Saying it all and still not saying anything....?

Thursday, November 09, 2006

She’s sorry. She didn’t know. Now she does.

Did you know it for real? Or did you only think that she needed it? No, she didn’t need it. She only wanted it. There’s a difference. A huge one.

She only wanted to break the cycle. She has set you free. She really has. She feels she doesn’t even know you. She’s right.

She doesn’t need to know you. She may want to know you though.

She took it all and went away, because she wanted to break the cycle. She needed to break it. She didn’t want to break it though. But she needed to.

May be you don’t yet know what she wanted to do and what she needed to do. By the time you get that, she won’t even know you. Actually, she doesn’t know you even now. But that time, she will refuse to know you. She won’t want to know you any more.

She says she is sorry for it. Is that okay?

I know it’s not.


Almost a year of blogging (but hardly a couple of months of regular blogging) ! Celebrating(?) blog anniversary with the same theme that gave rise to it all in the first place......