a new OS has screwed my existing one and didn’t even load the other one. So basically all my data was at stake like 4 hours ago. The funniest part was when he produced a 64 MB pen drive to take back-up of my old data (we wanted to get the damn thing formatted). I even let out a little giggle in that very serious situation (I know it must’ve seemed a little rude, but hey, it was just toooooooooo funny to see that someone could even IMAGINE that we’d have like THAT MUCH data!!). We told him gently that we’ve got more than 60 GB data and blah blah (rest is irrelevant here). So well, the point is that I have to wait till Sunday when that guy gets his posterior here and loads the other OS and I can go use my comp without worrying about spyware and adware embedding themselves on my poor HD.

I didn’t even do 10% of all the work that I was supposed to do today. Bleh. I feel horribly guilty since exams are from Monday!!! Lord save me. Pleej!!!

As a cherry on the pie, maid made BAINGAN for dinner. Urgh!! Of course, it wasn’t the seedy, yucky variety but it was still baingan!

However, looking on the brighter side, I got a 250 GB external USB HD. It had to be bought in order to save all my data :).

Oh, by the way, Abhu just messaged me to tell that she got a puppy! So the day wasn’t that bad for all of us, eh?

PS. Today was a bad hair day too!! Everything goes wrong on like, ONE CHOSEN day, right? In a way, that’s a good thing. You don’t have to waste all the days of the week cribbing. Seven things going wrong on one day is better than one different thing going wrong every day of the week, right??!!


Vikas said...

it happens...every day has different shades....just keep going

Isha Reddy said...

buy a GHD? .. or even better become my best friend and ill get you one for your b'day .. in two years time :D

abhu said...

oye!!! wat bout da suicide thing??? u dint tell me... and my puppy's sooooooooooooooo cute!!!!!!!

Aashun said...

I can't believe at age of 17, you can write with such panache. Your style is far from -that guy gets his posterior here- text book style and does contain palatable deviation from the standards. Keep it up! Yours are much better read then those of some 37rs around here.

Rohini said...

Hey. Nice blog. Thanks for dropping by. And there are only two surefire ways to deal with bad hair days - straighten it or shave it all off...

sneha said...

@vikas- yes. persistence is the word!!

@isha- aah.. retail therapy NEVER fails :)
how sweet of you.. i should *ahem* take good care of our
'bond' ;D

@abhu- sorry girl. it slipped out of my mind. i was preoccupied with the other 'incidents'!! well, now u know :) have fun with munchkin (and no, U r not munchkin.. lol ;))

@aashun- thanks so much aashun. iam all smiles! :)

@rohini- ur working momma post made me think of my own mom!!

erm.. i prefer the first way of handling bad hair days!! but the thing is, my hair is already straight.. i need some other heavenly tool to fix my hair on bad hair days :)

raghu said...

aw..i had a bad hair day 2 yesterday.. plz read my blog.. in da abou 1730

Roshan R said...

been reading ur blog rolling you.. take care..and keep posting

raghu said...

had hair day is up on sure bad hair day will assume a completely new

raghu said...

*bad hair day..

sneha said...

@raghu- ohh! i agree with u. my bad hair hair is NOTHING compared to urs :D

@roshan- thanks! thanks! and thanks! :D

Foodie's Hope said...

Sorry abt that student:(

Take it easy on the exam, it's not the end of the world if you score a little less.

Good luck with all the great gadgets you have got:)

I am THE Baingan queen,did you know that?:))

Have a great day, bad hair or not...

Arz000n said...

250GB external HDD??
Thats way too much disk space :)

Looking at the way am downloading movies since last couple of days...I need to either get 1/2TB HDD or ask ma company to provide one ... for ma research ;)


sneha said...

@asha- i don't stress myself out too much during exams. iam pretty chilled out about those :D

yea, i now feel i can download the whole world and keep it with me!! heh

Baingan queen?? um... er... ohkayyyyee lol! but u must be making even baingans taste good :D


@z000nie- yea!! chalo, that's the silver lining. iam still decent-OS-less till sunday. so pity me!

hehehh! but seriously, i get pissed downloading movies- it takes so lonngg and so much PATIENCE and finally when u do have it, u can only watch it like ONCE (unless its a realllly nice one). why take all this pain? just rent the dvd! :D

Arz000n said...

I was a DVD-holic back in India coz there was no way I could wait for a month to pull down a decent DVD-ripped movie. Purchasin em was the only good option..

But downloading the same thing in less than 30 its like I start the download and start cooking ma dinner...and there u go...

I get a nice movie to watch while having ma dinner..its like a dream come true for a movie-freakazoid like me :P

Now the major headache for me is...kiss kiss ko d/l karoo :( :((

iam still decent-OS-less till sunday.
so from where are you accessing the blog now?? Dont temme GPRS on ur cell phony...hehehee
Then I'd have to same pinch u...coz Ive done that you see.. :P

sneha said...

hey z000nie,

u lucky thing! 30 mins only.. woah!! i have spent sleepless nights downloading pilates and tae bo videos.. they thake so bloody long. something should be done about internet over here!! this sucks!!

lol.. nai iam not that technologically advanced yet :P
i am using my OLD OS now.. xpHome. actually, i had xpHome and then i got xpPro cuz, home is yucky. now that moron screwed that one.. SO... iam back to using this spyware embedded home. sheesh.

Deepak Gopi said...

I feel sorry for that guy.

Grain Saint... said...

I wish I could, but I could not - leave without commenting I mean!

1) A suicide in one of our hostels as well!
2) Exams from monday, next monday for me!
3) HATE baingan!
4) Love dogs!

but seriously, y do u need a technician to install an OS! get a CD, and the rest is do-it-urself!

sneha said...

@deepak- so do i..

@grain saint- hie! i am sooo glad that you left a comment! it feels wonderful to know what people think :D

ahh.. looks like 3/4th of the student community has exams from this monday!!

i need the tech guy since i don't really know WHERE to find the cd. why to take so much trouble when one fellow can come and do it for u.. heee.. okay, i would love to know HOW to do all that myself but since iam not really the tech person whom i'd trust my comp's OS-related things with, i just leave it on those guys. BUT. Now i know. NO ONE can be trusted!! that fellow was no better. sheesh. even i could've done a better job i guess.. bleh.

Grain Saint... said...

ummm ..I have the CD ..XP Pro/Home/2000/98, Linux, anything ..install one of those at the rate of one plus every week on friends' machines ..a coffee is all the investment you need to make in my case ..and, I work all weekdays!
wow! writing that made me realise I'm after all not one gud-for-nothing techie (perhaps)! :D

Dr@ma Div@ said...

Hey. Nice blog. Thanks for dropping by.

~have a wonderful weekends~

The Smokin' WDM2 said...

About the sucide, well, as u said, its all about the lack of communication.. after all what distinguishes us humans from animals?

Speakin about OS, hav u tried out linux? its time u did.

I HATE brinjal! Braaaauugh!

So much for that!
PS: I cant believe u actualy read thru that HUGE post of mine(the trip report) and posted comments... DID u? ;)

raghu said...

me has xams on sunday.. beat dat,,8hrs usnday ko sado!

sun4none said...

not worth it.. just not fucking worth it.. i gave up my baby.. my luv.. my guitar for a complete fucking week.. i gve up computers for 2 days! i had breakfast, lunch and dinner in library for 10 fucking days and i studied like this was the exam of my life and i go there all confident and ready 2 kick butt and thy come out wid questions like.. this amendment was passed in yr___ and this shit comes in sec__.. blooody fucking 11 acts and 100+ sections of each acts.. kya ghanta yaad karega ye cheez.. n bloody how is th fucking shit enrichin my legal knowledge in any dumb fucking way?? then the only 2 fucking questions i'd left were asked for 20 fucking marks! life is not fuckin fair.. no sneha.. am not committing suicide 4 ths.. am not takin my own sweet life.. am killing ppl here.. really gonna kill some ppl! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

thanks 2 ths post am in somewhat funnier and calmer mood tho :P.. comments on ths post whn i am bck 2 normal.. tho 64 mb flash drive.. u shud've mocked at him man.. i do tht.. its fun! :P... and i hate baingan.. cant stand tht smell... cant stand the tste o it 2! thn news.. dogs are begining 2 like me.. dunno how.. its jst happening.. now there'll be mutual luv! life'll be better :P.. and i am gettin my head shaved off again tomorrw cz my hair's grown up enuff and i'm forced 2 comb them now.. grrrr!

Raghav said...

Why dont they just declare exams an epidemic and then ardicate it from the face of the planet ?

i got more data in my damn mobile phone...u sure that guy is qualified to do this stuff ??!!

raghu said...

arrey imstallin is NOt diff at all.. treal chindi .. sissy play re..u can easlt do it..neways ur comp cant get more scrwd can it?

Anonymous said...

I'm busy calculating the number of '.avi' movie files I can fit into that disk...

KK said...

Wow! you got an awesome blog. The best part was when the tech guy gave you a 64MB pen drive to take back up... was he out of his brains or something?? :)
I want to catch hold of the guy who found baingan is a eatable vegie... I hate baingan...
Thanks for visiting my blog. Hope to see you around. Your blog is kewl, so needless to say I will be swinging by ur blog often :)

sneha said...

@grain saint- wow, ur friends must be real lucky to have u around! solution to all their tech needs :))

@drama diva- hey girl, thanks!

@the smokin wdm2- no, i haven't tried linux. i really don't know much about it either!

well of of course i didn't the WHOLE post! i skimmed through all the interesting type parts :) u could perhaps segment such longgg posts into parts so that pesky readers like me have no choice but to read everything! muahah!

@raghu- hey, best of luck ya

sissy play?! gosh, u make ME sound like BELOW sissy!!!! :P

@suk- iam sure u feel better now :)

@raghav- u have more than 60 gb in ur cell phone :O:O woah!! oh well, the guy isn't that bad. at least he isn't a cocky idiot. he was a little apologetic after screwing it up :)

@virus- yea! lots of fun and files ahead for me :D

@kk- hullo and thanks a lot lot!
hey, we could go on the catching-the-baingan-guy-quest together u know. common mission!
yay!! ONE more reader!! :)) iam a blogoholic now, so i go bloghopping all the time! great fun!!

Twisted DNA said...

ROFL @ the guy pulling out 64MB drive :) Dude, size so matters.

As a guy who filled up two 180GB hard-drives, I can totally understand how you can easily fill up the hard drive. (In my case it's the photographs. I am kind of a photography freak)

Strider said...

Am a first time visitor!
so did that guy bring his posterior to ur place and install the os???

sneha said...

@twisted dna- ohk! yea, even i have lots of family pics and er.. 'self pics' ( a lot of which are hidden files!!)

@strider- hullo!!nice to see u around :)
yess. he did. now my comp's perfectly fine! yay!!

sneha said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Arz000n said...

Sneha zeee....aaapka computer theek nahi hua kya abhi tak??

Lagta hai mujhe aana padega repair karne :)

sneha said...

z000nie zeee!!! yezzz, my comp is perfectly fine now :D:D and i hope it remains this way for some time! whew!! yes yes next time mere comp ko kuch hua, i won't bother to call the 64MB wala guy- aap toh hain na!!

raghu said...

heehe.. u no sissy!

sid said...

is it just me? is it just my browser?? snehudi Y do i see html scrawled all over ur post??????? hmm.. btw i seem to be the only examless guy arnd..

raghu said...

dats cos u BUNK ur xams!
n vel.. evn my brwoser shows my html stuff

sneha said...

sid, damn IE!