Weird Sisters

Thursday, August 10, 2006

I would like to thank J.K.Rowling for, among many other things, having thought of the Weird Sisters- a label that suits my sister and me more than any other label possibly could(of course, apart from the lunatic twosome and mega-morons and such)!

This particular incident took place on a rainy August morning.

S: *staring at the keyboard with utter awe*

Me: *drying a pouch with a hair dryer* What?

S: *now beaming at something on her index finger; finger is pointing toward the monitor* That’s so cool!!

Me: *looking at her with sheer disgust* WHAT is so amusing to you?

S: *blowing air at the index finger* Sheesh!

Me:*has given up hope of finding out what it is that amazes her so much* *continues with the drying*

S: Ants are like, soo strong!!

Me: *gaping stupidly at her* Is that all the wisdom you have gathered after 21 years on this planet?

S: *still thrilled* Ssh! Look at this cute little thing! It simply refuses to be blown away!

Me: Wow, what an observation. *grumbles something about S being such a freak*

S: *has apparently heard the grumbling* Yea, right. Look who is speaking! The one who is trying to dry a damn pencil pouch with a blow-dryer!

Me: *gives threatening looks**continues with the blow drying**refuses to respond to that*

S’s victory laugh fills the room

S:*smiling gleefully* Hah!


sun4none said...

one of the craziest conversations i rememeber is me talkin to my unc: (now this was when i was in 7th and kinda was thinking of this new cute chick that had just entered my class.... with her in my head.. i was talkin these things with my unc at some restaurant):

and yeah.. i still recall ths cz i'm still teased at bout ths convo! :S

me: wht's gold coin juice?
unc: its apple juice
me: no but wat exactly is it?
unc: it is juice made from apples
me: no apples is fine.. but which fruit exactly?
unc looked at me for 10 min to confirm that i wasnt drunk and then replied for the last time: apples.. safarchanda (thats apple for u in marathi)
me continued: apples is ok.. tell me which fruit
since he never replied i got angry and thn it dawned upon me as to what i was talking :S

then 2 days back.. me and my friend from pune.. nats.. had a nice 20 min long conversations in which he kept on askin me "wats up" nearly 2323 times. and me replying "not a thing" nearly 2324 times! trust me this happened! :S

me and this dude from office have had some of the "best" conversations!
me: so that is how you transfer data from turbo lister to local database
him: so howz "p" these days!
me: huh! dude.. fuck tht.. u got wat i said?
him: yeah man.. tht was easy.. when is boss coming to office.. any idea?
me: well.. for the 999th time.. NO! now may i show u how to compare the local data with imported one?
him: yes yaar.. anyway u'll be leavin tomorrow.. so who else and when will anyone show.. tell me

after nice hour long explaination.. this dude asks me.. "when is sir coming to office today.. any idea?" i just stopped from slapping him! :S weird fuck he is man! total bozo! u start talkin about ABC with him and he's bound to be thinking of, not even XYZ.. but it will be 123 or even worse.. 12#%ab.. nutcase man! :P

sun4none said...

compete with THIS.. div and marc conversing

sneha said...

sun, lol!! happens at times.. like this one! actually, this was just ONE specimen. my sister and I are serious cases!

sun4none said...

haha.. then plz do record all such conversations and place them here or mail them 2 me! :)

raghu said...

omg... i thot my convos ver wierd!
abbe most of convos take place in skool only... shud blog sumtime abou it...i cant rmbr nethin yaar.:(

sneha said...

@sun4none- it will take me eons to file all the rubbish we talk about.. heheh

@raghu- surely!! it will be most fun to read it..

Divya said...

Oooh funny!!! But reely ya.. not even close to the peanuts thing with marc:D
wat say sun4none?

sun4none said...

yea div.. u got tht rt! ;)

Poo said...

oh i like crazy sisters. mine jsut got into town yesterday and we've been doing all kinds of silly things ever since! but u were drying a pouch i have dried wet magaznies with my hair dryer and then lied to dad when it conked off! somehow he wudnt quite understand the need to dry a silly girlie magazine!

sneha said...

@poo- crazy sisters and seventeen rule!!

virdi said...

does your sister help you in cleaning the room???

i will adopt you or her or anyone as my sister, who ever cleans the room better...


Sudeep said...

he he.. but ur sis was right... ants r pretty .. i mean pretty tough to be blown
she shld have tried ur hair blower :D

thnx for dropping by my space.. c ya around

sneha said...

@Virdi- er.. disappointment disappointment!! neither of us is good at(hah!! lack of practice i must say) cleaning rooms..

@sudeep- sheesh.. yea, i kind of do agree with the ants-being-super-tough theory..(having had the joy of being bitten by them more times than i wouldve liked).. u have an entertaining blog out there. especially the calvin strips with each post! good idea..!

PSV said...

hey Sneha followed you from Sayesha's blog. U me and Big B share our bday on the same day. 11th October zindaabad :-)