S, Abhu and more fun!!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Lots of things have happened in the past week....

Firstly, Abhu and I finally went and paid the canteen fellow our dues while he shot nasty glances at us. Read this to know what had happened earlier!


Secondly, Abhu happened to entertain me once again with another of her chemi lab faux pas. She really has a stock of them ready of boring afternoons! Today, we were supposed to perform an experiment, a part of which required us to take some dil. acid in a test tube and add it to another solution and blah blah. I was rinsing the burette while Abhu was to fetch a test tube and fill 10 ml of acid in it. She went to the test tube area (or whatever). She returned after 2 minutes. I was merrily rinsing away to glory when I heard a frightened Abhu shriek with horror…

Abhu:*looking at her finger* OOOOHHHH there was acid in that test tube!!

Test tube falls and breaks.

Me:*disgusted* Hullo! You have broken the damn test tube.

Abhu:*washing her finger under the tap* I didn’t break it! It broke on its own. It had acid in it!

Me: Er… is it wise to wash skin with acid on it with water? It should be er.. an exothermic reaction producing a lot of heat and all nah? Your finger should be burning. And what do you mean by there was acid in the test tube?

Abhu: Yeah, there was acid in it. That’s why it broke. And there isn’t ANY exothermic reaction taking place. *mutters something incomprehensible*

Me: Whatever. Hullo!! Test tubes don’t go breaking when they hold acid in them! *giggles wildly*

Abhu: *blushes shades of pink* Er… well.. whatever. I didn’t break that test tube though. It just… broke. Mysteriously or something.


Thirdly, TC, Abhu and I have made the second page of the Times of India!! One morning, while I was online, orkutting I guess, an excited S (sister) rushed into the room with the paper in her hand and pointed towards the picture of a girl with brilliant, gorgeous, absolutely envy-worthy hair sitting with her back towards the camera at some café…

S: *smiling meaningfully* Who’s this?

Me: *with an air of nonchalance* That’s me and my hair duh. *tubelight jalti hai* OMG!! That is SOOO me!! And Abhu, with her profile visible and TC with her whole damn face visible!! Woah! We’re celebrities!

S: Where and when was this?? And why have they picked pictures of nut-cases like you to write a story on ‘GenX’ ?

Me: Excuse me?

S: Nevermind, carry on.

Me: This was back in August! The four of us- me, TC, Abhu and T (another friend) (taurean friend) had been to CCD for a while. We were just having coffee when this reporter type fellow came and started clicking pictures around the café. This has happened many times before also, but no one ever printed our picture! Well, anyway, they were lucky we were there that day. *gestures around like a movie star*

S: Shut up. I have been on TV, newspaper AND on radio. You are only getting the taste of stardom.

Me: Hullo?? This is my second time in the newspaper, okay? First time I’d made the front page! That too not as some anonymous teenager, but well, as an anonymous (but really nice) dancer. Hmp!


Fourthly, S has discovered a novel way of shooing ants away. Read this to learn more about S’s enchantment with ants. She says, if one whispers lightly to a group of ants, they disperse. One mustn’t talk loudly. Only whisper. She even demonstrated this little thing to me. My! Was I surprised! It works, people, it does! Try it :)


Fifthly, I have successfully downloaded Dark Side Of the Moon. I listened to it (only a couple of times so far). I liked it. Suk, tu bach gaya!


Sixthly, this one describes my mood rather well…

I hear you Calvin, I hear you!


raghu said...

OMG....................................................................i cant belive dis.. man ..i raed da entire post.. n dis surprise awits me..lolz
gud gud..keep up da interest..lissen more..heehe..VERY GUD!

neways v all love u ya.. n ven u whine vll lissen..lolz!
arrey in chemi pracs xam.. i dropped conc h2so4 on my palm.. bloody nothin much happend..lucily..jus washed it..pracs ver BAD.. 4 a change.

Aashun said...

nice! calvin rules

Arz000n said...

you *are* a celebrity....now tht you have appeared in TOI too...nice one!!

and test-tubes do break when acid is in them...thts true :)

sun4none said...

1) arey! good gals.. u paid the due bills.. am so proud of u :P
2) no comments.. dunno y.. jst no comments :P
3.1) mocha! 3 times... 3 fucking times i've been photographed and all the 3 times with nice hot chicks.. not once.. not FUCKIN ONCE hav i made it to any god damned newspaper! bastards jst hate me!

3.2) arey! S was on tv, newspaper n radio too? sahi hai! i'm proud of her too :P

4) oh.. umm.. ok.. no comments! :P

5) bach gaya?? abey.. had u not liked it.. n had u said anythng against it.. tera bachneka bharosa nahi tha be! :P

6) awww.. kya hua tereko? u want a hug? :)

sneha said...

@raghu- wat was so surprising? i do such natak eveyrday :) conc. h2so4 on ur palm and nothing happened?? thank ur lucky stars dude!!

@aashu- :D

@z000nie- hee.. :) my frnds better start taking my autograph now.. before i get tooo nusy ie

really? but, test tubes have acid in them like all the time! this has never happened until now!! and i don't fully trust the tube breaking 'mysteriously' theory!

@sun- hehehhh :D:D i do such calvin type natak all the time :) younger kid.. heh

Foodie's Hope said...

Hi Sneha! That was hilarious. Seriously, be careful in the lab. You don't want to get hurt for life, all of you :))

Liked Calvin too. Have fun darling!

Sohail Khan said...

going though the day in a blog??..hmmm..interesting!! :P

and u better like "dark side of the moon" grl..it was not on the billboard charts for straight 14 years for nothing!!!..got it??

and for your info, there is also a synchronized version of dark side of the moon with the 1949 'wizard of oz' meaning the movie goes on with the background playing dark side...and man..it blends..it blends so very well..if u liked tht..u are sure not to miss this...

Sohail Khan said...

and oh yes..calvin rulllzzz... :P

bhargav said...

you made it to the papers? toi? DAMN..........i still have to wait till i die

sneha said...

@Asha- Yea, we do observe safety measures. This wasn't anything serious though, thankfully! But, there have been a couple of incidents in the past 2 years which were pretty scary!

@sohail- ohh i do like DSOM! breathe made me laugh like a lunatic.. it was a strange effect.. i don't know why but i really was laughing and musing while the song was playing! :S

//wait till i die

what makes you think u'd make the newspapers when you die even if u weren't written about earlier? hee, if u make it in the newspapers if and when u die, that kind of means in a way that you would've already made the newspapers earlier. SOOO it wouldn't be your first time. phew! :D

Tejal said...

yea..both of us hav blogged bout da same event (third)simultaneously (hehehehehe...)

The Smokin' WDM2 said...

blog updated ;)

PS incidentally i too came in the papers. chk out the story on my blog 4 more.

sneha said...

@TC- :D

@the smokin' wdm2- awrighty!

raghu said...

blah nw i look at my fingers..its all turnin black..looks very bad.. shud put cream i guess...

raghu said...

arrey thnx 4 chagin frm war poems.. btw v cant comment kya?
4 ur new post..?
neways still evrythin passes by.. time jus rox.. reallly...i luv time.

sneha said...

i disabled comments for that post :)

yes, but there are some things that even time can't erase. it may even magnify it if something isn't done about it

raghu said...

no jus c.. i bet aftr 2 yrs ull b lafin at it..i suppose ur lafin evn nw!
lifes jus 2 futile.. 2 futile indeed

sun4none said...

yeah sneha.. wat raghu is sayin is damn rt.. in a few yrs frm now.. u urself will be laughin at urself 4 being such a kid n wastin so much time over thng which u shudnt hav had given so much of importance.. basically u'll learn 2 move on!

but thn (being a bit harsh here... well.. take it in rt way plz).. u gotta thank "it" too.. tht it happened.. see.. hadnt the person did ths 2 u n hadnt u felt ths.. u wudnt hav known tht u can be ths strong 2 face the world with a straight face withut showin ntns wrong.. its bcz of ths tht u started blogging n hey! u found wonderful friends in us too eh :P.. hehe.. no sweets! (philosophical shit here).. everythng jst happns n its jst how u take it.. good or bad.. jst ur own perception.. u take ths happnin 2 as a thng tht helped u learn so many thngs.. n u urself will feel better about it! u urslf will wholeheartedly thank tht person or thank the happenin of the event! dont u feel much stronger now n more confident now.. dont u feel u can fight the world more easily now? see.. u r even popular nw with ur blog.. so many ppl read u n reach u! dude! u found new ppl cz of ths.. n i guess thts good too rt? sorry if it hurt u in anyway.. jst felt like tellin ya.. u rock btw! tc! :)

abhu said...

wat hain snehudi!!!!! making fun of me?? um perhaps, da most blogged about person on ur blog!! huh!!! and dat acid...it really did burn ok!!!! and dat canteen fello...i paid him ...and he was pretty happy that we had da decency to pay him afterall!!! not like pple who purposefully dont pay!!! huh!!! instead of sympathizing over my "lil burnt finger" u have da gall to make fun of it??? gawd!! ur incorrigible!!! ur other blog frnds must be pass me as an utter idiot all thankz to u!!!

sneha said...

@raghu and sun- what makes u guys think 'she' could be no other person but me?! :) well, i have mentioned in my first post that she was HAPPY that 'it' happened!! yes!! she's not morbid about it.. there's another purpose for these posts *smiles mysteriously* there's a reason why i disabled comments for that post :D

@abhu- dearie, everyone adores u!! no one's making 'fun of u' ! only turning mundane incidents into funny ones where everyone gets to laugh, including u!! muah!!

abhu said...