Weird Sisters Do It Again!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Of late, S has been thinking a lot (I suppose) and has been adorning our conversations with ‘witticisms’.

I have recollected and documented two such incidents in the following lines.

Scene 1:

S was sitting on the bed with books (and clothes, and bags and phones and every imaginable item that a 17 (newly turned*blush*#) year old Libran could possibly own) scattered all over it. I was rummaging around for some books or something and noticed a frown (very rare in case of S!) on her face. Of course, I acted as if I hadn’t seen it. She waited for me to acknowledge the frown and ask her what was up and when enough time had elapsed and she got no favourable response form me, she remarked wisely—

“Sneha ke books- na shelf ke, na bed ke”

(inspired by the doggie lokokti)

Wah wah!

Scene 2:

This is an unsaid, unwritten law in our house. When either of the two weird sisters is sitting on the comp (okay, not sitting ON the comp, but working on the comp. it’s just a way of saying this same thing, okay?!) the other feels an incredible urge to displace that sister and herself occupy the comp (okay… you got it!) even though she has much better work to do. In order to accomplish this feat, the second sister starts roaming around the comp-chair and peeking into the screen, all of which are clear indications of her desire to oust the incumbent comp-user.

One evening, I was merrily reading blogs, orkutting, checking mails blah blah when S started exhibiting all the properties of the second sister (as stated in the law above). Now, as I have already once mentioned, I HATE it when people look into my work and the comp is no exception. I always get irritated and cranky when this happens and minimize all the windows and drive her away before I regain my normal, calm and composed state.

However, this time, S said she DID NOT want the comp and only offered me one of her wisecracks—

“We are like honeybees and the comp is the honey” *eyes gleaming*

Wah wah!

Will anyone ever run out of sources of entertainment with sisters like THESE around?

I tell you, even brother-brother jodis aren’t as good as sisters! And I loathe Ms.De for writing a book on two ‘sisters’ at emotional war with each other. Hullo. They are proper ‘sisters’ neither by blood nor by any form of emotional bonding whatsoever. Then why call the books ‘Sisters’ and make ‘sisters’ look so bitchy? I don’t like that woman! No one has the right to tarnish the pure bond of sisterhood, as Elle rightly pointed out in Legally Blonde (LOVE that movie and ADORE Elle).

#- I have no clue why I blush when I say I am 17. I just feel a little old and weary now. Sigh!


raghu said...

my books r the authors..he can come n take em.. brand new

Aashun said...

// “Sneha ke books- na shelf ke, na bed ke”
-Kudos to S...

Asha said...

Feel old !!! At 17!!!!! Then I must be a relic to you:D:D A Dinosaur, a fossil etc.

Girl, enjoy your age and enjoy life!! You will be 18 soon and an adult:)) Doesn't that feel good?!

Rohini said...

Ditto to what Asha said...

Arz000n said...

I always get irritated and cranky when this happens and minimize all the windows and drive her away before I regain my normal, calm and composed state.
You are already getting trained for know if u plan to enter IT industry sometime later...this is wht is reqd if you (and I know one day you ARE) plan to chat, orkut, blog from office.

Maybe u might just specialise (like every other IT'ians) in keeping one eye ball on ur boss's cubicle...and one on ur screen so that you know when to hit the minimise button....hehehe

no wonder these days ma eyes match those of the Chemleon..I can move them independently....I think I shud call up Ripley's believe it not :D

Macabreday said...

sibblings.......cant live with them...cant live without them :)
I guess that at ur age, i have felt the same way also with my brother....hate it when he peeped into my books or even my closet. now what was i hiding from him? nothing. I assume its our own struggle with ourselves to form our individuality.

sneha said...

@raghu- heh, same here!

@aashun- :)

@asha and rohini- ladies!! i just said, a 'little' old :) this is what i call the PBT (post birthday trauma) it'll pass away soon enough :)

@z000nie- woah!! u must MUST tell the guys at Ripley's! there's another girgit mechanism that i use. i keep one 'safe' window (like some google search results on a serious sounding topic) open and when sis or someone pops in, i switch to that window :) wicked, innit?! :D:D

@mac- yea, i seriously have nothing to hide form her! THE sag knows almost all there is to me :)

Roshan R said...

I wonder if sister 2 is as nutty as sister 1 !!! Hahaha.. anyway, relax, at 17, everyone feels old.. enjoy it while it lasts...soon, you'll be a museum piece 20 !! wacha gonna do then!!!

Arz000n said...

i keep one 'safe' window

I'm Proud of you gal!!
I'm proud of you!!

Thats the only thing I can say right now as ma eyes are filled with tears of joy to hear this

Your future is long as you stick to the 'safe' window technique :P


ninkita said...

lol!!! mom comes up with what we call her 'pearlies of wisdom' from time to time...
try this.. 'why are you looking at me like i'm an inspiration from heaven'(with an appropriately smug expression)
or even...' everyone tries to find fault with me when there are no faults in me!!'

sun4none said...


abhu said...

gawd!!! it happens to me too!!! my bro keeps doing this all da time to irritate me. he knows i'll get irrited and scream at him and in turn get scolded by mom, or control my anger ( dats sayn smthn) and give him da comp!!! lol!! these siblings na.. xtr only!!!

Anonymous said...

But it's always fun with sister innit?
Even I hate when my sis peeps into my window, but then that's exactly what I do when she's sitting ON the computer. ;)

Deepak Gopi said...


sneha said...

@roshan- oh she sooo is! that's what makes it all the more crazy! actually, after a few weeks i'll start feeling 'youthful' once more :) this is PBT(post birthday trauma) :D:D

@z000nie- ohhh thenku thenku. iam proud to have made YOU proud! :D:D
i always knew my deeds are pleasing someone out there, that's what kept me going even during my hard days.. sigh! :D


//'why are you looking at me like i'm an inspiration from heaven'(with an appropriately smug expression)

Excellent! will surely try it the next time and watch S get baffled :D

When my mom pops in, i do the same thing (ie minimize all the windows) then she goes like... "achaaaaaaaa WHAT were u doing that it had to STOP when I came in?!?!?! what do u keep doing al the time blah blah....." !!
so here, the safe window technique works the best :)

@sun- beta, study for ur exams abhi. it's difficult for exam-taking kids to digest this stuff :P:P

@abhu- lol!! the thing is, in my case, S and i do it to EACH other :D so i can't blame her!

@virus- yes it is! revenge of the siblings!!

@deepak- :)

The Smokin' WDM2 said...

two sisters always make a gr8 pair... so I've seen. And this is just one of the countless examples.

sneha said...

hey smokin' wdm2, yes indeed. we're blessed! sigh!

Anonymous said...

hey thanks for the comment on the blog. Siblings are cool! .BIG DOT.

hi5 on the irritation at staring.
You have made a nice choice of template(s). Very nice.

Have a nice weekend. See you around!

sun4none said...

true true.. me hits the books nw :P

sneha said...

@sojourner- hey thanks much much! i love this template so much that i have to stick to the old non-layout version of beta since this one's in html and beta supports xml.. i soo wish i knew how to re-code (or watver!) it to xml :)

@suk- that's like a good exam-taking-kid! happy studying!( and miss u lots lots on blog comments section :( )

Grain Saint... said...

you were early in blogville ..there's a lot to see and learn here in the intellectual flavour ..not an iota of doubt at your weariness!
take a break ..a sabbatical from blogging ..or whatever measure your youth through ..before it's post-teen adulthood as someone remarked above!

PS: Your starred comment at the end of your post might be some food-to-blog!

Asha said...


I will be back home tomorrow!

sneha said...

@grain saint- oh, my PBT phase has passed now :) iam back to my youth :)

@asha- yay! waiting with bated breath for your next yummilicious post :D:D hope u had fun!

Anonymous said...

hmm... you can do the switch... you just will have to rename parts of the existing template's CSS section to match the new naming convention that they have started following...

But then, since blogger is not forcing you to switch and you have no plans to do modifications to this template, I guess u can happily stick to this old template format even if you switch to the new blogger :) [blogger allows that - they have a revert to classic template option.. I am not sure if u are already on beta blogger]


sneha said...

hey sojourner, i have already switched to beta but iam sticking to the old template format. actually i wanted to shift to the layout version because i don't really know how to get those 'Labels' to be displayed on the sidebar and make them get updated on their own. i don't know CSS and XML also!! iam learning a little though but i guess i have a long way to go before i can actually mess with the template and rename the tags.. the label thing is the only reason why i was cribbing :( else, all's well :))

cheerz :D

Anonymous said...

oh yeah.. now i notice the labels.. the new beta feature...ooops! :)
I think you just have to do some renaming of the div elements' "id" and "class" etc...
will take a day or two to get familiar once you start.. but it will be worth it. that is how started from scratch.
Wish you good luck with that, if u decide to take the plunge.