I caught up….

Friday, November 03, 2006

….. on some hindi music this morning. Abhu and TC would testify how ignorant I can be when it comes to hindi music and movies and such because I hardly watch V, MTV etc. because in like half an hour they manage to show only 2-3 videos max and waste the rest of air-time by airing commercials and crap. I mean, hullo? Do they play music videos or are they ad-channels? Anyway, sorry for digressing.

Actually, I do have an idea about the latest hits thanks to the dhabas outside my building where they play LOUD music every alternate day. But, I just know the tune of the songs. Not the name, the movie, nothing. Zilch. So I inserted this mp3 and listened to the songs that sounded nice and came up with a list of songs which I liked. Here goes…

>> Chand Sifarish (Fanaa) - I really really liked the tabla beats in the song, especially the whistling and the ‘subhan allah’ part. I even danced with imaginary-cute-boy in Indian style with latka jhatkas and all *blush*

>> Tumhi Dekho Na (KANK) (hee I wonder why KJ decided to call it that. It sounds like skank) – Nice song. I had heard it earlier. I didn’t know that it was this song.

>> Teri Yadon Mein (The Killer) – Atif Aslam (he is the singer, right?) has this drunk-devdas type voice which works very well for such songs. I like that Tere Bin also. I hear that song has been blatantly plagiarised from an Indonesian song or something. Or maybe, that was another song. *gives confused look*

>> Kya Mujhe Pyaar Hai (movie starring Shiney Ahuja and Kangana Sen)(I don’t know the name of the movie!) – Yeay!! I have seen the video of this song. I saw it only yesterday. I had heard it before, of course *lop-sided smile* . That is how I know it has Shiney Ahuja and that bangle female in it :D

>> Pyaar Karke (Pyaar Ke Side Effects) – I just liked the beginning. The song is pretty boring actually. So I don’t know why I listed it here. I think the list was too short. Only 4 songs. So I added a fifth :)

AND. I saw the Dhoom2 promos last night! Actually, it was on some news channel and mom was watching news and I was lurking over there doing practically nothing no I happened to see it! Well, I am not a big Abhishek Bachchan fan (he’s like a teddy bear!) so I didn’t get all that excited. The excitement was because I saw the promo of some to-be-hit-type movie at the same time as my friends and not 6 months after the movie has released. I haven’t yet seen Lage Raho. So you can imagine. I am dying to see it though!! Because I had loved MBBS and circuit and chirkut and all those taporis. I can’t wait before zee or sony or star or whatever airs it! For your information, I saw RDB on sony :)

I am quite positive that TC would be most pleased to hear that I am increasing my bolly music awareness exponentially. Plus, this happens to the month when I am listening to new music, new genres of music blah blah. And before I forget, I think I’ll just buy the damn Dark Side of the Moon (this reminds me of a little faux pas of mine. I had referred to this album as DSO the Mirror on Mac’s blog *blush* ) CD since I tried downloading it like FOUR times and EVERY SINGLE TIME, something went wrong with my net-connection and the download got aborted.

May my net be blessed!

Amen and Awomen! *sigh*

UPDATE: I have FINALLY downloaded DSOM succesfully! Now, I shall listen to it and strangle(virtually of course) Sun if I don't like it. Some trouble I've taken to download it. Whew!


raghu said...

old hindi songs atleast make sense.. i mean wat da hell does junooooon mean ?
down wid himes..hes such an insult 2 india.

sun4none said...

oh.. subhaan allah i've heard.. dint know the name n movie either :P

KANK is so kinky :P

oh.. dunno bout killer.. but i've heard the origials of gangster.. the bangladeshi rock band had sung it soo soo well.. there are 3 solos in the songs n amazing drum play.. dunno which fucker had the balls 2 spoil a nice hard rock song into cheap bolloywood pop.. am gonna kick his ass!

abey.. tera address bol.. i'll mail u the entire Floyd collection.. buy DSOM if u want.. its worth every single penny cz u can NEVER get tired of it! its really priceless!

raghu said...

haahaha is dat y u live .. 2 make evry1 floyd fans.. i bet she wont like em!

raghu said...

my blog doesn hav war pomes nw..:(
so plz change dat blogroller thing..

sneha said...

@raghu- yea, i like a lot many old hindi songs too. but i need to be in 'that' mood :)
n hey! u mean to say DSOM is not reallly that appealing to someone new to rock?
hee, i'll change it soon.. ie, as soon as i can access blogrolling!! somehting has gone wrong AGAIN!

@sun- yea, even ive heard songs from gangster. pretty decent. n yeaa!! i WILL get DSOM someway or the other! remember what calvin said? persistence!!

Aashun said...

Amen and Awomen! lol

Z000nie said...

Chand Sifarish (Fanaa) - I really really liked the tabla beats in the song, especially the whistling and the ‘subhan allah’ part.
oooooo....I still love this song....and 3 others from FANAAH...infact I even ripped the DVD of this movie so that I get to see this song....that color combination of clothes, background is so awesome in here....subhaan alaaah!!!

hehhhe....it also happens to be the only album Im carrying along with me afta I left india :)
and also the last movie I saw in theater there.....awwww, sweet memories :)

Pyaar Karke (Pyaar Ke Side Effects)
dont tell me...
this is that funky punjabi track na??
ki paake pyaar karke...
ki paaake pyaar karke pachtaya...
something like that...
when I saw the promos on TV...I was crazy for this one....asked evryone of orkut to send me this song asap....next day ma bro got it for me....it makes me shake ma hips all the time...

I hafta watch lage raho too :(
cant find DVD for rent here yet...no one has uploaded the movie either :((


raghu said...

no no floyd is not like normal rock re.. its pretty slow.. n meaninful i guess...nw suk will tear me apart if i talk more.. n take revenge 4 da 1st dose i gav him..(read my testi).. so neways i dont think ull like floyd.. me thinks sneha will lke rock..mabbe iron maiden.haha.. i hope u like maiden !

raghu said...

n pyaar ke side effects.. my frnd has dis has caller tune..so i call him up..n he doesnt pick up coshe noes i hav called 2 lissen 2 da song..lolz.. n den 2 make him realise i wanna talk 2 him i hav 2 giv him 2 missed calls n den call him back..only den hell pick up phone!

sun4none said...

yeah thts true.. floyd not 4 nuveau rockers.. but shez gotta start someday man.. n cmon.. tanmay was into westlife whn his friend forced him 2 listen 2 dark side of moon and he worships floyd frm thn on.. thy are jst not like other bands yaa! well. thy cant be compared.. thy jst r the best!

daman kohli said...

hey nice post about the new hindi songs but i prefer the older ones and i think "mitwa" from KANK IS GOOD quite a change from the predictable karan kohar film songs

sneha said...

@aashun- well, that's the way it should be! :)

@z000nie- yea! the blue lenhga that kajol wears in the video is gooorrrgeouss! lucky woman.
my maid was pitiful of my ignorant state and brought a Lage Raho CD on rent but the 1st CD didn't play properly. so now gotta get the DVD from some where :(

@raghu- lol!! but songs sound quite dreadful when they're someone's hello tune :P erm.. iron maiden.. hee.. i SEE noise :P

@sun- 'nuveau rocker' am i??? rofl!! :D:D

@daman- hullo! yea, i agree. even i like a lot of old r.d. burman era old songs.. amongst present day composers, my favourite is a.r.rehman (naturally!!) with saathiya and dil se being my ALL TIME favs... i can never get bored of them :)

sun4none said...

umm.. yeah.. LP's not rock yaa.. nor POD.. sorry.. rate thm as wanna be rockers and am sure raghu will agree to me :P.. and iron maiden;s anythng but noise.. thy are way way softer than LP or POD.. their guitar pieces are fuckin gr8! dont EVER rate them as noise if u've never heard thm!

Foodie's Hope said...

Hi Sneha! Hope this comment will go through unlike my blog!
You live opppsite a Dhaba! Oh, how I envy you, but you have to listen to thier loud music.Bummer:(
I have B4U movies and music at home,don't get see new movies. Saw snippets of Dhoom 2 and liked how Ash looks, all brown( spray tanned!) and gorgeous.It's abt time Indians stop thinking "fair skin" is beautiful.
I live in a small US town,hardly any Indians , 1-2 Indian grocery stores miles away.B4U is only India I have right now:)) But not into hindi movies that much, so it's okay.
My kids are very amused when they see all the Dances,Hinglish etc:D They don't understand a word when DJs Salil and Ishita speaks! They say "what the...?!" :D it's so funny.I was raised in B'lore,so I do understand:))
Have a good weekend, enjoy ur music and ur world sweetie:)

sun4none said...

oye btw.. dont get pissed on my comment.. but yaar.. u kinda spoke against my God! yaar.. dukhta hai.. cmon yaa... noise! noise!! and u havent even heard thm! :S ... feel hota hai yaa!

bhargav said...

lage raho is good but it lacks the original appeal (its a sequel after all).About the hindi songs -- amen to most of your choices and a gazzilion curses upon the net providers for obstructing you from reaching the dark side of the moon.

have a nice day

sneha said...

@sun- wannabe rockers?? sheesh!! wat-ever. then maybe, i like wannabe rockers :D oh well, i said 'noise' because the 'iron' made me visualise all sorts of noisy instruments!! iron makes noise u know :P lol.. tu toh senti ho gaya!!

@foodie's hope- yep, ash has done a great job with her new look! AND, noe it's not only women who are the targets of 'fairness cream' ads but also men!! god! the ads are plain funny. ludicrous!
oh my US bred cousins have a nice time ridiculing hinglish whenever they come visiting :D last time around, they saw lagaan and couldn't figure a thing except for learning bits of cricket!

@bhargav- amen and AWOMEN!!! :D

Isha Reddy said...

those are pretty good songs aye

The Smokin' WDM2 said...

@rockers.. add me! But as BO(blogowner heheh) says, I too listen 2 old hindi stuff, but need to be in that mood.

And what net-connection so u hav? if u're stuck with dialup, trash it and take broadband.

Btw, I updated my blog(with my recent trip report... well, part of it for now :)

raghu said...

lolz.. iron maiden is much lighter dan lp or pod.. lp jus sux... ull prolly realise it.. in 8th evn i used 2 like it.. its like a phase evry1 goes thru..1st like backstreet gays.. n den lp.. n den mayb rap n hip hop.. n den u reach da rock gods.. ya lp anit no rock.. dey can hardly play guitar ya.. k its not so bad.. but ya i said ironmaiden jus cos its lighter.. jus cos its NOt noise.. besides ad lyrics of sum songs r so dark n all.. amazin..dat way evn pinky(pink floyd) has awsum lyrics.. i hav realsied dat gals do giv imp 2 lyrics ya..lolz
neways ALL V WANT u 2 DO is lissen ..invest 20 mins.. n vr sure ull like em..MOTI
no ur not fat..i hav lost it.

sneha said...

@isha- Hullo! yep, they sure are :)

@the smokin' wdm2- i have broadband since ages :) i figured that the problem isn't with my ISP but with my OS.. :(

@raghu- chal chal. moti kisko bolta hai?? u guys get sooo damn touchy when someone even utters something which could possibly carry evey a hint of dislike for these bands!!! but heylo, i already explained to suk what i meant by 'noise'!! need not get so very senti yaa!

Isha Reddy said...

yeah i m still hoarding my barbies.. i bet atleast one of them is gonna survive to meet atleast one grandchild of mine.. if you are blue about giving urs away.. no one said you cudnt start buying them again :P just because your older doesnt mean you have to grow up :)

i'd like to think that the world is my playground....

Deepak Gopi said...

I love the music from Fanna.But it wasa really boring movie.

sneha said...

@sun- btw, what did that mean..
"he was into WESTLIFE when...."
what is WRONG with westlife? they're adorable! their music is adorable! marky is adorable!

@isha- *sob* i wish i could've shown my grandchildren the lovely barbies thier grandmom used to have! oh it's not the same buying them now :((
my sis and i would make movies with our barbies and each would rate the other's movies. we'd make them walk n talk and do EVERYTHING.. yea! lol... those were the days.. *sigh*

sneha said...

@deepak- was it? oh well.. then good only.. i haven't seen it :)

Tejal said...

thank gawdddd u r startin to update ur knowlegde..i've gotten tired of speakin bout bollywood sonds n lukin at da blank expression u draw wen u hear me.. god bless me!!!!

sid said...

Westlife is GAY..lol.. and the iron in iron maiden does not refer to the metal iron.. the 'iron maiden' is a medieval torture device.. hence the name.. maiden and floyd.. every rocker worships these names and even as much as hinting tht their music is noise is blasphemy!! the kind of high tht the maiden or floyd guitar pieces can give u.. no other brand of wanabe rockers like lp or pod or for tht matter any boy band like westlife can give u..
thts the respect maiden and floyd command and it Must be given..

{told ya.. i like preaching :D}

sneha said...

@TC- :))

@sid- jeez. i eat my words!! happy? HAPPY?!