Weird sisters are weirder than you thought!!

Saturday, August 19, 2006

5 years back…

In Manali…

In some deodar park or something…

2 girls and their parents had gone site-seeing. There was this other family whom they had bumped across the second time on that trip(destiny!). The important thing to be noted is that there were two cute boys(*drool*) in that family. The girls had been most thrilled to get a few glimpses of them the second time. At one point, while touring the park(or whatever) they reached an isolated area. They thought they were the only ones there and started having a loud, animated chat about some topic they had reserved for a clandestine discussion. This seemed to be perfect. Walking along the track….

S1: I think its okay now…*looking at her side*

S2: Yea.. So, I think we should should seriously resolve not to call each other all those silly things.

S1: Yea, please yaa, don’t call me chimpoo in public

S2: You also don’t call me buzzi in public… Its most embarrassing.

S1: The other day at Elite, that man thought we were nutcases. Calling each other weird things.

S2: I know!! I saw the look on his face!! He was awestruck. Poor man! *giggles*

S1: *giggles hysterically* Ok. So it’s a deal then?

S2: Yep, deal.

S1: Only proper names to be used.

S2: Yes.

Both were happy and satisfied that they came to an amicable deal. So far so good. Suddenly, they hear footfalls. *beads of sweat on S2’s forehead**S1 gulps audibly* . The two of them turn around to find cute boys walking along the same track!! They were apparently there all along and these two were blithely unaware of them!*both turn a deep shade of pink instantly**quickly disappear from scene of crime*

Moral of the story- Always check all four directions before blabbering shame-inducing-making-ears-turn-pink type things.

Note: Elite Fashions is a garment store in Bandra, Mumbai (atleast it was one untill 3 years back) which S1 and S2 are very fond of and love shopping over there since they believe it has the best clothes one can possibly find under one roof.


sun4none said...

chimpoo rocks... yeh buzzi kya hai? :P tell me how 2 pronounce it man ;).. hehe.. u r so funny! :D

sneha said...

its pronounced as buh-zzi.. sis dearest came up with this peculiar nick after watching a certain episode of huckleberry cartoon or something(which i was actually watching.. she happened to hear this name).. oh well.. we are the weird sisters after all! hehheh..

sun4none said...

as i said.. chimpoo rocks.. wat say buzzi? :P .. do i hear click of a gun being loaded?

raghu said...


sneha said...

@sun,raghu- what han?? whats so darn funny huh?? hmp!